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Injured Mother Dog Sheds Tears of Happiness When Being Helped and Cared for

From Trash to Happiness for a Mother Dog and Her Puppies It was a heart-wrenching sight that brought tears to my eyes. I visited a shelter one day and saw a mother […]

From Trash to Happiness for a Mother Dog and Her Puppies

It was a heart-wrenching sight that brought tears to my eyes. I visited a shelter one day and saw a mother dog with her puppies confined in a narrow and open cage. She looked anxious and embarrassed, desperately searching for a place to hide as she had given birth in an open area. The five little puppies were tiny and weak, with two of them in bad shape.

I couldn’t bear to see them suffering, so I knew I had to rescue them as soon as possible. The mother dog and her five puppies were brought to safety, where they were kept warm and secure. The condition of the puppies broke my heart; I had never seen such skinny and frail babies. Despite their condition, the mother dog tried her best to nurse her puppies after being fed a little herself, but it was evident that she was in pain too.

The mother dog had wounds all over her body, possibly from a car accident. Her hind leg was also affected, with a patella issue and degenerative arthritis causing her to struggle to lift it. Despite her own discomfort, she covered her puppies with a blanket to keep them warm.

It was a dire situation, and the mother dog and her puppies needed urgent medical attention. I rushed them to a hospital, where the mother dog was treated in a separate room. Three of the puppies were unable to suckle from their mother, who was too scared and anxious to care for them properly. On the first day, I sent nourishing food for the mother dog to eat and produce milk for her puppies. I encouraged her to eat and recover so she could take care of her babies.

Although the mother dog and her puppies were severely underweight, they were too weak to eat much. I suspected that the mother dog had given birth prematurely, as she appeared anxious and incomplete. I urged her to eat more for the sake of her puppies’ survival.

On the second day, we tried a combination of breastfeeding from the mother and artificial lactation. I prayed for their health and well-being, especially for the weakest puppy who was yet to be named. Despite the challenges, the mother dog and her puppies showed resilience, and I continued to provide them with care and support.

Day by day, the mother dog and her puppies slowly showed signs of improvement. The puppies began to open their eyes and move around, although they were still not in the best of health. The mother dog received ongoing treatment for her injuries, and I did everything I could to help her recover.

After a few weeks, the mother dog started to gain weight, and her fearful and anxious demeanor gradually faded away. She became friendlier and more trusting, and her grateful eyes spoke volumes. We named her Pea, and her surviving puppy Ugnan was renamed Bean.

After 38 days of care and rehabilitation, Pea and Bean found their forever home with a kind adopter named Im Bo-Che. It was a joyous moment as the mother and puppy set off on a new journey of happiness and love. Pea was no longer scared, anxious, or in pain, and Bean was growing up strong and playful.

As the days passed, Pea and Bean continued to thrive in their new home. They were transformed into beautiful and healthy dogs, enjoying a life filled with love and happiness. It was a testament to the power of compassion and care in rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need.

I am immensely grateful for the support and assistance I received in this rescue journey. It was a labor of love to see Pea and Bean go from being discarded in a trash heap to living their best lives. Their story is a heartwarming reminder that with kindness and determination, we can make a difference in.

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