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Y&R Recap: Victor reveals himself as Audra’s anonymous investor, Diane confronts Nikki, and Billy turns on his charm.

Fri June 14, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victor takes drastic retaliatory actions against Jack, Billy attempts to charm Lily but fails, and Diane confronts Nikki to resolve their unfinished business. […]

Fri June 14, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victor takes drastic retaliatory actions against Jack, Billy attempts to charm Lily but fails, and Diane confronts Nikki to resolve their unfinished business.

Thursday’s recap: It’s date night in Genoa City, and Tucker makes an offer to Audra Glissade, which she declines — Tucker is already reeling from previous setbacks.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 14. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Chancellor-Winters, Billy attempts to mend fences with Lily by bringing her gifts and suggesting they grab a drink together.

Despite her frustration with his inability to catch on to her subtle cues of disinterest, he manages to bring a smile to her face with a bag of salt and vinegar chips—her favorite.


Billy is charming, yet he understands that Lily won’t be easily swayed by mere snacks, even her favorites.

Acknowledging her capacity to handle stress, he opens a bag of chips, and as Lily indulges with a crunch, he takes the opportunity to update her on Jill’s health situation, sharing that her treatment is progressing positively.

This moment serves both as a casual check-in and a subtle attempt to reconnect on a more personal level amidst their professional tensions.


They sit on the sofas and he says that hee still hasn’t told Jill that he betrayed her confidence by telling Lily what was going on. Lily shakes her head.

She hates keeping secrets from her brother and wonders it’s a part of Billy’s plans.


Billy knows Devon dislikes change but finds adding Abbott to the company name valid.

It will take nothing from Devon or Lily.

He tells her after it happens, phase two is them taking over the company.


She calls it selfish. He’s highjacking Devon’s position.

Billy sees nothing wrong with that. What about his work? Billy thinks they need to manage Devon.

Lily doesn’t like that and calls what Billy’s wanting a power grab.

Billy asks if she’s too afraid to go after something she knows she deserves.

Her love for Devon is holding her back. She thinks he’s gambling with the future of her company but he disagrees.


In Tucker’s suite in Paris, Tucker wraps his brain around Audra’s news.

He doesn’t understand where it’s coming from and says he’s never stopped loving her.


He’s done with Ashley and wants to move on and have a future with Audra.

She argues that she will have the future she wants and without him.

He’s so selfish and has burned her so many times until she finally realized there was no room for anything but his wants in the relationship.


Tucker wants to commit to her. She thinks he believes it.

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Tucker loves her and wants her but Audra thinks some shiny new object will take her place if she stays.

“This is what losing feels like,” she tells him.


She says Glissade will be hers by the end of the day.

Tucker’s shocked she’d do such a thing.

He asks who the angel investor is but she won’t say.

Tucker says he’s handing over the company.


Sure, she says, with a catch.

She’d rather have help to take control without magnanimous gestures from him.

Tucker tells her this won’t work.

Audra disagrees and stomps off.


He goes after her to try to discuss it. She’s done.

Tucker says the board told him they’re loyal to him.

She thinks that they’re lying.


She gets into the elevator and Tucker follows.

He asks how she pulled this off so she says she was the one on the ground, doing all the work, negotiating deals and overseeing all details.

The board saw her do it. He’s just a name Ccd on emails.

She calls his name toxic. He reminds her she’s made sketchy decisions but she owns it.

He can’t commit to anything. Not her, Ashley or Devon.


He likes the chase and then lies and changes his mind and lets them down because nobody’s as important as his “fragile little ego.”

Tucker tells his ex she is breaking his heart and Audra thinks it’d require him to have one. She exits the elevator and sighs.


Later, Tucker goes back to his room and meets with Dawn, his assistant. He fills her in on Audra’s coup.

Dawn’s confused since the board is on their side. She asks what her boss will do.


He needs her on the inside and asks her to call each member of the board and tell them Audra convinced her to join them.

See who is willing to spend a fortune to steal the company from him.


In Audra’s room in Paris, she gets a call and tells them that Tucker’s guaranteed to be the lone vote against the sale.

She trusts that everything is set on their end and that the funds are lined up.

If everything goes well, they’ll have Glissade.


Victor Newman is seen as the person on the other end of the line.

He tells Audra she’s done great job and he’s looking forward to a productive partnership.

They’ll create a cosmetics company that will crush whoever comes their way.


