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Konstantin Bites It on Days of Our Lives

Konstantin found himself in a showdown with numerous heroes of Salem after taking Theresa captive. On the June 10 episode of Days of Our Lives, he shocked everyone with another revelation. Amidst […]

Konstantin found himself in a showdown with numerous heroes of Salem after taking Theresa captive.

On the June 10 episode of Days of Our Lives, he shocked everyone with another revelation.

Amidst the chaos of the situation, the heroes worked to prevent Konstantin from harming Theresa, while Steve coped with being wounded, and there were hints that John might be returning to his role as The Pawn.

Finally! Konstantin Goes Down

It was a thrilling episode of DAYS as Konstantin was blindsided by Maggie’s trap.

At their wedding, he revealed that he was the one who had Victor’s plane sabotaged, causing it to go down.

Maggie felt regret for being taken in by his charm and stories of the old days.

He took delight in explaining how he had asked Victor for money to help his business and was promised the Kiriakis would put him in his will.

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But Vic had changed it at the last minute before he boarded his fateful flight, and Konstantin not only wanted revenge but also to take the money he believed was owed to him.

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As things got out of control, he ended up taking Theresa hostage and tried to shoot his way out of the house, injuring Steve in the process.

This episode was DAYS at its best, with guns a-blazin’ and chaos ensuing.

John tried helping him while Alex and Brady went after the villain. There was a standoff with Konstantin, who threatened to kill Theresa.

Alex caught up to them first, and Theresa asked if Steve was okay.

He said yes, unlike his father, Victor. Konstantin laughed and told Alex he was mistaken because Victor wasn’t his father.

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Brady joined in with a gun, but it was too risky to shoot. Fortunately, Xander showed up and grabbed Brady’s gun, taking the wind out of Kon-man’s sails by saying he didn’t care if she died.

Theresa smartly broke free, but she and Konstantin ended up on the ground where he tried to strangle her until Xander shot him.

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Not quite dead, he said, “You think this is over, but you are all so stupid. There is still an enemy in your midst,” while looking at Theresa. Then, he kicked the bucket.

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Konstantin’s Death Will Have Ripple Effects in Salem

We got some good exposition about why Konstantin tried to dupe Maggie and swindle her out of her fortune.

And the entire time, you could clearly see that Theresa was more worried about being outed as his accomplice than anything else.

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When Konstantin was about to be taken in by John and Steve, he feigned coughing, so she brought him water, allowing him to take her hostage – a good plan to set herself up as a victim.

Even at the end, he was about to reveal his accomplice when she wrestled free, risking her life for what?

Alex’s money that’s technically not even his? O’Brien plays the multi-faceted Theresa with aplomb and should get points for her performance.

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You know that Alex will want to know more about why Konstantin said Vic wasn’t his father.

We’re sure that plot point will be explored in further depth in the coming months.

Steve made jokes while John and Sarah treated his wound, but then…uh oh!

John saw Konstantin’s card on the floor, recalled the villain’s order to kill Steve, then himself, and grabbed a gun off the floor.

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Is John really hypnotized again, or was he just acting weird after seeing the card? We’re looking forward to seeing how that one plays out.

Overall, a satisfying episode full of action, gunplay, and mysteries!

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