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Days of Our Lives Recap: Sophia’s Revenge Over Tate’s Lie – Theresa Threatens to Eject Holly from Prom

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, June 20, detail that Eric Brady visited Marlena Evans in her office to discuss how EJ DiMera is assisting with his divorce from Sloan Petersen. […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, June 20, detail that Eric Brady visited Marlena Evans in her office to discuss how EJ DiMera is assisting with his divorce from Sloan Petersen.

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Marlena questioned whether this legal arrangement was difficult for Eric given that Jude DiMera, also known as Jude Brady, is being cared for by EJ and Nicole DiMera.

Eric, however, harbors no resentment towards them.

Eric reassured Marlena that he could professionally interact with Nicole without complications, as she no longer harbors romantic feelings for him.

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When Marlena probed about Eric’s feelings, he downplayed them and agreed to dinner on the condition they avoid discussing Nicole.

Elsewhere, Nicole expressed gratitude to Dr. Mark Greene for checking on Jude’s mild fever, which she admitted overreacting to.

Mark disclosed that his brother, Aaron Greene, who had invited Holly Jonas to the prom, was still dateless after she declined.

Standing at a table in the Pub, Sophia stares with folded arms at a seated Tate. He points across the table at Aaron

Accepting responsibility, Nicole decided to fix the situation by getting Aaron’s contact from Mark and initiating a plan.

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At the pub, Tate Black assured Holly over the phone that their parents wouldn’t spoil their perfect prom night.

He planned to excuse himself early from the event to meet Holly, who would sneak out from the DiMera mansion.

An animated Aaron points across a Brady Pub table at a slouching Sophia

After the call, Tate vented to Aaron about his predicament, not realizing that Sophia Choi, his designated prom date, was overhearing.

Although Sophia pretended all was well, she was visibly upset after learning of Tate’s feelings.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa Donovan, who dreamed about confessing her love to Brady Black rather than pursuing a relationship with Alex Kiriakis for financial gain, was startled awake by Brady’s arrival.

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They then discussed their duties as prom chaperones.

Theresa informed Brady about catching Tate and Holly together recently and expressed concerns they might try to meet at the prom, despite Nicole’s initial refusal to let Holly attend.

Theresa was determined to closely monitor Tate at the event.

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At the DiMera mansion, Stefan DiMera urged EJ to expedite the reopening of the Li Shin case to secure Gabi Hernandez DiMera’s release by the next day, threatening to disclose Jude’s true paternity to Nicole if EJ failed.

As Holly walked in on Stefan and EJ, she brushed off their secretive behavior, attributing it to Nicole’s overprotectiveness.

EJ, understanding Holly’s irritation about missing prom, subtly encouraged her to keep her plans under wraps, as Nicole might have changed her mind about prom attendance.

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When Nicole returned home, she was surprised by her own change of heart, prompting Holly to point out she lacked a prom dress and a date.

Nicole’s conversation with Dr. Greene led to Holly arranging to attend prom with Aaron after all.

On the day of the prom, Tate scrambled to adjust his plans following the news of Holly’s new date.

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Brady, updated by Nicole’s decision, advised Theresa to relax about Holly’s attendance.

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As the prom commenced, Sophia, masking her true feelings, disclosed something significant to Theresa off-screen before joining Tate, Holly, and Aaron at the school.

Theresa, alongside Brady, kept a watchful eye on the teens, warning Holly to maintain distance from Tate, hinting at potential consequences if they were caught conspiring.

As the drama unfolds, the night promises further unexpected developments, urging viewers to stay tuned for more updates and twists from Days of Our Lives, click for more.