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Y&R Recap: Abby is furious with her family for not informing her about Ashley, and Katie lashes out at Claire when they meet.

Weds June 19, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Daniel and Heather gear up for a confrontation, Claire is introduced to her siblings, and Nate questions Audra closely. Tuesday’s recap: After feigning […]

Weds June 19, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Daniel and Heather gear up for a confrontation, Claire is introduced to her siblings, and Nate questions Audra closely.

Tuesday’s recap: After feigning a heart attack, Tucker accuses Jack of being the mystery investor, while Victor refuses to allow Victoria to manage Newman Media.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 19. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Society, Abby meets with Billy and expresses her frustration that she only found out through her mother that she had admitted herself to a mental health clinic in France for her dissociative identity disorder.

Billy reveals he was also in the dark about the situation until Jack informed him while on a plane to visit her. Overwhelmed, Abby exclaims, “I am her daughter!” highlighting her distress at being kept out of such crucial family information.


Abby is upset because she was unaware of her mother’s struggles and feels she should have been there to support her.

She plans to leave for Paris as soon as possible and confesses her frustration with her family, including Billy, for keeping her in the dark.


He admits they chose to keep it from her.

She says there’s always a convenient excuse why the Abbotts and the Newmans never tell her anything.

It’d be fair for them to treat her like the adult she is, instead of a fragile child.

She could have gotten her mom help sooner.

How terrified she must have been. Billy placates her.


With a gasp, she realizes Tucker warned her but she ignored him.

Billy tells her that Tucker showed up at the house one night and tried to insert himself into the situation.

It was the first time they’d learned Ashley referred to herself in third person.

She fought them when they tried to get her help.

Abby starts to think about how destructive and dismissive she’s been with her and how flirtatious she was with Alan.


It was out of character. Billy says he too had some exchanges with her that he questioned.

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He tells her about Traci trying to take her to therapy and how it didn’t work.

Abby thinks she could have forced it.

Billy says Johnny and Katie’s flight is about to land. He has to go. Abby is sure he’ll be glad to see them. He tells her about the kids meeting Claire.

Abby calls it a big moment. They embrace and she wishes him luck.


At the Tack House, Claire tells her mother she stocked the fridge with snacks for her siblings and flowers for their rooms.

She asked the cook at the main house what they liked.


Victoria reminds her kid she’s not their nanny.

Claire just wants to be prepared and to ensure they feel welcomed.

She tidies the house and worries.

Victoria promises they’ll adore her.


Claire says she bought the siblings gifts and runs to wrap the earbuds and a charm. Cole arrives.

Victoria’s thrilled to see him and relays their daughter’s concerns of feeling like an interloper.

Victoria admits it’s made her a little concerned. Cole talks her down, to which she’s grateful for.


He leaves and Billy turns up with the kids in tow. Johnny (Paxton Mishkind) and Katie (Sienna Mercuri) razz each other about how little or how much they packed when they walk into the house.


Johnny thinks Claire looks taller and then blurts out with a question about what it’s like in the mental hospital.

His parents chastize him but Claire wants to tell them. She says the food stinks and didn’t like spending most of her time in one room but found the doctors “great” and says they helped her.

Johnny wants to know what it’s like being raised by a crazy woman.


Claire explains Jordan wanted her to help seek revenge but she was a kid and didn’t understand.

She thought it was a game. “Sounds fun,” Johnny declares.

Claire says that the doctors helped her realize her childhood wasn’t normal.

Victoria chimes in that she wasn’t responsible for her aunt’s actions.

She looks forward to being with normal people. Johnny isn’t sure how normal they are.

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Katie ignores Claire and wants to go unpack in her room. Victoria hopes she likes it.


They redecorated Aria’s room for her. Katie’s angry that Claire’s crazy aunt burned their house down and she can’t believe they have to live there now.

Claire’s sorry and understands how that might make her feel.

Katie snaps, “How could you understand? You don’t even know me.”

She runs to her room and Johnny tells his mom she’d have punished him if he did that.

Claire says they knew this wasn’t going to be easy for any of them.


At Crimson Lights, Daniel and Heather prepare for their fight in court.

He’s on edge but Heather says he has justice on his side. They’re in the right.

He has doubts and doesn’t feel good about any of this.

She talks lawyer talk at him but it doesn’t help his mood. He cheated on her and worries it’s coming up.


Heather says she’ll deal with it. She believes in him. He hates that it’s come to this.

She says there’s no turning back now. He wonders if there is.

She thinks cold feet is normal and vows to make it as painless as possible.

He thought getting the game back would be satisfying but Princess Louisa is tainted for him by being a pawn in the battle.

Heather asks what they should do. He thinks moving on is best.


Devon, Nate and Lily meet with their lawyer, Deirdre, at the Athletic Club to go over their case against Daniel.

She’s confident. Lily looks around the table, nervous.

She doesn’t want to celebrate something like this.


Devon knows it’ll be rough.

He and Nate will support her.

Deirdre says it’ll go by fast.


She leaves for the office and Lily says she doesn’t think arbitration is the answer.

She wants to offer Daniel Princess Louisa, even though he has no claim to it.

She’s had time to calm down and now knows she fired Heather and Daniel because of her emotions going wild.

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The men decide not to fight her on this.


The developer they hired to replace Daniel has a lot of ideas.

They’ve enough conflict at Chancellor-Williams.

She wants to solve this so they can move on.

She gets a text from Daniel to meet and runs off.


They agree she seems off and Devon wonders if it’s about Billy.

He shares that Billy wanted Lily to team up and push him into a secondary role.

Nate’s surprised they now have to worry about Lily turning against family.

Devon doubts it. He shares everything that he knows.


Lily meets Daniel at Chancellor Park. He tells her he’s done fighting and she can keep the game.

Lily’s shocked, and lets her ex know she feels the same

They laugh. Neither saw it coming.

They talk about keeping the game as is as a library game and CW can open a college tuition for Lucy.


Without her there’d be no game. They’re happy to come to a decision together and Lily apologizes for everything.

Daniel gets it. He’s sorry for everything that went down.

They’ll tell their lawyers. Daniel wishes her well and leaves Lily behind to text Biily to meet.


Abby arrives at Chancellor-Williams for a hug from Devon.

They discuss Ashley’s call last night and her worries that she spoke to someone other than her mother.

Devon says they’ll go to Paris together.


Audra finds Nate at the Athletic Club.

He asks how things went in Paris, noticing how happy she is.

She explains she beat Tucker. She’s the new CEO of Glissade.

She fills him in on the anonymous investor and refuses to tell him who it is when he asks since it was a stipulation of the deal. Nate agrees to celebrate with her.


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