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Y&R Recap: It’s date night in Genoa City, and Tucker makes an offer to Audra Glissade, which she declines — Tucker is already reeling from previous setbacks.

Thurs June 13, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victoria and Cole go out on a date, Mariah and Claire spend time getting acquainted, and Mariah and Tessa enjoy a date night […]

Thurs June 13, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victoria and Cole go out on a date, Mariah and Claire spend time getting acquainted, and Mariah and Tessa enjoy a date night together.

Wednesday’s recap: Victor informs Adam that he needs his help at Newman Media to eliminate a rival, while Summer admires Sally’s work.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 13. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Summer and Chase raise a toast to themselves at the GCAC. As they enjoy their moment, Summer inquires about the current atmosphere at work. Chase shares details about the underlying tension that pervades the workplace.


The atmosphere is strained, and the Winters family is visibly irritated with Billy, making things quite exhausting.

Attempting to lighten the mood, she shifts the conversation to how well things are going with Sally.

However, he dampens the spirit by mentioning Claire, which disrupts the mood.


She admits she’s been putting on a positive face but isn’t sure how much more she can take.

She worries she’s going to be demoted to part-time mom status. She and Kyle never set up any custody boundaries and it may be time to change that.

He warns her about escalating things and assures her Harrison will always know she’s his mom.

She wonders if he even thinks about Tara. The void she left is what she took over and now Claire could take over.


Summer wishes she could get over this. He offers to distract her for the night. They kiss.


He asks for her keys so he can go up to the room and set the mood. Once he’s gone, she texts Kyle, saying they need to talk.

At the tack house, Claire tells her mother how gorgeous she looks for her big date with Cole.


Victoria worries that she’s overdressed and her daughter teases her.

Cole shows up with a flower. Their daughter starts prompting them to compliment each other.


Cole says the flower is for her.

Victoria tells her daughter they will likely spend most of the night discussing her.

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Claire begs them to make it a Claire-free zone. She wants her parents to get re-acquainted.


They tease her and promise to give it the old college try. Their daughter is relieved they are going to Society rather that a burger joint.

Once they leave, she calls Society and orders a bottle of champagne for her parents.


Kyle shows up with her wallet. Harrison found it and worried she needed it.

She was just about to settle down with her latest murder mystery. She asks if he wants a cup of tea.


As they sip tea, she admits her aunt used to tell her all about famous crimes and quiz her about criminal plans.

Little did she know that she was plotting crimes of her own.

Kyle jokes she could make an excellent cop or jewel thief.


Mariah stops by Society to get Tessa for their date night. Tessa explains that one of the wait staff called in sick and she has to stay.


Her wife suggests she get her a table for one so she can sip champagne and watch her work.

Tessa fills Mariah in about Claire’s call. Mariah can relate to Claire and what she’s going through.

She wishes she had a family member her own age to lean on. Summer doesn’t like her.


Cole and Victoria arrive at Society and Tessa shows them to their table and the champagne their daughter ordered for them.


Victoria hopes she didn’t order a strolling violinist too.

They are left to sit and he pours the bubbly. They toast to the family future.


She asks him about asking Kyle out for a beer. He says that he’s just being a friendly father and reminds her they aren’t supposed to discuss their daughter.

Victoria wants to discuss him. She wonders when he’s planning to return to Oxford. He says it depends on her.


She’s sure their daughter is keeping her around but he admits he’s curious about what’s happening between them.

She’s curious to and they both wonder how much it is about Claire.

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He tells her that he’s been alone for some time now. He’s had dalliances but nothing serious. He was reluctant to invest in something that wouldn’t last.


She feels like she’s been doing the same.

Cole loves that the family they were robbed of has been reunited. They toast to that.


Mariah has an idea for what she and Tessa can do on their date.


Mariah shows up at the tack house with some take out for Claire. She’s startled to find Kyle there.


He had no idea they were pals. Mariah has been meaning to get to know her and thought this would be the time.

They ask him to join them but he thinks they are better on their own and leaves them.


Outside, he gets the text from Summer, asking to meet. He texts back that they can meet in the morning.


Back inside, Mariah tells Claire they have a lot in common. She was raised by a woman who kidnapped her and raised in a cult.

She didn’t learn Sharon was her mother until her 20s. She hopes she’s proof that you can survive and be happy.


They drink to that. Claire feels like she gets what her life has been like.


Mariah is impressed by how well she is doing and that she had company. She tells her how great Kyle is. Summer on the other hand…

She fills her in on Summer being her own worst enemy.


Mariah returns to Society and fills her wife in on catching Claire with Kyle.


They insist they are just friends interested in Harrison. Kyle left and they had a great conversation.

It’s strange how similar their childhoods were. She’s really glad she checked in on her.


They kiss.


Cole takes Victoria back to teh tack house. It looks like Claire has gone to bed.

He tells her he had a lovely evening. So did she.

They kiss and she asks him to stay. He doesn’t want to rush things. He wants her to be really ready.

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Kissing her again, he goes.

Claire comes down the stairs after listening in.

In Paris, Audra shows up at Tucker’s hotel room. She refuses a drink but he thinks she will want one.


He feels like he’s violating Ashley’s trust but she deserves to know everything.

McCall explains that she’s been diagnosed with DID and splintered into multiple personalities following some trauma.

Alan had a sociopathic twin and he drove her over the edge. Now she’s at a clinic.

Audra says she must be terrified.


Tucker says that Alan has been a good friend. He adds that he and Ashley will not be back together when she gets out.

He’s letting her go completely and letting go of all the guilt.


She has a drink and tells him he’s fooling himself.

Tucker insists that he only came to Paris for her. He told himself he came to stop her from taking over Glissade.


He also told himself that he doesn’t care about her, but he can’t fool himself. He still loves her.

She thinks he just wants her because he can’t have her.

He’s sure that her feelings for him are deeper than she’s letting on.


McCall says that he hates fighting her in business. What he really wants is just to be with her.

He’s willing to do whatever it takes to fix them. Glissade is hers if she wants it.


“That’s quite a gesture,” she says, assuming there is a catch. There isn’t.

She tells him she won’t take this as a handout to keep her in his universe. That’s the last place she wants to be.

She used to think he was brilliant, but now she sees he’s not and has convinced the board to accept a buyout offer that will put her in control.

“You’ve lost and I hope it hurts,” she tells him.


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