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Bold and the Beautiful: Does Li Sacrifice Luna to Protect Finn?

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Li Finnegan will soon face a pivotal moment where she must decide whether to protect her son, Finn, even at the cost of potentially ruining Luna […]

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Li Finnegan will soon face a pivotal moment where she must decide whether to protect her son, Finn, even at the cost of potentially ruining Luna Nozawa’s life.

This plot twist reveals a darker side of Li, contrasting sharply with the character that viewers thought they knew. Li appears willing to go to great lengths to keep her secrets buried, especially when these secrets concern her son, John Finnegan.

This development hints at deep layers of complexity and secrets within Li’s character, setting the stage for intense drama and ethical dilemmas on the CBS soap.

Bold and the Beautiful: Li Finnegan Emerges as a Twisted Sort

So far, Li comes across as the righteous sister. She’s the one who lives for honesty and loyalty, but it looks like this doctor fooled many people around her so far.

Soon, B&B fans may discover that this sister was dealt an awful hand long ago, and she still feels the pain today.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest viewers soon find out what she’s capable of when her secrets are in danger of exposure.

Then, the reason for so much hatred toward her sister, Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park), finally comes out in the wash.

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Li Finnegan recently flew into Bill house on a broom. Li swept aside a special moment for Bill, Poppy and Luna by making herself the administrator of a paternity test.

But Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Li Finnegan may have something else going on.

B&B Spoilers: Li is a DNA Match with Luna Nozawa

Several clues that dropped recently on Bold and the Beautiful seem to lead to a botched paternity test for Luna and Bill.

First, Li Finnegan shows up at Bill’s house with a “sealed” paternity test. She demands that they use hers, rather than the exact same one that her sister bought.

But, was this part of a ploy to make sure that Bill Spencer believes Luna Nozawa is his daughter?

Maybe Li has a reason to throw Luna off the path of her real biological father, someone other than Bill. And she saw a chance to do this.

All she would need to do is swab herself and tuck it into the box. Then switch her swab with Bill’s, as hers would show a DNA match because she’s a blood relative.

She’s Poppy’s sister, so she’s also Luna Nozawa’s aunt. So, their swabs together would be a match and create the two lines for the test seen on Bold and the Beautiful.

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This is a simple yes or no test. If she did this with an agency that traces your lineage, it would show she is an aunt. But this test only indicates if you share DNA or not. And… they do. So, what if Li Finnegan did this, better yet… why?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: All About Finn – John Finnegan?

Poppy looked a bit uneasy when Li insisted on administering the test. Bill backed her up and let her do it, despite Poppy refusing. Then, when Li said Luna is Bill’s daughter, Poppy looked relieved.

But no one is buying that lame excuse offered by the free-spirited woman for not contacting Bill. She let 20 years pas before she told him he could have a daughter.

So, maybe Bold and the Beautiful dropped a clue about all of this a while back. Starting with Finn, John Finnegan

Finn was in college when his aunt moved in with his family before Luna was born. They were close in age because Finn and Poppy once talked about listening to music and having dance parties together at home.

B&B Spoilers: Finn Tried His Aunt’s Special Mints?

Then, more recently, Bold and the Beautiful rolled out the storyline of Poppy’s mints. She took them freely for years.

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But then her daughter accidentally got a hold of them and lost her mind. She found herself in bed with the wrong man.

So, something along these lines could have played out between Finn and Poppy two decades ago at a teenage John Finnegan’s home. Finn is only Poppy’s nephew through adoption.

If Finn took the special mints and didn’t remember the night, much like what those pills did to Luna Nozawa, then maybe John Finnegan fathered Luna.

Li may have walked in and seen this, which would explain all this intrigue around Luna Nozawa’s father. It could also explain Li Finnegan’s hatred for her little sister.

This could be why she wanted Bill to believe he is Luna’s father, to protect Finn. But if Li did concoct this elaborate lie to keep Finn from knowing, she would ruin Luna Nozawa’s life by keeping her from the truth.

This could also ruin Bill Spencer’s life, as he’s been falsely given a daughter on the CBS soap.

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