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Y&R Recap: After feigning a heart attack, Tucker accuses Jack of being the mystery investor, while Victor refuses to allow Victoria to manage Newman Media.

Tues June 18, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victoria and Nikki strategize on how to maintain control over Newman Media, Tucker attempts to stall for more time, and Victor instructs Audra […]

Tues June 18, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victoria and Nikki strategize on how to maintain control over Newman Media, Tucker attempts to stall for more time, and Victor instructs Audra to investigate and report back on the unfolding events.

Friday’s recap: Tucker’s heart attack interrupts his plans for a business takeover, Alan invites Traci out on a date, and Connor finally decides to eat some soup.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 18. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In his suite in Paris, a doctor examines Tucker while he instructs Audra to leave the room. Dawn supports this decision and urges Audra to comply.


Audra, convinced that Tucker is faking his condition, expresses her disillusionment about ever having respected him.

She bluntly tells him that he can stop his act, as everyone will manage just fine without him.


He wonders why she’s still there. She wants to see how far he will push this.

McCall tells her she will regret this but he forgives her.


She shouts that he’s lost and it’s over before storming out.

As soon as she’s gone, Tucker claps, leaps up and pays off the doctor.


Tucker tells Dawn they need to delay the vote more and asks her to get his operatives to dig up some dirt on a few board members. He asks her to find Jack.


She runs off to set things in motion and soon returns to tell him Jack is in town.

Tucker assumed this and leaves to find him.


In her suite, Audra is dealing with texts from confused board members. She paces and says she will not give up until she is in charge of Glissade.


She sends a group text announcing the meeting will go ahead.

In Ashley’s apartment, Jack urges Traci to get some sleep. She will but she still needs to process things.


She worries about how hard all of this is on Alan. Traci reminds him that they were blaming Tucker when it was Martin.

Her brother doesn’t want to think about that and tells his sister how much she helped Ashley. She’s been a rock for everyone.

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Holding her, Jack urges her to cry all she need to. She’s not sure she will stop.


She finds that everything is upside-down.

She worries about what their sister’s treatment will bring up.

Even the strongest person can only take so much.

Jack assures her that she is where she needs to be.


Traci can’t let go of Alan saying that this could all be about childhood trauma.

She has no idea if something horrible happened while they were kids and they missed it.

Jack starts beating himself up about this. They know that their parents fought a lot.

He wonders if their sister found out about Brent being her father as a kid and then repressed it.

It would explain a lot about what’s happened over the years.


Traci continues to worry about what their poor sister has been going through.

Her brother reminds her that she has come back from the edge before. Maybe this time she can get to the source of all this.


When Jack wanders off, Tucker arrives and Traci warmly welcomes him.

They talk about her sister making it to the clinic. He’s glad to hear she is where she needs to be.


Traci knows he genuinely cares about her sister. She’s sorry they were wrong about him.

That means a lot to him.

She suggests now might be the time for him to let her sister go while the slate is clean.


Tucker actually came to see Jack and needs to speak to him immediately.

Jack returns.

Since this conversation is not about Ashley, Traci excuses herself and exits.


Jack has no idea why he’s there unless it’s to ruin his day.

McCall brings up the mystery investor. Jack has no idea what he’s talking about.


Tucker tells him it won’t work. Jack gets sarcastic and dismisses this as preposterous.

He doesn’t care about him or his company and thinks he’s delusional.


This all seems like revenge to Tucker but Jack points out he has other enemies.

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Tucker can’t get past how convenient it is that he’s in the city.

Jack repeats his presence has nothing to do with him and shows him the door.


Nikki stops by the tack house to quiz Victoria about her date with Cole.

Victoria says it was lovely but they are taking it one slow step at a time.


She assumes her mom has something else on her mind.

They start talking about Victor’s plan to put Adam into Newman Media.

Nikki is determined to stop this.


If Victoria agrees to step in, that should do it. She needs this to be dealt with so she can focus on her sobriety.

Victoria reminds her that Victor must have some other agenda in the works.

Her father seems to specifically want Adam for that.

Nikki says that Victor can’t say no to both of them.

She suggests that they work in the company together.


Victoria worries that this could cost them too much.

She just wants to concentrate on Claire and her mom should focus on her sobriety.


Every day at work would just be a pressure cooker.

Her mom insists that she needs to be productive and it breaks her heart to think of Adam undoing all she’s done at the company.

She’d do most of the work and Victoria could do as much or little as she wants.

Victoria admires her mother’s powers of persuasion but the answer is still no.

Her mom keeps pitching it, urging her to think what mother-daughter could accomplish together.


Her mom won’t stop asking and Victoria finally relents, agreeing to step in temporarily.

Nikki thanks her. Her daughter doesn’t appreciate the emotional blackmail.

Nikki is sure she will do the same thing for her children one day if necessary.

They decide to tell Victor together.


Adam stops by the ranch house to see his father.

He’s on his way to see Connor.


Victor wants to know if he is willing to take over the reins of Newman Media.


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His son isn’t keen on being a weapon in his war.

Any other time he would be all-in, but his life right now is unpredictable.

He can’t get tied up when his son needs him so he’s turning him down.

His father claims he’s not asking him to do anything underhanded…just say negative things about another company.


Adam needs to know more about what he’s walking into.

Victor wonders why he’s not leaping into this. His son reminds him that Connor needs him.

Adam might consider the offer if he knows who the enemy is.

The phone rings and Adam says they can discuss this when he gets back.

After he exits, Victor answers the phone. Audra says there’s been a snag.

“Fix it,” he orders.


She explains that Tucker has stalled things.

Victor asks her to find out what the SOB is up to and get back to him.


Nikki and Victoria arrive.

Victor is thrilled to see his two favorite women.


They want to talk about Newman Media but he says that he’s settled that already.

His wife announces that she is returning to work immediately.

His daughter adds she’s coming with her.


He says he’s disappointed. His daughter has been refusing to return to work for months.

Victoria insists she is only doing this for her mom and to help keep Adam out.

She’ll only be back in a limited capacity.

Victor declares this will not happen. He doesn’t want it.


At his penthouse, Adam gets his luggage and thinks back to his father asking him to take over Newman Media.


Tucker returns to his suite and Dawn explains their people haven’t been able to dig up any dirt on board members.


Audra arrives and observes that he seems all better.

“It’s over. You’ve won!” declares Tucker.


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