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Y&R Recap: Nicholas reflects on his experiences with love, marriage, infidelity, and the heartbreaking loss of Cassie.

Fri June 21, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Joshua Morrow marks 30 years on “The Young and the Restless” as Nick Newman. The show celebrates by sharing his most memorable moments. […]

Fri June 21, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Joshua Morrow marks 30 years on “The Young and the Restless” as Nick Newman. The show celebrates by sharing his most memorable moments.

Thursday’s recap: Snapper is hopeful about Jill’s illness, Katie fears Claire might be dangerous, and Audra experiences a startling reality check.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 21. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

During a work call, Sharon reschedules her meetings to the following day to accommodate Nick’s arrival at her house.

Nick and Sharon are eager to reunite with Faith, having not seen her in a considerable amount of time.

Sharon is taken aback when Faith unexpectedly calls, expressing her desire to come home before heading to Europe with her friends. This sudden change surprises Sharon, as she didn’t anticipate Faith’s early return.


Nick is hopeful that Faith will spend the summer in Genoa City.

He arrives prepared with all of Faith’s favorite snacks and treats from her childhood, ready to welcome her home warmly.

As they reminisce about how quickly the years have passed, the former couple moves to the kitchen to store some ice cream.

Upon returning, they are greeted by Faith entering the house. Joyful reunions ensue as they embrace her with open arms, having deeply missed their daughter.


Nick jokes about her suitcase being weighted down by bricks. She has presents for everyone and tells them she took a rideshare home to prove she was herself and safe.

Nick hugs her and Sharon asks why she then seems on edge. This produces tears from Faith who enters Sharon’s embrace. They sit and Faith asks why men are such jerks.


Sharon looks at Nick who asks if this is about Moses. “He broke up with me,” Faith says. He thinks they got together too young and should date other people. It’s part of the college experience. Nick’s sorry.


Sharon knows it’s hard getting her heart broken but the pain will go away eventually. Nick gets them treats as Faith watches her parents and how well they get along. She asks how they remain friends after breaking up. Sharon calls him funny, thoughtful and caring and the best father ever.


She says he used to be a big romantic. Faith’s surprised. They flashback to some dates they’ve been on, one in costume, the other on an island. They were in bathing suits kissing when they decided to skinny dip.


Tessa and Mariah arrive. They’ve left a sleeping Aria with the sitter they tell Faith as they embrace and welcome her home. Faith says they were talking about their parents’ romance.

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They take seats and Sharon and Nick talk about how young they were driving around in Nick’s pickup.

Nick recalls the first time he saw her.


“That was it,” he says.

They smile and Sharon recalls them saying goodbye after a date in his truck.

They talked about their chemistry at the pool and how Sharon brought out the best in him.

Nick tells the room that Sharon was dating a creep named Matt Clarke while Nick was dating Amy.


Sharon says she broke up with Matt after realizing what a jerk he was and dated Nick.

Faith asks if Nick beat Matt up and Nick flashes back to a huge brawl between the boys.


Nick recalls how bad things got.

Nick was sent to prison for shooting Matt Clarke.

He recalls another inmate reading Sharon’s love letter to Nick aloud and that Nick beat the guy up for talking smack about her.


Everyone gasps and Nick tells them that his ex, Amy, came clean about being Matt’s shooter.


Talk turns to when Nikki had her say about Sharon, calling her brash and pushy and not a proper young lady. Nick was incensed with his mama.

Nick remembers Sharon in bed with him when she told him she was pregnant again.


Faith asks when Noah came along.

Mariah figured that must have made the grandparents happy.

They flashed forward to seeing the baby in the hospital.


Nick says it was life-changing and then recalls that Sharon was obsessed with Cassie that she didn’t have time for him anymore.

It’s when Sharon confessed Cassie was her child.


The one she had to give up when she was sixteen. Nick was thrown for a loop.

Nick snapped that they agreed to no more children and she expected him to make time for a kid that wasn’t even his.

Sharon begged for a chance.

Nick had issues at first but Sharon says he came to love Cassie as his own.


He recalls Cassie drawing the picture that’s still on a table in the living room.

