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Poor Dog Abandoned, Body Full of Wounds, Hunger, Exhaustion, Many Days Begging for Help

The dog in question, named Majò, is a harrowing sight—malnourished, skeletal, and lacking strength. Her front left paw appears broken, raw, and swollen, while her back right leg is unable to bear […]

The dog in question, named Majò, is a harrowing sight—malnourished, skeletal, and lacking strength. Her front left paw appears broken, raw, and swollen, while her back right leg is unable to bear any weight. The scars of old wounds, resembling burns, mar her fragile frame.

Her fur is falling off around the largest burn, a painful reminder of past suffering. It is evident that she has endured the anguish of motherhood, igniting fervent prayers that her offspring will never experience the same torment. The mere thought of her languishing by the side of the highway, slowly succumbing to her wounds, is unbearable.

Yet, amidst the despair, a glimmer of optimism shines through. The resilience of these creatures has been witnessed before, igniting hope that Majò, too, can perform her own miracles. A steadfast commitment to her well-being emerges—we are in it for the long haul, dedicated to her recovery.

Day 7 marks a week since we took Majò under our care. From the balcony, a heartwarming sight unfolds—she emerges from her doghouse, venturing outside with a newfound confidence. She lingers, drinks water, and explores her surroundings. Hastily, we rush downstairs to open her pen, granting her freedom.

To our surprise, she stands remarkably well. Earlier in the week, she had been stuck at the bottom of a hill, needing assistance to rise. Fortunately, such incidents have been infrequent. Three days ago, we brought her to the vet for assessment and a SNAP test, bringing relief to know she is free of heartworm and tick fever.

Despite her wounds from past abuse, her overall health is quite robust. The swelling in her “chopped” front left leg has subsided significantly, promising full restoration of its functionality, barring any infection.

A deep burn on her back confirms the immense pain she endured. The vet suspects a broken pelvis, yet sedation for an X-ray remains elusive due to her fragile state. Nevertheless, Majò’s resilience continues to shine through—a true fighter.

Day 14 reveals a transformed Majò—a picture of strength and happiness. Two weeks have passed since rescuing her from the side of the highway. She thrives on a carefully curated diet, comprising puppy kibble, chicken, rice, and antibiotics. Scabs on her wounds have shed, revealing beautiful, healthy pink skin beneath.

Although her journey to recovery is far from over, the radiant smile on her face speaks volumes. In just over a week, an X-ray will shed light on her back right leg, which currently bears no weight. Gratitude fills our hearts for the contributions made towards her treatment.

Day 22 captures a heartwarming moment—Majò engaging in playful interaction with Charlotte and Latoc. Witnessing her genuine happiness is a balm to the soul. While uncertainty remains regarding her back right leg, as she refuses to put any weight on it, glimpses of movement provide hope. Perhaps physiotherapy will prove instrumental, although time constraints present challenges. Progress is visible as her front left leg nears complete healing, and the once severe burn on her back sprouts fur.

Day 80 testifies to her remarkable healing—her chopped front left leg and the burn on her side have nearly mended. Spaying and X-raying reveal a poorly healed broken femur and nerve damage in her foot, causing her to walk on the top of her foot. The vet recommends amputation.

Day 110, a testament to Majò’s resilience, reveals the fighter within. While fresh burns on her back and the chopped front left leg eventually heal, the back right femur fracture and nerve damage do not. Consequently, amputation becomes a necessary step. This little 24lb girl has reached her maximum potential for healing, carrying permanent scars inflicted by her abusers. Yet, she emanates strength. Majò’s journey culminates in her scheduled flight to Toronto on Day 120. Our deepest hope is for her to find a compassionate, patient, and gentle home where she will be cherished forever.

Day 120 marks the search for Majò’s ideal home—a place where a confident yet compassionate and patient handler awaits her. Easy access to a yard or garden is essential, as she displays apprehension when passing through doorways with someone standing in them. Majò will seek attention from individuals she perceives as kind. May this remarkable journey of healing and resilience find its happy forever, where Majò is loved unconditionally. Little Majò, we hold you dear in our hearts.

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