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B&B Recap: After Hope inquires whether Thomas is open to giving their relationship another try, he shocks her by revealing that he is engaged to Paris.

Monday, June 24, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Tom makes efforts to stay in Sheila’s good graces, Luna, Poppy, and Bill come together for a family lunch, and Hope confesses […]

Monday, June 24, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Tom makes efforts to stay in Sheila’s good graces, Luna, Poppy, and Bill come together for a family lunch, and Hope confesses to Thomas that she has been feeling confused.

Friday’s Early B&B recap: Thomas makes a surprising return, engaged, while Tom and Poppy unexpectedly recognize each other. Amidst these developments, Sheila confronts Tom, issuing a threat.

At Forrester Creations, Hope is thrilled to be reunited with Douglas. Meanwhile, Thomas observes the heartfelt scene from the doorway, watching them from a distance.


They arrived directly from the airport, catching Hope completely by surprise with their return.

This reunion is the highlight of Hope’s year. She expresses to Douglas just how much she loves and has missed him.

She also mentions missing Thomas.

As Douglas steps out to grab a snack, Thomas compliments Hope on looking beautiful.

Hope responds by acknowledging that he looks handsome and shares how tough it has been since he left.


She doesn’t quite understand why he went. It through her more than anyone knows.

He asks if she’s okay. She’s hanging in.

Things have been very confusing.

Thomas wonders how.

She doesn’t feel like she’s been herself lately or trust her feelings.


She’s glad that he and Douglas are back.

He looks at a sketch Zende left and is glad he stepped up after he left her in a bind.

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She tells him it’s not the same.

Thomas could read her mind. Without him, she’s felt loss.

He assures her she can handle anything.

She’s really starting to doubt that.

Choking up, she says that he gave her stability and his commitment meant the world to her.


He doesn’t know what to say.

Throwing her arms around him, she tells him he’s been so, so missed.


She tells him how good it feels to be in his arms and shivers.

She never wanted to hurt him.

He says she did. She turned him down twice.


Hope says she wanted to be ready for him.

She was still under pressure and recovering from her divorce.

That didn’t mean that she wanted things to end between then.

She knows how rare a devoted man like him is.

She asks if he came back to give them another shot.


Before he can say anything, Douglas returns.

Hope jumps back from Thomas. Paris shows up.

Hope wonders why she’s back.

Douglas refers to Paris as “mom.” Hope is shocked.

Paris and Thomas look at each other. Hope needs an explanation.

As Paris puts her hand on Douglas’ shoulder, Hope notices the giant ring on her finger.


Thomas announces they are engaged to be married.


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At Il Giardino, Poppy and Tom stare at each other until Sheila reminds him that he’s lucky to have a job there.


“This place is killer,” he blurts, before saying he’s grateful.

She hands him some bread to put on tables.


At their table, Poppy and Bill talk about what an important place this will always be for them.

Luna joins her parents and Tom continues to watch them.


They talk about what a bossy toddler was.

Bill thinks she’s grown into a phenomenal woman.

Poppy is happy to see how connected they are.

This is a dream come true for her. They finally get to be a family.


Deacon stops by their table and is shocked to learn that Bill is Luna’s father.

He says she’s a nice addition to the empire.

The family got better looking.


He walks off and Bill tells Luna he will brag to everyone about her.

She finally feels whole.

She knows who she is and feels more grounded and connected than ever.


Poppy is so happy. She glances over to Tom in the kitchen.

When she wishes that she had told Bill earlier, he tells her they need to stop looking back.

He assures them they will have decades together and only need to look to the future.

She thanks him for being so forgiving and he assures her that she hasn’t taken anything from his life. No one will take her away from him.

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They talk about plans to sail on the yacht and all the vacations they can have.

In the kitchen, Tom tells Sheila he doesn’t want any trouble and offers to make it up to her.

He just wants to do his job and win her over.


She hopes he does and is still grateful that he saved her life.

He reminds her they are part of the Il Giardino family and should get along.

He’s sure they are both believers in second chances.

She’s had lots of them. She must believe it’s never too late to change.


He was a dumpster diver and now he works at one of the hottest restaurants in California and it’s about to get hotter.

After she walks off, he goes back to staring at Poppy.

He asks Deacon who this guy with her is.

Deacon fills him in on Dollar Bill and his new daughter.


Tom glares over as the Spencers take a family selfie.


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