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B&B Recap: Despite Steffy’s objections, Brooke becomes co-CEO. Meanwhile, Bill and Katie share a moment of reminiscence, and Poppy seeks another chance from Li.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Poppy reaches out to Li, hoping to move beyond their previous conflict. Steffy remains adamant, rejecting the idea that Brooke’s presence could […]

Wednesday, June 19, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Poppy reaches out to Li, hoping to move beyond their previous conflict.

Steffy remains adamant, rejecting the idea that Brooke’s presence could be beneficial. Meanwhile, Bill seeks Katie’s feelings about his new family situation.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Steffy is livid and rejects Ridge’s suggestion that she co-manage Forrester Creations alongside Brooke.

In the Forrester Creations office, Steffy adamantly refuses to co-manage the company with Brooke.

In response, her father reminds her that managing the company alone isn’t feasible and emphasizes that Brooke possesses the necessary skills and qualities that the company needs.


Steffy stands firm, arguing that partnering with Brooke would spell disaster for the company and staunchly opposes the idea.

She emphasizes that she and Ridge are a father-daughter team, and she does not want that dynamic to change.

Unconvinced that Brooke could be the solution to their issues, Steffy expresses frustration that Ridge did not consult her before approaching Brooke, feeling sidelined in the decision-making process.


Ridge insists they can keep accomplishing things with Brooke’s help.

Steffy says he’s making personal not business decisions.


Carter backs up Ridge’s choice and explains how valuable Brooke is.

Hope agrees with this and urges her mom to say yes.

Brooke looks back and forth and smiles.


Hope keeps pushing her mom and bickering with Steffy.

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Ridge stops that and Hope says it’s a no-brainer that her mom should step up.

Steffy keeps shaking her head.

Ridge asks Brooke if she will accept his offer.

She sits there with her mouth open.


Hope reminds her mom of their family’s contributions to the company.

Will she let Steffy steamroll the Logans out?

Steffy reminds them that her grandma and grandfather made this company.

Brooke thanks them all for reminding them of how important she has been.

But obviously Steffy doesn’t want to work with her.


She’ll just have to have faith that she and Steffy will work together well one day.

She agrees to Ridge’s offer. Steffy rolls her eyes and tries to control herself.

Brooke assures her this will be Forresters and Logans united. Steffy shakes her head.


Poppy shows up at Li’s office wanting to talk to her.

Li reluctantly agrees.


Her sister asks about the paternity test.

Now that it has been proven Bill is Luna’s father, she hopes they can move past the conflict.


Li crosses the room and Poppy wishes they could be close again.

She reminds her of a story from their childhood and how she comforted her and snuck her dinner roles after she was lectured by her mother.

Li says that was a long time ago.

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Poppy knows she’s let her down but her sister has hurt her too.

She’s willing to forgive her because she wants a fresh start for all of them.


Li thinks this is because she’s finally getting what she wanted: a rich and powerful man.

Li’s opinion of her has not changed.

She’s just happy that Luna knows who her father is.


She’s sure she kept that from her daughter for her own sake.

Poppy tells her how in awe of Bill’s love for his children.

She wishes her sister could get past their issues but thanks her for running the test.


Bill brings Katie coffee at his place.

He asked her back to talk about Poppy and their daughter.


He admits that this has all been shocking, but in a good way. It has changed his life and he wants to know how she feels knowing he has a child with another woman.

Katie thinks Luna is great but is suspicious of Poppy for keeping this secret for so long.

He asks if she feels threatened. She laughs and shakes her head.


Bill senses there is something bothering her. She admits she has mixed feelings and they aren’t justifiable.

He never had a relationship with Liam and Wyatt’s mothers. But he did with her.

Now he is living with Poppy in the house where they raised Will.

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Bill assures her that she and Will can never be replaced.

They remember raising Will and he says he will always hold those memories close to his heart.


Laughing, they remember when Bill used to sleep with Will in a tent in his room because he was afraid of the dark.

Bill will never forgive himself for ruining what they had by having an affair with her sister.

Katie just wants the best for him. But asks him to keep this out of the press until they talk to Will.

He agrees to that and wonders if they should just rip off the bandage. She thinks they should be a little softer.


He gets a reminder that he has business to do. Getting up, Bill tells her that this was nice and she reminded him of how he will always feel about his Katie.


After he walks out, she flashes back to their past raising Will.


As she sniffles, Poppy walks in and wonders why she is there.


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