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Y&R Recap: Tucker’s heart attack interrupts his plans for a business takeover, Alan invites Traci out on a date, and Connor finally decides to eat some soup.

Mon June 17, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Adam and Chelsea receive encouraging news about Connor, Sharon and Nick discuss her medication, and Traci decides to remain in Paris. Friday’s recap: […]

Mon June 17, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Adam and Chelsea receive encouraging news about Connor, Sharon and Nick discuss her medication, and Traci decides to remain in Paris.

Friday’s recap: Victor reveals himself as Audra’s anonymous investor, Diane confronts Nikki, and Billy turns on his charm.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 17. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Adam meets up with Chelsea at Crimson Lights, where she shares that their son’s social worker has reported a significant breakthrough.

This news likely brings a sense of relief and hope regarding their son’s progress and well-being.


The exposure therapy is showing promising results for Connor; he’s managed to eat some foods that he previously feared.

During this positive update, Sharon arrives and interrupts, expressing her delight that the treatment is finally yielding positive outcomes.


Adam is trying to be optimistic. It’s hard.

Sharon urges them to put good energy out there and tells them parents have doubts through the whole process.


Adam keeps doubting and Chelsea tells him to let the good news sink in.

Chelsea reminds him that their son wants to see them.

He reminds her that this keeps happening and he doesn’t think he can handle going and being rejected again.


Sharon gets back to work and Adam apologizes for killing the mood.

Chelsea knows another rejection would be unbearable but they need to keep the faith.

She suggests they call Connor to see if he’s really ready for a visit.

On the way out, they thank Sharon, who says she is happy to help anyone on their journey.

“Ultimately, we all have to lean on each other. It’s the only way to get to the other side,” Sharon tells them.


Once they leave, Sharon starts arguing with someone on the phone until Nick arrives.

He wonders what’s going on. She claims she’s fine.

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Then she admits she hasn’t been sleeping well. She’s on new bipolar meds and it’s taking her time to adjust.

They discuss her blood sugar and he tells her being grouchy once and awhile is okay.

He’s happy she’s so open about her disease. She says there is no stigma.


Nick says that she and his mom are the most impressive people he’s ever met.

She tells him they are survivors and do what they have to for their loved ones.


Adam and Chelsea go to his place and call their son.


He tells them about eating soup.

They think that’s wonderful and congratulate him.

Adam and Chelsea hold hands.

Connor is sorry he wasn’t ready last time and wants to see them again.

He’s not happy to hear his mom is off work for this.


Adam explains that Sally is stepping in for his mom. They promise all will be fine.

Connor can’t wait to see them. They are thrilled.


The parents talk about how great this soup news is.

It means progress.

They hug and she needs to rush off and pack.

He says they can go in a couple of hours.


Chelsea makes him promise to hold onto something good happening, no matter what happens next. He does.

Adam calls his brother with the latest news and Nick offers him the jet.

He tells his brother to focus on Connor and not worry about the business.

Victor suddenly texts Adam and tells him they need to speak immediately.


Alan stops by the Parisian apartment and informs Traci and Jack about their sister’s first day at the clinic.


His colleagues have been working hard to be welcoming. When he left, she seemed tough as ever.

They tell him they will be forever grateful. He feels guilty about the whole thing.

They assure him he’s not to blame for his disturbed brother.

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Jack thinks he’s more than made up for it.


Alan explains that it’s unclear how long their sister will be in the clinic.

It will be a long process to treat the alternative personalities, the ones they are aware of and the ones they aren’t.


He explains that DID is usually the result of severe childhood trauma.

It was likely not noticed at the time and have always been there. They can go dormant for a long time.

The doctors will have to find out what initially happened.

It makes no sense to Jack and Traci that something so traumatic could have happened when they were kids.


Alan reassures them that the doctor will get to the bottom of this.

It is a very safe and controlled environment.

He’s sure she understands this is her one and only option for a full recovery.

They cant thank him enough.

Alan asks if Traci wants to stay in Paris. There’s no place she’d rather be.


Jack will stay as long as he can and goes off to check in.

Alan asks Traci out to dinner. She would be delighted.


In Tucker’s suite, his secretary tries to get information from Phillippe about the takeover.


He doesn’t say anything,

Tucker says that everyone is shutting him out and that’s not a good sign.

It looks like it could be a hostile takeover.


He pulls on his shoes and tells her to keep making calls.

In her room, Audra drinks coffee and eats macarons.

Phillippe sends a text, saying that Tucker in the ropes.


She flashes back to Tucker telling her that she’s what he really wants and that he was willing to give her Glissade.

She says she doesn’t need his handouts, Victor texts, asking for an update as soon as there is news.

Tucker shows up at her door and asks her not to go through with this.

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He offered her the company to run as she wishes.

What more does she want?

She says that’s too little too late.

He begs her not to cripple him in the business world and she complains about him putting everyone else before him.


He can’t believe this is just because he refused to turn his back on his son.

She accuses him of stalling. She tells him she doesn’t care about him anymore.


McCall never thought she could be so vindictive and cruel.

She’s finding this tedious. This is what she wants and it’s happening. The deal is done.

He reminds her she could stop this. What’s happened to her?


She points out he will be paid well over market value. This is over.

He guesses that it must be Jack or someone else with a vendetta against him.

She explains that she can’t tell him and he won’t know.


Tucker accuses her of having no honor and gives her one last chance. She turns him down again.

He promises she will pay and walks out.


Tucker returns to his suite and starts a video call with investors, he starts having pains in his chest.


Audra can see something is wrong but Tucker asks that they proceed.

Tucker can’t breathe and collapses.


“Is this even for real?” asks Audra.

The meeting is postponed and a medic is called.

Audra storms in and starts venting, refusing to believe this is real.


When the doctor arrives, Audra warns him this is fake.

She refuses to leave as he is examined.

Tucker says he doesn’t want to take his last breath looking at her.


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