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Days of Our Lives Recap: Clyde’s Abby Revelation – EJ & Melinda’s Pact – Stefan’s Guilt

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, June 5, detail that Ava Vitali hesitantly lowered her gun due to Harris Michaels urging her to let him take control. Harris convinced Ava to […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, June 5, detail that Ava Vitali hesitantly lowered her gun due to Harris Michaels urging her to let him take control.

Harris watches as Chad holds a gun on Clyde in the woods

Harris convinced Ava to return to the motel, and she angrily warned Clyde Weston she’d see him in hell before leaving.

Shortly after, Harris handcuffed Clyde, and upon arrival, Chad DiMera found Ava’s discarded gun.

Chad seized this moment to demand Clyde confess that he had deliberately planned Abigail’s death because she was close to exposing his drug operations.

Despite his indifference to Abigail’s fate, Clyde eventually claimed that both Chad and his wife deserved their outcomes.

Chad, infuriated and ready to shoot, questioned Clyde about his fear, reflecting on what Abby must have felt.

Surprisingly, Clyde denied killing Abigail, insisting she was still alive, which puzzled Chad.

Back at the motel, Lucas Horton informed Ava that the federal agents had forcefully taken Rebecca Goldman away.

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Ava shared her frustrations about handling Clyde alone and her concerns over Harris’s forgiveness, while Lucas encouraged her by bringing up Chad’s interrogation plans.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole DiMera vented about Sloan Petersen-Brady escaping after a confrontation, acknowledging Eric Brady’s complex feelings toward Sloan.

Eric doubted the authenticity of his relationship with Sloan and discussed changing Jude Brady’s name with Nicole, although they eventually considered keeping it as Jude was familiar with it.

Eric appreciated Nicole for the name choice, which was inspired by Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, reflecting their challenges.

Nicole welcomed Eric to spend time with Jude, but he felt it would be too difficult for both him and Jude.

Nicole updated Rafe Hernandez about Sloan attacking EJ DiMera and escaping. Rafe then intensified efforts to capture Sloan.

Meanwhile, EJ DiMera confronted Melinda Trask about Jude’s paternity secrets. EJ accused Melinda of hypocrisy and demanded her silence, promising to reciprocate.

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Melinda hinted at future favors from EJ, ensuring mutual understanding before EJ returned home, hinting at family time, prompting Eric to leave.

Rafe, meeting Stefan DiMera, discussed Melinda’s blackmail using a hidden black book and expressed hope in clearing Gabi Hernandez DiMera’s name through Clyde’s drug ring bust.

Stefan felt guilty about his fidelity to Gabi as Rafe commended his loyalty, remembering his affair with Ava.

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Days of Our Lives continues to promise intense developments and dramatic confrontations, urging fans to stay tuned for more updates and spoilers from the series, click for more.