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Days of Our Lives Recap: Eric Sobs Over Jude Goodbye – Everett Missing as Marlena Reveals DID

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Friday, May 24, reveals that Chanel DiMera informed Johnny DiMera that she was tired of constantly worrying and wanted to focus on the excitement of […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Friday, May 24, reveals that Chanel DiMera informed Johnny DiMera that she was tired of constantly worrying and wanted to focus on the excitement of her pregnancy.

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With this in mind, Chanel suggested they start telling people and even shout their baby news from the rooftops.

Johnny was more cautious due to the risks of radiation exposure and Nicole DiMera’s past loss.

However, Chanel believed their happiness could benefit Nicole. Since Chanel would soon start showing, she convinced Johnny to agree to share pregnancy updates.

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At the DiMera mansion on Friday’s episode, EJ DiMera snapped at Rita over the phone, leaving Nicole puzzled about his agitation.

Despite repeatedly checking his watch, EJ gave Nicole a vague explanation about expecting a delivery.

At home, Eric Brady cried as Sloan Petersen-Brady explained how the first adoption fell through and why she decided to keep Jude Brady when Dimitri von Leuscher brought him over.

Eric discovered that Leo Stark knew the truth, making Sloan’s previous actions more understandable.

When Eric mentioned the DNA tests, Sloan insisted they were tampered with.

Although Sloan assured Eric that she lied because she loved him and didn’t want to lose him, he shouted that she was incapable of love.

Eric began packing up Jude’s belongings and refused to let Sloan say goodbye.

As Eric knelt beside Jude’s stroller, he sobbed over how much he’d miss him and said it was time to meet his real parents.

After warning Sloan not to leave, Eric said he’d be back and that she’d pay for what she’d done.

While Sloan wept on the sofa and cuddled Jude’s stuffed animal, Eric headed to the DiMera mansion.

Meanwhile, Chanel and Johnny told Nicole about the pregnancy, and she quickly realized EJ already knew based on his reaction.

Nicole worried they all thought she couldn’t handle it, but Johnny explained that he only told EJ in confidence.

EJ then pulled Johnny aside for a father-son talk, expressing his belief that keeping the baby was a terrible mistake.

Johnny refused to overrule his wife and supported Chanel’s excitement.

Later, Nicole gave Chanel a book for the baby that she had kept after her own shower.

Nicole became emotional, apologized for breaking down, and cried in EJ’s arms as he checked his watch again.

Upstairs, Johnny lied to Chanel about what EJ said during their private talk.

Chanel was pleased when Johnny said EJ just wanted them to know he’d cover all the specialist bills.

Since Chanel’s baby bump would remind Nicole of her loss, Chanel suggested to Johnny that they should move out.

Later, Eric arrived at the DiMera mansion with Jude in his arms, and EJ answered the door before Nicole came over.

Eric revealed that Nicole and EJ’s baby didn’t die after all.

Nicole teared up as she held Jude and marveled at their unexpected reunion.

EJ looked satisfied with his plan, but Eric was devastated.

At the Salem PD, Marlena Evans told Jada Hunter and Rafe Hernandez that Everett Lynch, aka Robert “Bobby” Stein, likely had dissociative identity disorder, with both identities living in his mind.

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Jada was shocked by all the times she’d blamed Everett for actions he wasn’t aware of as Bobby.

Marlena explained that childhood trauma usually causes DID, suspecting that something at Small Bar triggered Everett’s past.

At The Spectator, Stephanie Johnson repeatedly called Everett’s number but reached his voicemail.

Jada then summoned Stephanie to the police station.

When Stephanie arrived, Marlena explained her DID suspicions and believed Stephanie had the best chance of convincing Everett to undergo intensive psychotherapy.

Stephanie agreed to talk to Everett and wanted to help, but Rafe pointed out they had to find him first. the place to be for excellent Days of Our Lives spoilers, predictions, updates, and news, so visit regularly for more details.