Mariah says Cassie was lucky to have them as parents but Nick calls them the lucky ones.


Faith asks if they were living the dream at that point and Nick recalls working for his dad and the challenges he faced. Victor was so happy but Nick felt that his dad was trying to run his life when he started the coffee shop. Sharon listened as Nick swore he wouldn’t lose Crimson Lights.

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Nick and Sharon agree to much was going on at the time and he cheated on Sharon.

Mariah says, “Way to drop that bomb, Nick.”

Sharon admits she cheated, too. Faith is shocked.


They flashback and Sharon tells Nick she slept with Diego once and he shacked up with Grace Turner loads of times.

She was seeing David and wanted a divorce, which made Nick obsessed.

He admitted he was and couldn’t get her getting it on with Diego out of his head.

Sharon was stunned that he thought so little of her.


Nick says it was a tough time but losing Cassie gutted them.

Nick remembers Victoria trying to get Nick to let her stay with him after Cassie passed on.


He sobbed and just wanted to be alone.


He tore apart the house on the ranch later, in his grief, accidentally breaking Cassie’s picture.


Sharon reaches out to Nick and holds his hand as he tells the family that he couldn’t handle his grief and acted out, hurting everyone and most of all, Sharon.


Nick flashes to talking to Phyllis about Cassie talking to him.

She understood. He said he had never told anyone that and Phyllis was glad he felt comfortable to tell her. Later, they made out and at one point, Phyllis brought him a gift.

“Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil,” he says as he opens the present.


Nick recalls Sharon talking to Nick about cheating on her with Phyllis.

She asked how long the affair had gone on for.


Sharon later talked about how much they’d changed.

Nick tells the kids they tried to move on but the first time they got together, Sharon got pregnant with Faith.

She had sent Nick a letter about still being in love with him.

The second time, they agreed if Cassie didn’t die, they’d have remained together.

They kissed.


Mariah says, “Wow. Big wow.” Nick says it was a tough time but they were happy she was born.

Faith knows she was kidnapped by Adam and gave her to Ashley Abbott.

Sharon says Cassie predicted Faith, making Tessa shocked.

Nick and Sharon recall snuggling Mariah who was on her deathbed when she told them they’d have another little girl someday.

They talk about the custody hearing and how sorry they are about it.


Faith asks if the love was still there. Sharon believed they could get it right last time.

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Mariah calls it the almost wedding she’ll never forget.

It was when Sharon slapped Nick in the face during the vows.


Tessa and Mariah get a notification.

The baby’s awake so they need to go. Nick asks his kid if that was too much information.

She says no. Life and love are messy and she’s finding that out herself.

Family keeps you grounded. Maybe someday Moses will realize she’s his center. “Is mom yours?” Faith asks. Nick will always have love in his heart for her.

It’s tied to her and Noah who are their center. Sharon finds that perfectly put. They share a group hug.


Nick goes to the ranch to see his parents who aren’t there.

He looks at Victoria’s photo and recalls when she came to see him on a return home before seeing their parents.

He remembers walking her down the aisle.


Nick remembers telling his mom how tough she was and how lonely she admitted to being.


Later, he recalls his dad helping him to learn boxing and how he told his mother how much he loved her.

More recently, Victor told him how proud he was of his son.


His parents finally walk in and he tells them Faith’s settling in.

He tells them he loves being their son and is indebted to them.

Nikki thinks it’s a wonderful thing to say and asks where it’s coming from.

Nick shares his talk with Faith.


Nick chokes up as he calls them good role models for him.

Vic couldn’t have asked for a better son.

Nick appreciates it. Nikki holds her son’s hand.


Y&R spoilers next week!

“The constant in-fighting has been stopping Chancellor-Winters from growing and I think that Billy and I have come up with a scenario that will stop the constant fighting and conflict,” Lily says to Devon and Nate.


“Now this I’d like to hear,” declares Mamie as she walks in.


“I certainly hope that you are considering because I hate to see you waste your talent at your present place of employment,” Victor tells Kyle.


“Maybe it is time for me to think about a change,” Kyle admits.


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