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Days of our Lives Recap: Melinda And Sloan Stole Nicole’s Baby

Eric Brady appears ready to naively accept everything that’s happening. The “Days of our Lives” recap for November 14, 2023, shows that when an opportunity presented itself, complete with a baby, Melinda […]

Eric Brady appears ready to naively accept everything that’s happening.

The “Days of our Lives” recap for November 14, 2023, shows that when an opportunity presented itself, complete with a baby, Melinda persuaded her close friend to welcome it.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Tate got the wrong end of the stick, Leo instructed his lover to go on the lam without him, and Stefan put Paulina on notice. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Pop Secret

Sloan and Melinda had questions for Dimitri. What was he doing there?

Leo had given him the address and he thought that Sloan might be able to help him.

Revenge-Seeking Sloan Petersen Uses Leo To Do Her Dirty Work

Whose baby is he holding? And why? It’s his Uncle EJ’s. And he just helped deliver the tyke.

While Sloan saw nothing but red flags, Melinda saw an opportunity.

She bid Dimitri stay and praised him for doing “the responsible thing in a difficult situation.”

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What’s more, he’s come to the right place. But Dimitri wasn’t so sure. After a quick internal debate, he handed over the baby and took his leave.

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Melinda then set about convincing Sloan to present the child to Eric as the one they are to adopt. No one will ever be the wiser.

What could possibly go wrong?

A lot, according to Sloan. Not the least of which is that everybody will be looking for the wee one with EJ DiMera leading the charge.

Suddenly, a light bulb went off over Melinda’s head. The search will be called off if there’s nothing to search for.

All she’ll have to do is convince a corrupt doctor to fake the child’s death and voilà!

Eric and Sloan will have their baby, Eric’s baby, and EJ will have influence over one less soul.

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Despite herself, Sloan agreed. But, how to best complete their mission?

Does Melinda have a physician on standby who’d do them a solid? Yes, she does. Sorta.

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There is that Pierce guy who owes her one. Melinda will see him in the morning, bouncing baby boy in hand.

Meanwhile, Nicole filled Eric in on the particulars, namely that Dimitri had her son and that Leo had actually been a great comfort to her.

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Of course, he’s still a fugitive from justice, so ick! Soon EJ was on the scene — alerted to Nicole’s location by Holly and the location-sharing app — and dismissing Eric like he was Harold.

Back to his apartment, Eric went, and a surprise he did walk in on — and that was the news that his and Sloan’s son was born that very night. Fancy that!

Too Soon

Speaking of Holly, it appeared that something was about to transpire between her and Tate before EJ interrupted — a fact that was not lost on Tate.

But when he attempted to broach the subject afterward, Holly unloaded on his “gross” behind and ordered him out.

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Sweet Sorrow

Down at the local cop shop, Leo insisted to Rafe and Jada that he and Dimitri were the heroes in “this little saga” as they not only let Jada continue breathing but also brought another life into the world.

Soon after, Leo used his one phone call to make contact with Dimitri and tell him to save himself.

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Elsewhere, Stefan cornered Paulina and begged her to intercede on Gabi’s behalf.

No dice! He then tried bribery, which got him nowhere fast. With nothing left, he issued a warning. Paulina had just backed the wrong DiMera!

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