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Days of Our Lives Recap: Konstantin Orders Theresa To Babynap Victoria

Wouldn’t Maggie Kiriakis appreciate it when he comes to the rescue? The “Days of Our Lives” summary for November 16, 2023, reveals that Mr. Meleounis took extreme actions as he sensed trouble […]

Wouldn’t Maggie Kiriakis appreciate it when he comes to the rescue? The “Days of Our Lives” summary for November 16, 2023, reveals that Mr. Meleounis took extreme actions as he sensed trouble looming.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, John and Steve resolved to investigate Maggie’s new houseguest while Chad set out to ruin Everett.

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Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Bye Bye Baby

After crossing paths with Konstain, Steve let him know that he knows everything.

EVERYTHING! About the tablecloth incident anyway. What does Konstantin have to say for himself?

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Why did he lie to Maggie? Caught, Konstantin admitted his shortcomings. Yes, he told a lie. A little white lie to lift Maggie’s spirits.

Did he feel good about it? Of course not. But, he did feel good that it made Maggie feel good.

Seeing her smile was well worth the reception — and the money that he spent at Saxton’s.

But, it wasn’t just Steve questioning Konstantin and his motives.

Having tangled with Xander minutes earlier, Sarah got down to ascertaining why Maggie was entertaining the idea of buying Konstantin a Christmas present.

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Was he planning to stay through the holidays? Isn’t allowing him to stay in the mansion indefinitely gift enough?

Doesn’t it strike her that she’s getting awfully close to Konstantin awfully fast; maybe too fast? Isn’t it starting to feel like he wants something from her?

Maggie was horrified by the implication, and Konstantin — who’d been eavesdropping on Sarah’s besmirching of him — was peeved. In response, the villain raced over to the apartment to seek his partner-in-deception.

To say that Theresa wasn’t pleased to see him would be an understatement.

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Especially as she was attempting to tell her mom all about her crush on Alex and that she’d accepted his offer to run Bella magazine.

Theresa was further chagrined when Konstantin threatened to out their scheme and detailed his plan to fleece Maggie for her half of Victor’s fortune.

All that paled in the face of why Konstantin was really there…and that was to conscript her into snatching Victoria so he could play the hero.

What won’t she do for money and a man?

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Later, they got their opportunity. Sarah left baby Victoria with Maggie so she could go to work and court.

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Maggie then offloaded the little one on Konstantin so she could bring flowers to Victor’s memorial site.

Once Konstantin had the baby alone, he summoned Theresa and demanded she take the tot.

Greece Lightning

Opposite Konstantin and Theresa readying to enact their plan, Steve and John debated.

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Is it possible that Konstantin is a snake in the grass? Certainly. Is it also possible that he’s genuinely fond of Maggie and only wants the best for her?

Of course! But the only way they’re going to learn the truth is by getting their P.I. on. That’s going to require a jaunt to Greece.

Extra! Extra!

Meanwhile, Chad continued to huff and puff over Everett being in Salem, and his bad attitude led him to put his foot in his mouth where Stephanie was concerned.

But rather than attempt to dig himself out, Chad wound up doubling down.

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How could Steph agree to take Everett on as a client? Is this her way of making him jealous?

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Is this how she thinks she’ll get a stronger commitment?

Stephanie took great exception to that. She doesn’t want someone whose hand has to be forced. She knows she deserves better.

Chad eventually made his way to The Spectator HQ — huffing and puffing all the way — and tried to interest Xander in a deal.

Cold hard cash, and lots of it, for his half of the paper. Xander balked.

For one, he saw right through Chad. This was all about firing Everett.

Second, being the owner of a “Salem institution” and bringing in a steady source of income would really help his case in the eyes of the family court judge.

So no, no sale. In response, Chad huffed and puffed and made a mystery phone call asking for help (our guess is to Gwen).

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