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Clyde and Chad Lay Their Cards Out on Days of Our Lives

Chad confronted Clyde directly and persuaded the antagonist to divulge details about Abby’s fate. Now that Clyde is detained, Chad visited him on the June 13 episode of Days of Our Lives […]

Chad confronted Clyde directly and persuaded the antagonist to divulge details about Abby’s fate.

Now that Clyde is detained, Chad visited him on the June 13 episode of Days of Our Lives to extract information, successfully obtaining the answers he needed.

Additionally, Rafe strongly hinted to Stefan that decisive action was necessary to free Gabi from prison.

Can Abigail Really be Alive?

This is Salem, so of course, there’s a possibility that Abigail is still alive.

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Chad visited Clyde at the police department, even putting his hands on the sides of the villain’s head to plead for answers.

When Chad held Clyde at gunpoint previously, the baddie managed to evade execution by revealing the bombshell that Abby was still alive somewhere.

Chad asked why Clyde would allow himself to go to jail for her murder if she wasn’t dead at all.

The cunning criminal explained, “It’s only a fool that goes for the quick return.

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A wise man plays the long game with an ace up his sleeve knowing the exact time he should play it.”

Chad said it was time for Clyde to show his cards because he’s shown his. He agreed and said he was about to give Chad “something big.”

What could that be? What could be bigger than Abby being alive, even though Chad described in excruciating detail how he watched her life slip away in his arms.

Julie and Lucas also had a conversation about Abby’s possible return, referencing the fact that the Horton matriarch had received Stefan’s heart in a transplant, only to have him receive his brother Jake’s heart.

So, the concept of the dead returning to life is something that many Salemites are accustomed to.

Odds are, somehow, some way, Clyde kept Abby alive as a leveraging tool that he knew he’d need someday.

Stefan Gets the Go Ahead to Break Gabi Out of Prison

Stefan had been tinkering with the idea of busting his wife out of jail.

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He told Kristen, but she poo-pooed the idea, feeling it would interfere with her designs on becoming the DiMera CEO.

However, when he spoke to Rafe, the police commissioner insinuated that now was most likely the time for Stefan to use his DiMera resources and do what he needed to do to secure Gabi’s freedom even further insinuating that he would turn a blind eye to it.

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This is interesting because Rafe is generally a law-abiding citizen, but for his sister, he’s willing to set those values aside for the greater good.

That choice made us like Rafe even more than we already do, so we’re eagerly anticipating Stefan’s next move, as he said he’s already got things in motion to break Gabi out.

Pop Culture Reference of the Day

Johnny and Chanel were talking about his dream of becoming a filmmaker, and he mentioned that one of his inspirations was Fellini.

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That is a reference to the great, legendary Italian film director and screenwriter, Federico Fellini, who made such classics as La Dolce Vita (1960), and Nights of Cabiria (1957), among many others.

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