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Y&R Recap: Jill is reconsidering the demerger, while Lily fondly recalls memories of Neil, and Connor attempts self-harm.

Weds June 26, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Adam and Chelsea are shaken by unsettling news; Devon scrutinizes Lily’s choices; Jill presents Billy with a final demand. Tuesday’s recap: Sharon is […]

Weds June 26, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Adam and Chelsea are shaken by unsettling news; Devon scrutinizes Lily’s choices; Jill presents Billy with a final demand.

Tuesday’s recap: Sharon is taken aback when she sees Nick and Phyllis holding hands, while Lily accuses Devon of sabotage.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 26. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

After a day out, Adam and Chelsea bring Connor back to their hotel room.


Adam declares the day “awesome.” Connor believes the school is benefiting him, and they both agree.

Chelsea gives him a hug, which he playfully notes is the millionth one.


Adam gets them pizza and Connor says he wishes they could go back to Genoa City where everything is normal.

They assure him they’ll be together soon.

Connor has a group session he needs to get back to.

They eat pizza and Connor comments that the food is fine but the pizza is way better.


He knows the place is expensive and he feels bad that they’re spending it to make him better.

Adam says it’s a non-issue.

Connor feels for the kids who don’t get visits from their own families.

Later, they’ve dropped the kid off and are dazzled by the visit. He turned a corner.


They’re surprised at how optimistic Adam’s being and Chelsea claims she’s positively giddy.

They think their son is getting better and Adam gets ahead of himself.

He wants to know when he can come home. They hug, glad they can lean on one another.

Adam calls to get the plane ready and asks for chilled champagne on board. One of Connor’s doctors, Dr. Hammond, calls.

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She’d like to see them in person. Chelsea is immediately on edge.

When Hammond drops by, she reveals that Connor shared in group about how well his day went.

His OCD flared afterward, telling him he didn’t deserve the happiness he felt. It triggered a punishment.

Chelsea is baffled. It started with him hitting himself and then he used a pen and tried to cut himself.


A nurse found him before he cut the skin.

They’ve removed him to inpatient status for his own protection.

He can’t leave the wing.

The parents gasp aloud and worry this will ruin his progress.


Hammond says the OCD is fighting back but it’s weakening.

He could be there anywhere from days to weeks.

Hammond takes off after promising to keep them posted.


Adam and Chelsea are saddened. Adam blames them, thinking they let them take Connor too soon for a visit while Chelsea seems to be shut right down.

He asks for a pep talk but she can’t take care of him.

It’s not her priority. He says it’s not what he meant.


She doesn’t have it in her to pull him from a rage spiral.

They take turns and now it’s her turn to freak out. Adam is sorry.


She yells that their son took a pen and tried to stab himself. He knows.

Chelsea sobs thinking that their son has been like this the whole time.


They just never noticed because they were so worried about themselves.

Adam tries to talk her down but it doesn’t work. She thinks they’re selfish. He denies it.


Billy meets Chance at Society. When Billy brings up the votes, Chance is confused.

He wanted to meet to discuss Jill’s illness which worries him.

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Billy says she swore him to silence. Chance knows she doesn’t want any pity.

She doesn’t say much except that the medicine makes her tired. Billy says Snapper is optimistic.

They wish she was being treated there.


Chance recalls Catherine dying when he was on tour and he couldn’t say goodbye.

If he went to visit Jill, she’d read him the riot act.

Billy laughs.

He tells Chance he could use his help in something he’s working on to support Jill.


He tells him about reversing the merger and they discuss where it’s going.

Chance worries things will become contentious but Billy feels it’ll work out well, separating the companies.

He jokes, asking how co-CEO sounds.


At the office, Lily calls Devon out for sabotaging things during the meeting.

Devon tells his sister he had to act at least a little betrayed or Billy would have suspected something.

Lily says bravo. It was quite the performance and borderline hurtful.

Devon explains that he needs to sell it.


At Society, Nate and Devon visit Billy and Chance’s table.

They talk about the demerger and Devon says he’ll just vote whichever way it goes.

He’s nonchalant before the cousins head to their own table.

Devon calls Billy a “tool.” Nate suggests he and Lily take a breath before they vote to figure out what they really want.


Chance finds Lily in her office, holding her head.

He heard about the “divide and conquer plan.”

Lily says it’s not a done deal yet. Chance is there to help when she needs him. She’s grateful.


He tells her he’s not kissing up but he’s on her side.

He can’t wait until they can focus on the work rather than who is going to come out on top.

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Lily likes his refreshing honesty.

He goes and Lily remembers Neil telling her and Devon that the company comes first and they leave personal problems out of it. Lily sighs.


From Chancellor park, Billy gets a call from Jill who tells him the doctors are calling her a great patient.

He’s thankful she told Chance the truth.

She didn’t want him to carry the secret alone.

Billy tells her that the board call is ready to go but Abby’s on the way to Paris since Ashley’s going through problems.


Jill is sorry to hear it. She reveals she’s having second thoughts about the demerger.

The post-merger numbers show that combined, they’re profitable.

Do they want to risk splitting them up? Billy says it’s a valid point but with him and Lily, it’ll be smooth sailing.

Jill’s surprised Lily’s on board. She trusts Billy but has concerns. Billy thinks she should let him run with it.


Back at the office, Lily receives a call from Jill to see if she’s had second thoughts.

It’s a huge decision and if Billy gets two votes, she struggles to believe the transition will be easy.


She may have to vote. Lily asks how she’ll vote and she’s not sure.

If they don’t get it right, they could lose the company they’ve worked so hard to build.


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