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Day of Our Lives Spoilers: All Tricks And No Treats

Spooky Happenings in Salem on Halloween By Garren Waldo | 11 hours ago In a sneak peek into the world of “Days of Our Lives,” things are getting eerie in Salem, and […]

Spooky Happenings in Salem on Halloween

By Garren Waldo | 11 hours ago

In a sneak peek into the world of “Days of Our Lives,” things are getting eerie in Salem, and we’ve got some intriguing teasers to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Dark Secrets and Unsettling Events

On the night of October 31, 2023, Halloween descends upon Salem, and strange occurrences are in the air.

Sneak Peek: Flesh Fiends

At the shared residence of Sloan and Eric, a peculiar movie featuring relentless, reanimated beings captivates their attention.

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While Eric finds it fascinating, Sloan seems rather unimpressed, branding the zombies as “foolish… dripping with blood and gore.”

However, the sinister twist comes when a call shakes Eric’s merriment, delivering news of Mr. Doresy’s untimely demise, an ex-parishioner.

Sloan, primarily driven by her fear of isolation, decides to accompany her distressed partner to the hospital.

Spoiler Alert: Life and Death at the Hospital

When they reach the hospital, an eerie emptiness pervades, except for one shocking detail – the presence of Nicole and some flesh-craving, mobile corpses!

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An intense situation unfolds as the trio barricades themselves in a room. Will they survive the imminent horrors? The clock is ticking.

Explosive Revelations and a Life-Altering Decision

Amid the chaos, guilt haunts Nicole, who had previously deceived the hospital about a viral outbreak.

Her unscrupulous actions have dire consequences.

In the midst of it all, a shocking revelation surfaces: Nicole’s unborn baby is not EJ’s but Eric’s.

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Their rollercoaster of emotions takes a back seat as Eric suffers a perilous scratch from one of the rampaging corpses.

With no alternative, Eric makes a life-altering choice to end his suffering with the help of sedatives, Nicole by his side.

Revenge takes a lethal turn when Nicole ensures Sloan shares the same fate.

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But one thing remains: Eric’s child will forever be a reminder of their love.

As the dust settles, Sloan awakens atop Eric, fearing the worst but finding him merely in slumber, engulfed in an enigmatic dream.

Teaser: Dark and Stormy Night

Simultaneously, in a different part of town, an eerie atmosphere surrounds Tate summoned to the DiMera mansion by Holly.

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As they encounter a mysterious intruder, a horrifying series of events unfurls, leading to terrifying encounters with Holly, Tate, and Johnny.

Dramatic Unmasking: The Mysterious Chanel

Underneath the disguise of the intruder, a shocking revelation emerges – Chanel is hell-bent on preventing Holly from having Johnny all to herself.

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What ensues is a spine-tingling encounter as Holly finds herself in an intimate and terrifying situation.

Cryptic Plot: Appearances Can Be Misleading

Over in another part of town, an unusual escape from Bayview Mental Hospital alarms Paulina.

As the power outage disrupts her apartment, a perplexing scenario unfolds involving Abe and Whitley King.

In an inexplicable twist, identities become muddled, leaving us to question who is the real Paulina.

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The apartment takes on a surreal ambiance filled with stuffed kitty cats.

As normalcy returns, one puzzling detail remains – a plush cat perched on a nearby cabinet.

Speculation: The Return of Abigail

A significant revelation shakes the foundations of Stephanie’s life. Stephanie takes a momentous step, deciding to part ways with Chad.

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However, her parting gift is nothing short of shocking – the possibility of bringing Abigail back to life. Stephanie believes that the key to resurrection lies within a 19th-century diary, eerily similar to Steve.

This dark journey involves summoning a character resembling Emily, who turns out to be far from the gentle soul they remember.

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As chaos ensues, Stephanie’s actions may lead to disastrous consequences.

In a spine-chilling twist, a zombified Abigail emerges from the grave, only visible to Stephanie.

The nightmare takes a horrifying turn as Abigail dispatches Patch and Sweetness.

A shocking moment occurs when Stephanie aims a gun at Chad and pulls the trigger.

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Phew! It’s a nightmarish sequence, but remember, it’s all just a dream. A frightening one, indeed.

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