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Y&R Recap: Snapper is hopeful about Jill’s illness, Katie fears Claire might be dangerous, and Audra experiences a startling reality check.

Thur June 20, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Audra boasts to Nate, Lily informs Billy of her desire to proceed with the de-merger, and Devon shares his concerns with Nate about […]

Thur June 20, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Audra boasts to Nate, Lily informs Billy of her desire to proceed with the de-merger, and Devon shares his concerns with Nate about the uneasy atmosphere he’s detected.

Wednesday’s recap: Abby is furious with her family for not informing her about Ashley, and Katie lashes out at Claire when they meet.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 20. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Devon encounters Victor in the park, where Victor proudly boasts about his grandson’s achievement of scoring a goal in a soccer game.


Victor invites Devon to sit and chat. They discuss the current situation at Chancellor-Winters.

During the conversation, Victor updates Devon on Tucker experiencing a significant business setback in Paris.


That’s all news to Devon, who assures him he won’t let his father weasel his way into his company.


Billy joins Lily at Society and hopes she has good news for him. She fills him in on compromising with Daniel.


He thinks that was extremely generous of her. She’s over her anger and ready to move on.

He admires her taking the high road. They discuss Jill and the toll her treatment is taking on her.

He’s sure that his mom can beat this. Lily wishes she could call her but knows she’s not supposed to know.


They turn back to his proposal that they take over Chancellor-Winters and run it together.

Lily thinks his drive is contagious and he’s made her see how much a change is needed. Taking the company to new heights sounds appealing.

“We’re going to do it,” she confirms. He wants champagne. She warns there is a catch.


She doesn’t want Devon or Nate to be hurt. He points out they can’t all be bosses.

The only way Lily thinks they can move forward is if the undo the merger, leaving them to run Chancellor.


This was not what he expected. He’d proposed this and she rejected it.

She claims she’s just facing reality.

He orders champagne and says this is great. Lily says she’s floated the idea by her brother and he seems intrigued.

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She’s more concerned about how Jill will react. He’s not concerned. This is his call.

As they toast to new beginnings, Devon arrives and spots them. He makes a face and walks out.


Lily tells Billy she hopes this is easier than he’s expecting.

When she leaves, he video calls his mom. When he explains they are going to de-merge, she says no.


He asks how she would feel if he and Lily ran Chancellor while Devon runs his company. Chancellor will become Abbott-Chancellor and her legacy will be secure.


At the GCAC, Audra tells Nate about Tucker faking a heart attack and how she ended up winning. He’s impressed.


She kept her eye on the prize and got it. Now she can make Glissade a massive success.

He wonders if McCall will come for revenge. They know he likes to play dirty.


She’s not afraid of him and wouldn’t be surprised if he never came back. She knows all his tricks and they don’t impress her.

Maybe now he will realize why everyone is pushing him out of their lives.

She’s adamant that all of her feelings for Tucker are gone. He taught her never to trust anyone with her heart.

Nate thinks that’s a shame. She’s a lot less convinced. He toasts to her changing her mind.

She tells him that won’t happen any time soon. She doesn’t need any distractions from building her empire.


Victor sends her a text, demanding a meet.

Nate tries to guess who it was from. It must be her mystery investor.

Hastings is eager to know who it is but she won’t give him any clues. Audra assures him they will not be in competition.

Nate thinks that spending so much on a start-up company is a red flag and suggests that they may have ideas for it very different from hers.


Devon and Nate are at the Chancellor-Winters office. He fills his cousin in on seeing Lily and Billy and worries about the vibes he was getting.


Nate thinks he’s being paranoid and Lily knows what he’s doing.

Lily arrives to announce she has Billy right where she wants him. She asks her brother to re-think his trip to Paris because things are about to explode.

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In the tack house, Victoria tells Katie that she knows it’s all a lot to take in and it’s okay to be upset.


Katie says she just misses her room and stuff but will get over it.

Her mom thinks they should discuss Claire. She was not nice to her.

Katie offers to try harder. Her mom assures her that Claire likely feels as out of place as they do.

Katie asks if she’s as crazy and dangerous as the kids at school say.


Her mom reminds her of how terrible Jordan was and assures her that Claire is not dangerous. She’s a kind person.

Her daughter wonders if it’s all fake. That she’ll kill them all in their sleep.

Her mom urges her to give her a chance.

Johnny sides with his mom but Katie insists Claire is not part of her family.


Kyle is surprised to run into Claire at Crimson lights. He thought she’d be busy being a big sister.


She explains someone needed a break. Johnny was fine with her but Katie not so much.

Claire doesn’t want to push anything but she’s not giving up earlier. She admits that she fantasized about them being a happy family.


Kyle is sure they will all come around to her and see how cheerful and real she is.

He thinks she’s hard not to like. She fidgets with her ear.


Claire suggests they talk about him for a change. He claims his life is pretty boring.

That sounds good to her.

She asks about the tension with his mom. Kyle doesn’t want to bore with that but she wants to listen.


He explains his mom returning from the dead and all the fences that needed to be mended.

Now his mom has his old job and he’s stuck reporting to her. It’s brutal because he’s better at that job than her.

His parents can’t see that they are holding him back and away from what he deserves.


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She suggests he go somewhere else if he’s not happy there. He decides she may be right.

Her mom calls and apologizes for the tension with Katie. Claire doesn’t blame her.

Victoria is sure it will just take time.


When Claire gets off the phone, she thanks Kyle for teh conversation and leaves.

He smiles as he watches her go. A text from Victor comes in, asking to meet.


Back at the tack house, Victoria and her son talk about his sister. He tells her that Katie may be upset over a boy.


They tease each other and she tells him about the days when you had to use a phone attached to the wall.

Claire arrives. Johnny assures her that his sister can be a pain but it never lasts long.


Audra arrives at the ranch to meet with Victor.

He tells her she can take the reigns of Glissade once the legal issues are ironed out.


She happily sits down and describes how crushed Tucker was by what happened.

He didn’t see it coming, especially from her.

Victor expects big things from her.

She wonders why he wants to remain anonymous. is this about more than just an acquisition?


He asks her never to second guess him.

He expects her to make the company a powerhouse.

Before she can do anything, he asks her to add Kyle to her team.

She points out he has a job and Victor says situations change.

He informs her that he wants Kyle to be Co-CEO.


Audra says she is capable of doing it herself.

He knows but this is not a suggestion. It’s a directive.

Kyle arrives. He’s surprised to see Audra there, forcing a smile.

Kyle surprised to see audra

Victor announces there is good news.

He explains that thanks to him, Audra is running Glissade and he wants Kyle to run it with her.


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