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Days of Our Lives Recap: Bonnie Catches Theresa’s Portrait Chat – Fiona Cook’s Number Changed

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Tuesday, June 18, reveals that Leo Stark reached out to Marlena Evans for an urgent dream analysis. But she reprimanded him and reminded him that […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Tuesday, June 18, reveals that Leo Stark reached out to Marlena Evans for an urgent dream analysis.

But she reprimanded him and reminded him that the number was for scheduling actual appointments.

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After ending the call with Leo, Marlena focused on Alex Kiriakis’ arrival.

Alex shared that Theresa Donovan hooked up with Brady Black but then dropped him when Alex wanted an exclusive relationship.

Alex suggested it all worked out since Brady admitted his relationship with Theresa was always toxic.

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After seeing Theresa in danger during the Konstantin Meleounis ordeal, Alex was ready to fully commit to her.

Marlena questioned why Alex wasn’t ready before, leading him to admit he felt Theresa was hiding something.

Since Theresa assured Alex that wasn’t the case, he decided to move forward with her and believed she might be “the one.”

Days' Theresa and Alex cuddling in bed and talking in their underwear after sleeping together

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie Kiriakis caught Theresa talking to Victor Kiriakis’ portrait about Xander Cook deserving to be double-crossed.

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Bonnie assumed Theresa was referring to Xander’s trouble with the police after the incident with Konstantin.

Theresa pretended that was the case, but Bonnie still suspected she was hiding something.

In the town square, Leo introduced himself to Theresa as Lady Whistleblower and tried to interview her about her connection to Konstantin, but Theresa claimed there was nothing to tell.

Leo shifted focus and suggested his readers would want tips on how to attract a wealthy Kiriakis heir like Alex, but Theresa insisted she was in it for love.

At one point, Leo mentioned Theresa reminded him of an old friend with a better accent and hair, referring to Gwen Rizczech.

After making an appointment with Marlena and arriving at her office, Leo discussed his loneliness and how superficial his relationships were.

Sarah Horton informed her that Konstantin was dead, and Xander admitted he was responsible.

While Sarah took a call from the hospital, Xander explained to Maggie that he shot Konstantin when he was trying to strangle Theresa.

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Xander admitted he had a choice but wanted revenge. Maggie asked if Xander felt guilty, but he wasn’t sorry Konstantin was gone.

Maggie wasn’t either and regretted not pulling the trigger herself.

Sarah joined Bonnie on the sofa and received a call from Fiona Cook’s last known number, but it was another woman who had the number for years.

Sarah didn’t have other ways to contact Xander’s mom, but Xander suggested that might be for the best.

In Maggie’s room, she put on Victor’s robe for comfort and hoped he could finally rest in peace.

At the Horton house, Chad DiMera told Julie Williams that the jet was ready for their Chicago trip.

Chad mentioned he arranged for the bank manager to open up on Juneteenth so they could investigate Clyde Weston’s safe deposit box.

Billy Flynn, Susan Seaforth Hayes, Matthew Ashford "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 12/04/23 © XJJohnson/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 14881 U.S.Airdate 6/18/24

Julie and Chad acknowledged it was difficult keeping this secret from Jennifer and Jack Deveraux. Jack suddenly appeared with questions about the secret and the box.

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Julie welcomed Jack back and lied, saying they were talking about the time capsule, claiming the kids wanted it to be a surprise..

Jack hoped Clyde’s solitary confinement would prevent him from harming anyone again. Back with Chad and Julie, they arrived at the bank in Chicago and predicted finding answers in Clyde’s safe deposit box.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Julie and Chad will soon face a major surprise, so stay tuned.

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