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Days of Our Lives 2-Weeks Spoilers: Stefan & Ava’s Secret at Risk – Eric’s Life-Altering Info – Surprise Engagement

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from June 24 to July 5, reveal that Harris Michaels is set to leave town, pursuing a lead on Megan Hathaway. As […]

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from June 24 to July 5, reveal that Harris Michaels is set to leave town, pursuing a lead on Megan Hathaway.

As the week begins, Harris will express the challenges involved in saving his relationship with Ava Vitali, acknowledging the considerable effort it would require.

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Realizing the impracticality of their situation with Harris’s impending departure, Ava and Harris will share a poignant goodbye after making love one last time.

Following his departure, Lucas Horton will also leave the scene, bidding farewell to Kate Roberts Brady.

He plans to visit his children and grandchildren in New Zealand, offering a joyful pretext for his exit.

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Meanwhile, Chanel DiMera and Johnny DiMera’s lives will take a distressing turn as Chanel experiences severe cramps and is rushed to the hospital.

The prognosis for her baby looks grim, and Paulina Price will be overwhelmed with guilt, fearing her recent actions might have contributed to this crisis.

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In other developments, Theresa Donovan finds herself in a heated confrontation with Nicole DiMera following the prom night antics of Tate Black and Holly Jonas.

The altercation nearly turns physical before Nicole demands Theresa to leave.

At Statesville, Leo Stark will have a contentious meeting with Diana Cooper, who denies any wrongdoing in their fraught relationship.

Elsewhere, Alex Kiriakis proposes unexpectedly to Theresa, surprising her with his commitment.

They will soon announce their engagement, although Theresa secretly harbors feelings for Brady Black.

Theresa’s past actions begin to haunt her as Brady grows suspicious.

He will develop a theory about Theresa’s involvement with Konstantin Meleounis in a scheme, although he remains unaware of the full extent of their collaboration.

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Brady’s suspicions might even lead him to wonder if Theresa had a role in the kidnapping of Sarah Horton and Xander Cook’s baby, especially after an argument between Xander and Nicole.

Eric Brady will then share significant news with Nicole, possibly related to Leo’s revelations following his confrontation with Diana.

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This could either confirm or divert from the suspected paternity issues surrounding “Jude DiMera,” also known as Jude Brady.

Stefan DiMera, meanwhile, uses paternity secrets as leverage over EJ DiMera, confident that it will secure Gabi Hernandez DiMera’s release from prison soon.

As we move into the week of July 1-5, Gabi’s potential return to the DiMera mansion may not be smooth, as Kristen DiMera could provoke Stefan with secrets of his infidelity.

Theresa, on the other hand, will urge Alex to expedite their wedding to secure the Kiriakis fortune, setting up potential complications.

Lastly, Tate and Holly, determined to solve their problems, may revert to their secretive ways, drawing parallels to Salem’s modern-day Romeo and Juliet.

Stay tuned for more intense developments and plot twists over the next two weeks on “Days of Our Lives.”

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