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Days of our Lives Update: Holly And Tate’s Plans Are Doomed

As Holly prepares for prom, and with Eric and Theresa keeping an eye on things, trouble seems inevitable. In the June 20 episode of “Days of Our Lives,” Nicole has given Holly […]

As Holly prepares for prom, and with Eric and Theresa keeping an eye on things, trouble seems inevitable.

In the June 20 episode of “Days of Our Lives,” Nicole has given Holly permission to go to prom, while Theresa suspects mischief is afoot.

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Meanwhile, EJ is under pressure to secure Gabi’s freedom, or he risks his marriage.

Things Could Go

Sideways for Tate and Holly Nicole changed her mind about not allowing Holly to go to the prom after talking to Dr. Greene and learning that his younger brother was her daughter’s classmate, Aaron.

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Meanwhile, Theresa — who’s been wrestling with her feelings for Brady — was happy that Holly wasn’t going, which would help keep her son Tate away from the young girl who she thinks is a bad influence.

However, she wasn’t very happy when she learned that Holly got an 11th-hour reprieve and would be attending.

Holly and Tate had already concocted a scheme in which they could meet up even though she wasn’t supposed to be attending.

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Little did Tate and Aaron know that Sophia, who was supposed to be Tate’s date, overheard their plan and later told Theresa, “I think there’s something you should know.”

We’ve got a classic soap quadrangle going on here: Tate’s into Holly, Sophia’s into Tate, Aaron really likes Sophia, and, of course, Holly wants Tate.

We never got to hear what Sophia was going to tell Theresa, but we’re sure it has to do with Holly and Tate’s plan to secretly get together at the prom.

Theresa and Brady are chaperoning the event and will be watching the kids like a hawk, and now that she’s probably got a heads up, the two lovebirds are most likely to get caught, and things are going to hit the fan for the star-crossed lovers.

Stefan Puts Pressure on EJ

A perpetually giddy Stefan was delighted to hear that EJ managed to get his job as district attorney back, and plans to reopen the Li murder case and clear Gabi’s name, thereby freeing her from prison.

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It was hilarious watching Stefan jump in and help take prom pics with all the kids. he sent them to Nicole and claimed he also sent them to his brother.

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However, the message EJ received was not a series of photos, but rather, “Clear Gabi tomorrow, or else…”

It’ll be very interesting to see what comes about when EJ takes Clyde’s black book and allows it to be used as evidence in the case.

We’re fairly certain Gabi will eventually be freed, but what’s really holding our attention is whether or not EJ can get it done on Stefan’s timetable.

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If he doesn’t, Nicole will realize Eric is Jude’s father, and she’ll waste no time in reuniting with him!

Pop Culture Reference of the Day

During a dream Theresa was having in which she confessed to Brady that she was actually in love with him, he said, “Theresa, I look at you, and all I see is Lucy holding that football.”

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That’s a reference to the beloved comic strip Peanuts in which every fall, the character Lucy holds a football for Charlie Brown so that he can kick it.

Invariably, she pulls it away from him at the last second every single time, and this annual incident is a metaphor for “the uneasy tension between trust and betrayal, hope and despair,” according to Slate.

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