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Y&R Recap: Victor bans Cole from seeing Victoria, and Alan reveals to Ashley that his twin brother Martin is probably the one who traumatized her.

Tues June 4, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Summer vents to Chance about Claire, while Mariah questions Kyle’s judgment regarding Claire. Meanwhile, Victoria encourages her daughter to expand her social circle […]

Tues June 4, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Summer vents to Chance about Claire, while Mariah questions Kyle’s judgment regarding Claire.

Meanwhile, Victoria encourages her daughter to expand her social circle beyond Kyle.

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(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 4. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Abbott estate, Kyle and Summer praise Claire for her great job with their son today.

While Summer tries to be more cautious, Kyle believes she did an outstanding job.


He breaks the news to his ex that Jordan is alive. Summer asks Claire how long she’s known.

Claire knew since this morning but Victor insisted on sharing the news.

At least her aunt is in prison.

Kyle tells Claire she can take off. Summer is agog when he tells her to come back tomorrow.


After she watches the nanny exit, Summer vents.

They bicker about this and he tells her she can’t blame Claire for any of this.

She accuses him of being condescending and worries that this is not safe.


He refuses to fire Claire. She insists this is her decision too.


Summer meets with Chance in the park.

He has looked into the Jordan situation and explains she’s in a maximum security facility no one has ever escaped from.


She complains about teh family complaining that she’s unfair whenever she brings up her concerns about Claire.

He notices she doesn’t seem relieved that Jordan is no longer a threat.

She explains that Claire is already keeping secrets.

She’s worried the person who Jordan groomed from birth now has access to her son.


She admits that she’s grateful that Claire has made her son happy, but she worries she could be putting on an act like before.

No one will listen to her concerns and she feels like she was guilted into this.

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He says no one should force her into a decision this important.

Summer still wants her son to have his peace of mind.


But she can’t have any peace of mind.

She admits that she’s jealous that Claire gets to be new and exciting.

The last nanny wasn’t bright and shiny.


He wonders if he should be worried about how jealous she is of Kyle.

She assures him he has no reason to worry. That’s a relief to him.

She’s just missing happy family time and that her son is reaching out to another woman.


Cole drops by the tack house and asks Victoria how their daughter’s first day as a nanny went.

They are both eager to hear how it went.


Victoria thinks this is a whole new chapter for all of them.

Claire arrives and tells them what a great day she had.

She’s never had so much fun with caterpillars.


She thinks that the kid is bouncing back and her mom hopes that Summer is lightening up.

Claire’s not sure about that and explains Summer accused her of holding back information when she learned Jordan was alive.

Victoria offers to talk to her but her daughter asks her not to.

As she goes on about how great Kyle is, her dad says it sounds like she’s made a friend.

When Claire skips off, Victoria worries about Kyle and Claire getting close.

Their daughter could be stuck in the middle of friction between Kyle and Summer.


Kyle doesn’t have the best history of judgement.

Cole suggests he may have learned better by now.

He thinks she’s a little overprotective but that’s understandable.

Their daughter needs friends.


She agrees not to worry and tells him he’s a great dad.

Victor texts, ordering him to meet him.


Once Cole takes off, Calare returns and her mom asks about Kyle.

Chipper Claire says he’s nice and fun. Her mom says he’s “complex” and urges her to find friends outside work.

Claire just wants to focus on family and living a life she’s proud of.

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They talk about how much they like their conversations. Claire feels like she’s known her all her life.

It’s kinda weird. Victoria says it’s not weird; it’s just the mother-daughter thing.

Claire asks if her dad really showed up to see her. Victoria insists he did.


Cole arrives at the ranch house and tells Victor how well Claire’s first day at work went.


Victor wants to discuss his betrayal.

Cole insists he was only protecting him and the family.

He was trying to repay him for his kindness.

Victor accuses him of trying to free Jordan.


Cole insists he and Michael were only trying to prevent him from ending up in prison.

Victor has fired Michael. He may not be able to fire Cole, but he can tell him to stay away from Victoria.


Kyle bumps into Mariah and Tessa at Society.

They have been worried about him and get him to sit and tell them about the kidnapping.


He explains Harrison is practically back to his old self.

When he shows them photos of him, they notice how happy he is. He explains Claire is his new bestfriend.

Mariah is shocked to hear the woman he was kidnaped with is now his nanny.


He insists that it’s fine and his son adores Claire, regardless of how Summer feels about it.

They listen as he goes on about how inspiring and positive Claire is and note that his son doesn’t seem to be the only one taken with her.


After Tessa gets back to work, Kyle accuses Mariah of being judgmental but she feels for Summer.

She’d want the best possible candidate for her nanny, not someone who is the niece of a kidnapper.

There are lots of people out there who are qualified.

Kyle says that Claire has beaten the odds and if he thought there was any risk, he wouldn’t have pushed for this.


She has to wonder if there is more to his “admiration” for Claire.

That sets him off and he insists he only hired her for his son.

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Mariah hopes that Claire is all he’s said.


In Paris, Ashley gets upset at Alan as she insists that they met in the bar in which they are sitting and she informed him of her issues with Tucker.


Traci suggests she could be confusing the location. Her sister says she recalls Jean Pierre the bartender.

Alan doesn’t think she’s making things up, but they didn’t happen with him.

He believes she spent the evening with his brother.


Alan takes them back to the apartment.

He never wanted to have to explain this, but his twin Martin is a sociopath.


“Well… this is not as unlikely as it sounds,” says Traci.

Ashley adds she was married to someone in that situation and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Alan explains that he isn’t close to his brother, who was in and out of therapy and on meds most of his life.

When he was off his meds, he became belligerent. He’s why he became a psychologist.


They used to live together so he could monitor him. His brother transcribed his notes but those drove him over the edge.

His brother attacked him ran off.

He’s been searching for him for years and feels like he’s failed him.

Obviously, he’s still around and keeping track of him.


He assumes his brother hacked into his phone and has been pretending to be him.

They assume her DID has something to do with his brother and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

Frustrated, Ashley can’t remember anything. Alan worries that something traumatic might have happened.

Traci assumes that if they find out what it was, it will help her sister and lead them to his brother.


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