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The Dog Was in Bad Condition, Suffering From Spondylitis, Chronic Dermatitis and Conjunctivitis

As a dog, I never thought I would experience such stark contrasts in life. From a perfect life filled with love and care to a miserable existence marked by neglect and abuse, […]

As a dog, I never thought I would experience such stark contrasts in life. From a perfect life filled with love and care to a miserable existence marked by neglect and abuse, my story is not unique. It is a story that is all too common in the rural areas of Poland.

My life started off perfect. I was a cute, furry little ball of energy, and my owner, whom I loved with all my heart, took care of me every day. My bowl was always full of food and water, and I had my own place to rest. We went out for walks, and everyone adored me because I was a beautiful, well-groomed dog. My owner cared for me with every ounce of love in her heart, and I loved her back just as much.

But as I grew older, my perfect life started to fall apart. My owner began to see me as a dangerous dog and put me on a short chain. I often lacked water, and I couldn’t even stand on my feet because of thirst. Food was scarce, and the food that was given to me was often sour and stinking. I lived a miserable life, day in and day out, until one day, my master hit me on the head with an ax, or I fell ill with some disease that my body could no longer handle.

But then, something happened. Some people came. They wanted to help me, and I knew it. I had been waiting for them for so long, but my owner didn’t seem happy about their arrival. They talked to her for a long time, but she didn’t seem to understand their message. She just wanted to put me to sleep, and my heart broke as she lifted me up for the last time.

The people who came to rescue me were called Inspectors. They talked to my owner, preaching about duty and punishment, but I don’t think she understood. She had forgotten how to be human, and she didn’t seem to care about me anymore. All I heard were screams and insults, and I knew that bad people could hit and kick me whenever they wanted.

I was in dire condition, suffering from spondylolisthesis, chronic dermatitis, and conjunctivitis. I was extremely emaciated and dehydrated, covered in fleas and other vermin. The Inspectors took me to the vet, and they discovered the extent of the damage done to my body.

My story is not unique. Many dogs in rural areas of Poland suffer the same fate as I did. They are neglected, abused, and forgotten. The village near Kostomłoty is home to about 50 skinny and neglected dogs, sleeping in a barn, between cows and their own excrement. This state of affairs has persisted for many years, and it seems that nobody cares.

But there is hope. The Inspectors returned to the place where they picked up ten dogs, and they discovered that the situation was much worse than they had imagined. The owner had hidden twenty dying and rotting dogs in his house, and if it weren’t for the effective actions of the Inspectors, these dogs would still be dying in front of their pseudo-guardians.

During the intervention, five more dogs were rescued, and they were urgently sent to the veterinary clinic, where immediate treatment was implemented. Two of the bitches had progressive mammary gland cancer, and one had purulent vaginitis. These animals require immediate surgery, and the rest will suffer from severe dermatitis, scabies, and starvation.

But the Inspectors won’t stop here. They will be back to rescue more creatures, and as part of their activities, they work closely with the Municipal