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B&B Recap: Sheila covertly listens in as Tom admits to Deacon that Sheila unnerves him.

Thursday, June 20, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Finn learns about the recent shifts at Forrester Creations, Brooke reiterates to Hope that she must not harbor feelings for Finn, and […]

Thursday, June 20, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Finn learns about the recent shifts at Forrester Creations, Brooke reiterates to Hope that she must not harbor feelings for Finn, and Deacon unexpectedly presents Sheila with plans for their honeymoon.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: Despite Steffy’s objections, Brooke becomes co-CEO. Meanwhile, Bill and Katie share a moment of reminiscence, and Poppy seeks another chance from Li.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke expresses her anticipation and enthusiasm for a harmonious working relationship with Steffy.


Steffy questions why her father didn’t consult her first about the decision, especially since she is his co-CEO. She feels that by bringing Brooke into the mix, he has created a rift between them.


Ridge maintains that his decision to involve Brooke is in the best interest of both Steffy and the company.

He expresses hope that Steffy will eventually recognize and appreciate his intentions.


Steffy grumbles and shakes her head.

She and the Logan ladies bicker.

Brooke doesn’t want this family feud.


The meeting ends and Carter says he will put things in motion.


The Logans exit and Ridge tells his daughter this is what’s best for the company.

Sighing, she agrees to give this a chance but it won’t be the same with Brooke.

Finn shows up. They fill him in on the changes at the top.

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Ridge explains he needs to focus on design more and that’s why he’s given Brooke more responsibility.

He assures his daughter that he respects her and thinks the three of them can lead the company into the future.


After he exits, Steffy vents about there being a Logan everywhere she looks.

Finn hates seeing her so upset.

She doesn’t know why this is happening but she will still be stuck dealing with Brooke.

He suggests Brooke could be a good fit.

She doesn’t need her husband defending Brooke…or Hope.


In the design office, Brooke and Hope hug and she tells her mom how proud she is of her.


Brooke insists they need to get off on the right foot with Steffy.

Hope will have to resist the temptation to do a victory dance.

Brooke asks what’s going on with her feelings for Steffy’s husband.


Hope says he’s amazing and her mom repeats that she needs to understand that getting involved with him will lead to disaster.

Hope knows…even thinking about it would be like… “Becoming your mother?” Brooke asks.


Her daughter doesn’t mean it that way and she doesn’t know why her emotions are out of control.

Brooke tells her again to stop feeling this way about Finn.

Hope doesn’t want to and can hardly recognize herself.


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She knows he would never leave his wife and she won’t come between them.

She promises not to be that woman.

Relieved, Brooke gives her a hug but Hope looks flustered.


Poppy is surprised when she arrives at Bill’s and finds Katie there.

They immediately start at each other.


Katie tells her she’s known the doorman since she lived there and they compete about who came from a less opulent background.

Poppy tells her she’s enjoying the home that she’s sharing with Bill and her daughter.

“Wouldn’t you if you were in my shoes?” she asks.


Katie reminds her she was in her shoes.

Poppy is eager for Luna to get to know her sibling and assumes Katie is there to talk about Will.

Bill walks in and wonders what he is walking in on.

Poppy says they were just chatting.


They rehash her keeping the truth about Luna a secret for so long.

Bill tells Poppy he will always be grateful for the gift of a daughter.

Katie twitches as she watches them kiss.


At Il Giardino, Sheila smiles to herself as she recalls eavesdropping on Brooke telling Deacon about Hope’s feelings for Finn.


Deacon interrupts her, sure she heard everything.

He assumes she heard him talking to a travel agent about their belated honeymoon.

Thrilled, she throws her arms around him and hopes they are going somewhere that clothing is optional.

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She’s never felt the kind of love and support he gives her before.


They start arguing about her desire to be part of Steffy’s life.

Tom arrives and waits around the corner as they talk, eavesdropping.


Deacon knows that Sheila has changed and wants to live a good life.

She wishes Steffy would realize that too.


When Tom comes out, Deacon checks that he’s okay with working there.

After telling him the customers need lots of breadsticks, he asks Tom to stow his backpack and guitar behind the bar.


Once he does, Tom promises he won’t let him down.

Deacon says he owes him too for helping him get hitched to Sheila.

Sheila stands in the background as Tom explains that he did research on Deacon and Sheila to help him do his job better.


His lady love has quite a past and it freaked him out.

Deacon says she has turned her life around and is a new woman.

Listening in, Sheila is not enjoying this conversation.


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