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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kristen Threatens to Expose Stefan’s Cheating to Gabi

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Thursday, June 13, reveals that Johnny DiMera disclosed to Chanel DiMera his potential collaboration with renowned director Peyton Russo on a new film in Los […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Thursday, June 13, reveals that Johnny DiMera disclosed to Chanel DiMera his potential collaboration with renowned director Peyton Russo on a new film in Los Angeles, describing it as his dream job.

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The dilemma was that accepting the job would require Johnny to relocate, and he needed to make his decision by the next day.

Johnny confessed he had known about the offer for some time but had contemplated not telling Chanel and rejecting it.

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Chanel was shocked by this revelation, upset that Johnny had considered making such a significant decision without her, as they were supposed to operate as a unit.

After extensive discussions, Chanel encouraged Johnny to pursue his dream, suggesting she could continue her baking business from anywhere, potentially even starting Sweet Bits LA.

Chanel showed her support for Johnny’s career move, leading him to accept the job offer and they planned a private celebration.

At the pub, Kate Roberts Brady was anxious having not heard from Lucas Horton, but he eventually showed up, safe after his mission in Montana.

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With Lucas having successfully aided in capturing Clyde Weston, Kate was hopeful that Harris Michaels would fulfill his promise to ensure Lucas’s freedom.

Lucas, while noting that Harris was preoccupied with processing Clyde, was skeptical about his chances of avoiding the remainder of his sentence, especially since Clyde was being transferred to a supermax facility, reducing any safety concerns at Statesville.

Lucas then visited Julie Williams to bid farewell, as Kate pondered Roman Brady’s genuine sentiments regarding the situation.

Roman confirmed his belief that Lucas had changed following his kidnapping of Sami Brady and expressed support for his release.

Later, Roman shared with Lucas that his contacts had confirmed Harris had upheld his end of the deal, leading to the commutation of Lucas’s sentence, a development that both he and Kate celebrated.

Meanwhile, at the Horton residence, Chad DiMera informed Julie about Clyde’s assertion that Abigail DiMera might still be alive, prompting Chad to plan another visit to the Salem PD to press Clyde for more information.

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Julie was left stunned by the possibility of Abigail’s survival, while Rafe Hernandez interrogated Clyde about Li Shin’s case and any potential involvement by Gil Carter.

Clyde indicated he would cooperate if it benefited him, suggesting that assistance need not strictly adhere to legal methods.

After Rafe departed, Chad confronted Clyde, demanding straightforward answers after recounting the traumatic event of finding Abigail critically injured.

Clyde teased Chad about using his DiMera influence to facilitate his cooperation but ultimately challenged Chad to be more assertive in their interaction.

Clyde then hinted he was prepared to reveal significant information, changing the tone of their discussion.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen DiMera caught Stefan DiMera urgently coordinating over the phone to expedite a plan, which he revealed was to extract Gabi Hernandez DiMera from prison so they could flee together.

Kristen reminded him of their agreement: she would assist in clearing Gabi’s name in exchange for Stefan’s support in her bid for the DiMera CEO position.

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She threatened to expose Stefan’s indiscretion with Ava Vitali should he fail to uphold his promise.

As Rafe provided an update on Clyde’s situation, Kristen stepped away, allowing Rafe to imply to Stefan that while he couldn’t directly aid in freeing Gabie wouldn’t obstruct Stefan’s efforts to do so using his DiMera resources.

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Upon her return, Kristen informed Stefan of a sudden shift in their plans, indicating she could no longer support him, which sets the stage for more conflict between them.

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