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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jennifer’s Time Capsule Attempt – Chad Leaks Secret Footage to Lucas

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, June 25, detail that Diana Cooper arrived at the prison to see Leo Stark, who confronted her about how poorly she treated him throughout his […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, June 25, detail that Diana Cooper arrived at the prison to see Leo Stark, who confronted her about how poorly she treated him throughout his life.

Diana belittled Leo’s therapy and script, yet Leo was resolved to express his fury.

Despite Diana’s denials of responsibility for Leo’s struggles with being single and unloved, the confrontation intensified.

Leo harshly criticized Diana, suggesting she never should have been a mother. She retorted sharply, maintaining her stance.

Reflecting on his harsh upbringing, including the time his father first hit him and Diana’s indifferent response, Leo was visibly shaken.

He also remembered killing his father in defense, feeling unprotected by his mother.

Diana, unfazed, tore up Leo’s script, advising him not to visit again.

Leo declared he wouldn’t return, leaving Diana visibly upset after their encounter.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Dr. Mark Greene briefed Chanel DiMera and Johnny DiMera on Chanel’s ultrasound, which showed potential signs of a congenital issue.

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He referred Chanel to a genetic counselor in Los Angeles for further evaluation amid concerns about radiation exposure.

Later, Leo sought support from Marlena Evans at the hospital, but she was unavailable until the next day. Distraught, Leo broke down, longing for maternal affection, while Dr. Greene comforted him.

Elsewhere, Johnny and Chanel said farewell to Felicity Greene, who gave Chanel a cherished stuffed animal for the baby, amidst Chanel’s worries about the pregnancy.

Johnny reassured her of his unwavering support regardless of the challenges ahead.

At Paulina Price and Abe Carver’s residence, they discussed the dropped recall petition following Paulina’s compliance with EJ DiMera’s demands.

With Melinda Trask declining an alternative job offer, Paulina pondered other candidates for the sanitation head role, though she hesitated to have Abe work under her.

After Abe left to fetch takeout, Johnny and Chanel kept their concerning news private from Paulina.

Tragically, Chanel soon suffered severe cramps, adding to their distress.

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At the pub, Lucas Horton announced his plans to visit his children in Phoenix, leaving Kate Roberts Brady disappointed but understanding.

Later at the Horton residence, Chad DiMera returned from a fruitless trip to Clyde Weston’s prison.

Jack Deveraux inquired about his late-night absence, but Chad remained evasive about any issues surrounding Abigail DiMera.

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As Jack prepared to leave, Julie intercepted him, handing over an old time capsule for Jennifer Horton Deveraux to open, avoiding revealing any truths.

Lucas’s sentence was commuted, leading to a celebration with Chad, who then showed Lucas footage of a mysterious woman, sparking further intrigue about Abigail’s fate.

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Lucas suggested enhancing the images to gather more clues.

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