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Y&R Spoilers June 24 – 28: Sharon places an urgent distress call, Victor takes a tough stance in his dealings with Kyle, and Billy is concerned about the growing connection between Chelsea and Adam.

Monday, June 24 to Friday, June 28. Read the Y&R day ahead daily recaps on SoapsSpoilers — they go live each day by 4:15 PM EST. Y&R spoilers next week! Trevor St. […]

Monday, June 24 to Friday, June 28.

Read the Y&R day ahead daily recaps on SoapsSpoilers — they go live each day by 4:15 PM EST.

Y&R spoilers next week!

Trevor St. John announced on June 18th that he is leaving “The Young and the Restless,” where he has been portraying the character Tucker McCall.

Faith, Katie and Johnny returned to Genoa City this past week, though, from the sounds of it, Faith isn’t sticking around, which leaves Katie and Johnny to drive the ‘teen’ story this summer.

Other than Katie brooding over her new sister that she thinks is going to slay them all in their sleep, I’m not sure what she and Johnny will get up to.

With Tucker leaving Genoa City and Audra in Nate’s orbit again, will we see these two form an alliance or a relationship, or will Audra and Kyle working together as co-CEOs bring these two back together?

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With the show driving Kyle and Claire toward one another, it’s anyone’s guess.

Did everyone enjoy the Nick standalone on Friday? Do you think that Nick and Sharon’s reminiscing about their marriage will be the stepping stone to them reuniting once again or are you tired of the same old and want them to remain friends only?

Leave us a comment either way!

Lily tells Devon and Nate, “The constant in-fighting has been stopping Chancellor-Winters from growing and I think that Billy and I have come up with a scenario that will stop the constant fighting and conflict.”

“Now this I’d like to hear,” declares Mamie as she walks into the meeting.


“I certainly hope that you are considering because I hate to see you waste your talent at your present place of employment,” Victor tells Kyle at the bar in The Athletic Club.

“Maybe it is time for me to think about a change,” Kyle admits.

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Young and Restless Spoilers Monday, June 24:

Victor plays hardball with Kyle.

Victoria struggles with family matters.

Nikki and Nick compare notes about Adam.

Traci enjoys her time with Alan in the City of Love.


Young and Restless Spoilers Tuesday, June 25:

Sharon reminisces about her past.

Devon and Billy vie for control.

Nick looks out for Phyllis.


Young and Restless Spoilers Wednesday, June 26:

Adam and Chelsea receive disturbing news.

Devon questions Lily’s decision-making.

Jill gives Billy an ultimatum.


Young and Restless Spoilers Thursday, June 27:

Victor uses Kyle to outsmart Jack.

Audra plots her next move.

Billy is bothered by Chelsea’s bond with Adam.


Young and Restless Spoilers Friday, June 28:

Jack and Diane worry about Kyle’s future.

Sharon makes a distress call.

Sally and Chloe take on a new project.


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