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Days of our Lives Recap: Uh-Oh! Konstantin Pulls Maggie In For A Kiss

Is Maggie Horton Kiriakis prepared for what’s coming? In the “Days of our Lives” summary for November 17, 2023, Konstantin is celebrated as a hero due to his “rescue efforts,” yet he […]

Is Maggie Horton Kiriakis prepared for what’s coming?

In the “Days of our Lives” summary for November 17, 2023, Konstantin is celebrated as a hero due to his “rescue efforts,” yet he significantly crosses the line with Maggie.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Gwen considered selling her last connection to Salem, Everett hit much too close to home for Stephanie’s liking, and Brady put Alex on notice.

gwen and Alex talk about xander

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Bold Moves

At the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin reiterated to Theresa the reason he needed her to fake babynap Victoria — it’s all to do with getting Sarah on his side.

Theresa was suitably horrified…but she did like the part of the plan where she got to whack Konstantin with a fire poker.

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That objective achieved, Theresa hung around the scene, babe in hand, until Maggie put in an appearance and took in the harrowing scene.

After ascertaining that Konstantin was at least alive, Maggie set about phoning Sarah.

Maggie’s frantic phone call interrupted Sarah crowing to Xander that, yes, she did intend to call Brady to testify against him.

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brady jealous chloe and xander

And boy did Brady have a story to tell. But all that went out the window when Sarah learned that her daughter was missing.

She, of course, blamed Xander for the incident, but only for about 5 seconds.

Soon the two were back at the mansion and being apprised of goings on by Maggie.

Meanwhile, Konstantin met up with Theresa in the park, took back the baby, and asked her to punch him in the face. Theresa happily complied.

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Afterwards, bruised and battered Konstantin reunited Sarah and Victoria.

And while the parents reunited with their child — and Xander offered to outright drop his bid for custody — Maggie took Konstantin upstairs to administer first aid.

She termed her granddaughter’s savior “an angel sent from Heaven” and he, in turn, took that as expressed permission to lay a whopper of a kiss on her!

Cash Out

Elsewhere, Chad offered Alamania-situated Gwen a whole stack of cash in exchange for her half stake in The Spectator.

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Gwen, at first, declined. She wasn’t exactly itching to sell the paper she snatched from her pops.

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But, Chad pressed on. He even confessed to wanting to make the deal in order to fire the new Editor in Chief who was Stephanie’s ex.

That tickled Gwen. And, she too had a bone to pick with Everett over his editorial exalting Leo.

So, with that in mind, she told Chad to make her an offer that wasn’t insulting and she’d give him what he so desperately wanted.

Cop Out

Opposite, Stephanie admitted to Everett that his constant questions about her love life made her feel uncomfortable…then allowed him to pass judgment on her and Chad’s relationship in order to satisfy a bet.

steph under hypnosis

Because that makes perfect sense.

Much to Steph’s chagrin, Everett nailed her and Chad’s issues, namely, it’s The Chad Show and she’s the one doing all the giving and Chad’s the one doing all the taking.

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Not that she admitted that. Quite the contrary, actually.

When Chad popped in, he made a big show of apologizing to Everett for his earlier actions and insisting that the three of them could get along just fine.

Judge Not…

Over at Titan, Brady was pleased as punch to hear that Alex was still willing to fold Basic Black into the company; less so to hear that Theresa would be heading up the reboot of Bella magazine.

He warned his cousin to turn his back on Theresa at his own peril and insisted he was far from exaggerating.

Brady’s warning seemed to bore him out when he overheard Theresa leaving a most telling message for Konstantin.

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