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B&B Recap: Thomas makes a surprising return, engaged, while Tom and Poppy unexpectedly recognize each other. Amidst these developments, Sheila confronts Tom, issuing a threat.

Friday, June 21, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila makes it clear that she is a force to be reckoned with. Thursday’s Early B&B recap: Sheila covertly listens in as […]

Friday, June 21, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila makes it clear that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Thursday’s Early B&B recap: Sheila covertly listens in as Tom admits to Deacon that Sheila unnerves him.

In the design room at Forrester Creations, Hope is deeply engaged in crafting her latest designs.


As Hope makes notes on her designs, Brooke walks into the design room, feeling slightly outdone by Hope’s early arrival and dedication.


Brooke brings up Finn again and asks if her daughter is able to fight “this misguided attraction.”

Hope believes so.


She calls her friendship with Finn genuine. She doesn’t want to risk destroying it so will have to handle it.

They embrace as Brooke says she’s doing the right thing.

Ridge walks in wondering what’s going on. Ridge hands Brooke coffee and looks at Hope’s dress.

“Oh wow. That’s… ummm.” She tells him she is adjusting the length. He’s glad.

He questions what’s up and she says she’s been lost since Thomas and Douglas left.


Her feelings are all over the place but assures him it’s not affecting her work.

He’s glad and calls her lucky to lean on her mom. Ridge is there for her if she needs a man’s opinion.

He doesn’t know why she and Thomas ended things.

It’s not his business but he tells her that Thomas loved her very much.

Brooke interjects that Hope wasn’t ready to get married so soon after Liam.


Ridge understands. Hope says she wasn’t fine with Thomas leaving with Douglas and it didn’t feel right to accept a proposal she wasn’t ready for.

Ridge agrees with that. He wants her to find peace.

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Hope starts to cry and apologizes. She’s been keeping it in. It’s been harder than she let on.

She’s been struggling more than people realize.

She’s not ready to marry anyone but is glad to have known Thomas’ love. Now she knows not to settle for less. She goes and Ridge worries about her. Brooke tries to reassure him before kissing him.


Hope heads into the CEO room and presses a hand to her head.

She flashes back to Thomas telling her he’s a one-woman man before there’s a knock at the door.


In walks Douglas, with a great big smile on his face.

He runs into Hope’s awaiting arms and they smile as they embrace.


Thomas walks in afterward. “Hello, Hope.” They grin at one another.


At Il Giardino, Tom wants to make amends to Deacon about yesterday.

He’s been so nice to him and in return, he came at him with that stuff about Sheila.

He doesn’t want to overstep.


Deacon turned his life around. He wants to be the best employee he can be.

He wants to kick butt. Deacon laughs.

Tom says it’s why he started to look on the internet and found out about Sheial’s colorful past. He whistles.

“The stuff I was reading about her.”

Deacon says it’s a conversation for another time.

He asks him to go into the cleaning closet and make a list of supplies they need.

Tom takes off to do that and Sheila appears to ask how he likes Tom.


Deacon thinks Tom’s nicer than some of the clients, as he sees Dollar Bill saunter in with Poppy.

Sheila begs him not to put them in her section. He’ll take care of it.

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He greets his patrons and Bill asks to be put “anywhere but the homicidal maniac section.”

They’re seated and Poppy tells Bill he transformed her and their daughter’s lives. He grins.

Poppy’s so happy and wants him to know.


He reminds her she showed him this morning.

She says she has so much more to show him. “Check please,” Bill jokes.

She’s transformed his life, she’s given him a daughter.

He laughs and can’t believe he has a daughter.


In the kitchen, Tom hands Deacon three orders of toe hors d’oeuvres.

He can’t believe it’s such a hit. Deacon put them on the menu after the wedding and people can’t get enough.


Tom is shocked Sheila cut off a toe to fake a bear attack.

Sheila eavesdrops as Deacon says she had to do what she had to do.


“I guess. Maybe,” Tom says. It doesn’t seem like something a mentally stable person would do.”

Sheila rolls her eyes and looks pissed as she chops veggies.


Deacon has to take a call and Sheila corners him. “Are you serious? Stability?”


She fumes while holding the knife. Tom stares at the knife, worried.

Sheila says they appreciate her so much and he wouldn’t want to do anything that would change that, would he?

Tom shakes his head and brings water to Bill’s table.


At their table, Poppy tells Bill tales about his kid loving to swim.

Bill looks at some photos and Poppy considers planning her birthday party.

Tom turns up at their table with water.


He ends up spilling it all over Poppy.

He apologizes profusely and Poppy says it’s nothing, as he helps mop it up.

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When they lock eyes, Tom and Poppy are both startled.


They recognize one another.

It’s awkward before Tom leaves and Bill complains about the busboy before kissing Poppy.


Tom returns to the kitchen and stares at Poppy.

Sheila wants to talk.

She says there are two sides to every story. He knows.

She asks if he wants to survive around there. If so, he needs to be on her side.


Tom doesn’t want to get off on the wrong foot with her. She says he has. She doesn’t like people bad mouthing her to her husband and orders Tom not to do it again.


That’s all in the past and it’s none of his business. He agrees and then stares out at Poppy once more.

Poppy looks at him and they lock eyes once again.


Next week’s B&B spoilers!

Tom delivers pizza from Il Giardino at Bill’s mansion. “Pizza deliver… Poppy,” he says as Poppy opens the door.


Poppy whisper yells, “What are you doing here!”


In the design office at Forrester, Thomas says, “I’m glad I found someone that wants the same things as me.”


Ridge and Steffy stare.


Hope says, “What is going on here?”

Thomas stands at the door with Douglas and Paris, together as a family.


Thomas says, “Paris and I are engaged. We’re going to be married.”


Hope looks stunned.


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