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Days of our Lives Update: Paul Telfer Discusses Xander Reclaiming His Rogue Side

Xander is definitely not someone to mess with — at any time! Paul Telfer emphasized to Days of our Lives fans that Xander is capable of going to great lengths when pushed. […]

Xander is definitely not someone to mess with — at any time!

Paul Telfer emphasized to Days of our Lives fans that Xander is capable of going to great lengths when pushed.

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In a recent conversation with Soap Hub, the actor discussed how Xander restored his notorious bad boy image by eliminating the malevolent Konstantin, who might have carried secrets about Xander to his grave!

Don’t Cross Xander

There was a batch of DAYS heroes on the scene when Konstantin took Theresa hostage after his aborted wedding to Maggie.

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But it was Xander who stepped up and ended the threat by firing a fatal shot into the lying groom.

Ironically, Xander didn’t know he was taking out the man who knows the real truth about his parentage.

The shooting not only delays the secret being revealed but pointed out to fans that Xander is not someone with whom you can cross.

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“It was wonderful,” Telfer tells Soap Hub of having his character be the one “to take him out.”

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After all, Xander had been suspicious of Konstantin for quite some time.

Viewers fell in love with the romantic Xander who swept Sarah off her feet, but he had to show some of his less edgy sides for Sarah to love him.

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“I was concerned that he’d become too softy and cuddly,” muses the actor, theorizing that a less threatening Xander becomes less interesting to the audience.

Recent developments, however, confirm that his concerns were unfounded.

Telfer applauds the show’s creative team for putting Xander in a situation in which he did a “bad” thing (killing Konstantin) for a good reason (saving Theresa).

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“To be unapologetically triumphant about it was really, really satisfying,” the actor says with a smile.

Father’s Daze

As Konstantin died before revealing the truth about Xander being Victor’s true son, Paul Telfer teases that the best is yet to come.

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There is a “very fun, busy period for me [coming up],” he says, “where I feel is the best stuff I’ve [ever] done on the show.

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I’m excited for people to see it.

“I’m glad that there’s a shift towards people generally getting on board with this version of Xander, and also with this version of Xander and Sarah together,” he adds.

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“There’s a lot of support for it right now, which is really fulfilling.”

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