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Xander Thrown Under the Bus on Days of Our Lives

Xander was accused of killing Konstantin, while John and Steve faced their own problems. On the June 11 episode of Days of Our Lives, Brady and Alex quickly informed the police that […]

Xander was accused of killing Konstantin, while John and Steve faced their own problems.

On the June 11 episode of Days of Our Lives, Brady and Alex quickly informed the police that Xander had killed Konstantin.

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Additionally, Kayla reprimanded Steve, and John was concerned about still being under The Pawn’s control.

Xander Was Almost Arrested Again

In the aftermath of Konstantin’s startling revelations and subsequent death, Jada arrived on the scene where Alex and Brady immediately told her that Xander shot and killed Konstantin with no regard for Theresa’s safety.

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Xander felt he should have been hailed as a hero for dispatching the villain.

Jada told him to go down to police headquarters to make a statement, and it looked like poor Xander would be vilified again in an attempt to send him up the river.

Thankfully, no charges were pressed, and Xander was ultimately freed.

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The poor guy has worked hard to turn his life around, particularly since he learned that baby Victoria was his with Sarah.

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It was nice to see her stick by her man and understand that he did what was necessary, given the circumstances.

His only regret was that they never got the chance to learn who Konstantin’s accomplice was, but Theresa was grateful for that.

Steve and John Still Had Some Issues to Deal With

Kayla was completely displeased with Steve because he didn’t include her in the loop regarding Maggie’s plan to frame Konstantin for embezzlement.

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She worried that he put himself in a dangerous situation without letting her know first, but Steve defended himself, explaining that the villain’s revelation about being the one who killed Victor threw everyone for a loop, and that’s when things went sideways.

Kayla chewed him out as he continued to crack dad jokes, which increased her anger with him.

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You would think that after years of adventuring with the guy she’d be used to him getting embroiled in danger by now.

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Meanwhile, John explained to Marlena about the fact that the hypnotic card he found caused him to hear Konstantin’s orders to kill Steve, then himself, in his head.

He was worried because he lifted a gun and almost shot Steve while Sarah was tending to his gunshot wound.

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John told his wife that he was going to go to Greece to pay his respects at the grave of Konstantin’s daughter in an attempt to figure out how to forgive himself for her death.

Fortunately, Marlena ordered him to have another session of deprogramming before he goes.

Pop Culture Reference of the Day

Kayla told a hospitalized Steve, “I just wish you would have given me the heads up to know that you were walking into a high-risk situation.”

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He replied, “You mean a Bat-Signal type of thing?” She retorted, “‘Cause you just left me in the dark yet again.” He said, “So, no Bat-Signal?”

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The Bat-Signal, of course, is a large spotlight with the shape of a bat on it that Commissioner Gordon beams at the sky to alert Batman that his aid is needed in Gotham City.

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