Diane walks into Society and finds Jack on a call telling someone that they can call him anytime, day or night.

She sighs and takes a seat, asking who that was.

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She’s surprised when he admits it was Traci.

When he asks, she admits she thought it was Nikki. Jack repeats that he’s Nikki’s friend and they’ll continue to talk whether her and Victor like it or not!

Diane wouldn’t get in the way of their friendship.

Jack wants to believe it but has doubts.


They discuss Ashley settling into the new clinic with Alan’s help and Diane admits she asked Kyle to dine with them but he declined.

They’re still having issues.

Jack asks how it is that they’re still having conflict.


Diane doesn’t believe he wants to stop it.

Jack doesn’t like the tension and wants them to work through it.

She complains that it feels like he’s trying to force her to quit.


Jack thinks his wife is being dramatic and she sneers and tells him about how Kyle screwed her over with the Jasper Foley deal.

Jack’s troubled by that news.

Nikki walks in and it’s tense.


Nikki apologizes to Diane to put her through the night of hell not knowing where Jack was and learning about the overdose trying to help her.


Diane appreciates her saying so. Jack gets a call and toddles off while Diane wants to talk.

Nikki knows she is unhappy to hear how far Jack would go for a friend.

She knows it caused friction and hopes there won’t be lingering effects.


Diane calls her and Jack as solid as ever and hopes what happened that night doesn’t have lingering effects on Nikki’s marriage.

Nikki assures it’s fine but Diane shares that Victor stopped her a few days ago and they agreed that Jack being Nikki’s sponsor was a bad idea from the get-go.

Nikki thinks they should move on then to avoid a feud.

Diane agrees she’d like peace and wishes Nikki nothing but the best.


She suggests leaning on her own husband instead of a new sponsor if they’re happier than ever.

If they’re so happy, she shouldn’t feel the need to “seek out an old friend who feels obligated to pick up the phone every single time you call.”

Nikki snipes that her friendship is not subject to her approval or disapproval.

Jack returns and the women feign civility before Nikki goes to get her take out. Jack tells his wife he has to leave town.


Kyle runs into Victor at the Athletic Club.

He’s getting take out for him and Harrison.


Victor asks after the tyke and learns he’s doing well.

Victor thinks the relationship between child and parent is the most important.

Kyle agrees. They talk about Claire, Harrison and Summer and how the nanny position is going well.

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Victor’s happy to hear it. Kyle brings up Cole asking him for a beer, which surprised him.

Victor glosses over it and says he knows he’s not happy with his job at Jabot.

Maybe it’s time for change. He has positions Kyle could slip into at Newman Enterprises.

He wants to keep the dialogue open he says before he goes.


Diane and Jack arrive home and she remarks that Jack’s trip is such short notice.

Jack says she can’t object to him going to Paris to check on his siblings.

She doesn’t. Kyle comes down the stairs and Jack’s sorry he couldn’t make dinner.


Kyle says he took Claire her wallet that she left at the house and he had take out with Harrison.

Diane says, “Claire? So those are the big plans you had when you couldn’t have dinner with us?”

He snaps about spending time with his kid and Diane asks him to find a way to work through the tension they have.

Kyle doesn’t want to argue but Diane’s not. She wants to find a way to work together. Jack wants this too. Kyle says he’s trying to cover when his mother is over her head.


Jack asks for respect for his co-CEO and asks if he went behind her back for the Jasper Foley deal.

“Really?” Kyle says. It’s business and Kyle stands behind it.

Diane did finalize it and asks him to stop sabotaging her and tell them how he feels. Kyle feels ganged up on and takes off.


Next week’s Y&R spoilers!

Victoria and Billy are together when Victoria introduces Johnny and Katie to their sister, Claire.


Johnny and Katie look on as Claire beams.


Daniel meets with Lily at Chancellor Park. “You came,” he says, noting that he wasn’t sure she would.

“Well I hope it wasn’t a mistake,” she says.


At Sharon’s house, Faith is with Tessa and Mariah.


Faith says, “You’re just in time. Mom and Dad are about to tell me their whole love story.”

Sharon grins at Nick who says, “We are?”


In his suite in Paris, Tucker says, “I’m having trouble breathing.”


He clutches at his heart and Audra, who is on a video call says, “What the hell?”


Tucker keels over and collapses on the floor as Dawn tries to grab him.


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