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B&B Recap: Steffy is livid and rejects Ridge’s suggestion that she co-manage Forrester Creations alongside Brooke.

Tuesday June 18, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke requests Deacon to watch over Hope and Finn, Sheila finds new inspiration, and Steffy firmly tells Hope she does not want […]

Tuesday June 18, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke requests Deacon to watch over Hope and Finn, Sheila finds new inspiration, and Steffy firmly tells Hope she does not want to revisit the discussion about Finn.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: Sheila wears a devious smile as she secretly listens to Brooke confiding in Deacon that Hope has developed feelings for Steffy’s husband.

At Il Giardino, Sheila eavesdrops and reflects as Brooke and Deacon talk about Hope’s attraction to Finn.

Deacon is skeptical, but Brooke confirms that her daughter confessed to her feelings and is not proud of them.


Deacon struggles to come to terms with the news about Hope and Finn.

Brooke reassures him that nothing has happened between them yet, but she wants him to discreetly monitor any interactions between Hope and Finn, ensuring he keeps a close eye on them when they’re together.

She emphasizes the importance of discretion and instructs him not to share this information with anyone else.


Sheila is bursting.


Brooke tells Deacon that this could affect so much.

She fills him in on how controlling Hope thinks that Steffy is being.

Deacon can see where she’s coming from given that Sheila is Finn’s birth mother.

Brooke hopes she doesn’t regret telling him this. He thanks her for doing so.

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She just prays that their daughter listens to her and puts an end to her feelings for Steffy’s husband.

After Brooke leaves for work, the lunch business comes in and Hollis calls Deacon to remind him about checking on the fridges.


Deacon notices that his wife isn’t around.

He flashes back to their wedding and smiles to himself.

Sheila walks in and claims that she was off nowhere.

She tells “Daddy” she has a list of things she wants. He says that will have to wait until later.

Sheila senses he has something on his mind. He has work to do.

She can’t stop thinking about what Finn said earlier about saying he will never return.

Deacon is sure no one can resist his pizza that long.


His wife thinks that she could be a big part of his life if it weren’t for Steffy.

She says there is no reasoning with Steffy. He urges her not to get caught up in this again.

Sheila goes on about how she has changed. Even Finn and Hope can see it.

She was dreaming if she ever though she could win Steffy over.

But she can’t help wondering what her relationship with her son would be like if he was with a woman who would give her a chance.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy is distracted from work by memories of Finn trying to reassure her that Hope will not be a problem for them.


Hope swans in. She thought there was a meeting.

Steffy says there will be and asks her to stay so they can talk alone.


Hope doesn’t think this is a good topic.

Steffy wants this to be the last time they discuss it.

She can’t control how Hope feels, but she orders her to keep her distance from Finn given her attitude toward Deacon and Sheila.


Ridge walks in on this and asks what’s going on.

Hope thinks Steffy is overreacting.

They argue about that and Steffy tells her dad that this is what she’s concerned about.

She’s tired of Hope telling her about her own husband.


Ridge is sure that Hope means well but Finn can’t be around his birth mother.


Steffy says that her husband understands the gravity of this and to put his family first.

Carter joins them and wonders if he should go, given the tension.

Steffy wonders what this meeting is even about.

Her father announces they need to wait for Brooke to start.


They start arguing about budgets.

Steffy doesn’t want to hear another pitch about the Bedroom line.


Brooke arrives and Ridge explains they need to talk about the future of the company. Everyone’s eyes dart around.

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Ridge explains he’s re-evaluating who he is in the company.

He needs to focus on design, especially with Eric and Thomas out of the picture.

He looks forward to how Steffy will lead the company forward and he will still be around.

But his commitment has to be on the creative side.

If they have nothing to sell, they have no company.


He doesn’t want his daughter overwhelmed with work when they have people who can help her.

He’s already talked to their investors about revamping the line and bringing Brooke back and they were all excited.

Ridge wants Brooke to be on the executive team.

She can handle all he’s leaving on the table.


Hope thinks this is great and Carter is sure their clients will be happy, but Steffy demands to know why her father didn’t come to her about this first.

“I am not running our family business with Brooke Logan!” she declares.


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