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Y&R Recap: Jack supports his wife when Diane dismisses Kyle, who swiftly goes to accept a job offer from Victor.

Thur June 27, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Sally and Billy long to assist their partners, Audra boasts about her victory, and Chelsea and Adam give themselves a pep talk. Wednesday’s […]

Thur June 27, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Sally and Billy long to assist their partners, Audra boasts about her victory, and Chelsea and Adam give themselves a pep talk.

Wednesday’s recap: Jill is reconsidering the demerger, while Lily fondly recalls memories of Neil, and Connor attempts self-harm.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 27. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Crimson Lights, Billy video chats with Chelsea, discussing the recent flare-up of Connor’s OCD.


She mentions that he was enjoying himself, which triggered his OCD to retaliate.

Billy inquires if Connor resorted to hitting himself again.

Chelsea reveals that Connor attempted to harm himself with a pen, leading to his transfer to in-patient care.


She worries this could go on forever.

He urges her to remember there have been positive steps.

Billy is sure this is hard on Adam too and ask how he’s handling it.


She says he’s been a rock and they are planning to stay longer.

Billy asks if there’s anything he can do.

She gets off the line as Adam arrives at her suite.

Both of their partners wish they could help, but they can’t.


He brought pastry but neither of them are hungry.

She’ll force herself to eat if he will.

They sit and chew.


All this waiting is hard to take. She tells him they need to be patient.

This all seems wrong to him but she says they aren’t helpless and need to stay positive.

He admires her devotion to fighting for their son. Where would they be without her.

“Back at ya,” she says. He wonders if staying there is a mistake.


She thinks they should stay close by but he thinks that sitting there and waiting will just be torture.

They will go stir crazy by the time they see their son again.

She needs to stay but she’ll understand if he goes.

He says if she stays, so will he.


In the Jabot hallway, Diane calls Jack and tells him she needs him to come back.


When Kyle shows up, his mom tells him it’s not a good morning.

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He doesn’t want to deal with this.

She hands him his termination notice and announces he’s fired.


He’s shocked and reminds her this is his birthright and she can’t rip it away from him.

His mom says she’s given him fair warning but she’s had it with him.

Jack arrives, straight from the airport and orders them into the office.


In the office, Jack needs an explanation and is shocked to hear his son has been fired.

Kyle says he’s only been doing the same job he’s always done.


Diane reminds him that’s no longer his job.

This choice has been a long time coming.

She has tried everything to fix this and her son has left her no choice.

She won’t back down.


Mother and son bicker and Kyle accuses her of waiting until Jack was out of the country to fire him.

He suggests she wants him out of the way because his presence just shines a light on her inadequacy.

Jack says she’s been exemplary.


Diane lists the things that her son has done to undermine her authority. Kyle claims he was just trying to be supportive.

Jack is filled in about how his son went behind her back to iron out the Huntley deal.

Diane claims he pushed it through against orders and she was about to get a much better deal.

Now Huntley won’t take her calls because Kyle told him to bypass her.

Jack agrees with Diane. Kyle went way too far.


Kyle refuses to believe that his dad is siding with her.

Jack says that he has trashed Diane’s competency in the business world.


He thinks he made an error in judgment but firing him was premature.

Jack wants to work out a solution but his son declares they are way beyond that and storms out.


Diane asks Jack not to blame her for this.

He doesn’t blame her but wonders how things escalated.

She says it was resentment. Their son’s ego couldn’t handle it.

Jack knows this isn’t the first time his son has betrayed a family member.

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Diane didn’t want to fire him. But there is no other solution.

She’s walking on eggshells.

As she sobs about how bad things have become, he holds her.


She asks after Ashley and he updates her. The doctors don’t know how long she will be in the institution.

Abby is upset about being kept in the dark. Diane can understand.

It’s hard to know how to protect your child. Even if they are an adult.

Jack still hopes they can work things out with Kyle.

She tells him that this was the only course they had right now. That doesn’t mean giving up the plans for the Abbott legacy.


In the hallway, Kyle sends Victor a text, asking if he’s ready to negotiate.


Kyle meets with Victor at the GCAC, more than ready to accept his offer.


He announces that he has left Jabot because they do not value what he has to offer.

He wants to run Glissade for him and has every intention of giving Jabot a run for their money.

Victor smiles. Kyle vents about being shunted around for personal reasons.


The Newman likes his drive but removing Audra is out of the question.

Kyle says he can do a better job without her but Victor will take the offer off the table if he doesn’t agree.

Kyle offers to work through their differences.

He’s sure he will reconsider it when he dances circles around her.


Victor tells him to hit the ground running and walks off.

At Society, Audra fills Sally in on Tucker faking his heart attack to try and stall things. She could see through him.


The delay didn’t work and the board voted him out and her in.

Sally is impressed she pulled this off. Audra says it was risking but it feels good to win.

She plans to bask in victory for awhile.

The best part is Tucker doesn’t know about her partner.

She won’t tell Spectra who it is. Sally wonders if Tucker will retaliate.


“Just let him try,” Audra says. She’s sure he’s plotting but she’s covered all her bases and he will never hurt her again.

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She thinks that Glissade’s new owner is plotting the perfect moment to reveal themselves.

Audra changes the topic to Sally and is sure she’s doing great at Marchetti.


Sally is but she’s missing Adam, who is still in Baltimore because of his son.

She worries that Adam could be taking it worse than anyone. She’d go but she’s not family.

What the parents are going through is intense and she doesn’t want to insert herself in it.

Audra is impressed that she’s letting her boyfriend spend so much time with his ex.

It’s never even crossed Sally’s mind. They are a family in crisis and focused on their son.


Adam just asked her to move in and she’s been buying throw pillows. Plus, she trusts him.

Audra is amazed that people can trust each other. She trusts no one.

She’s making sure the final pieces are in place to ensure her success.


Audra wanders out. Billy comes in and Sally asks him to join her. She thought they should get to know each other.


He sits and warns her to be careful with Audra.

Sally says she’s been nothing but a good friend so far.

They talk about Connor and the cruelty of OCD. They both wish they could help.


Billy talks about how hard all of this is and accidentally says she’d know if she had kids.

Once he apologizes, they get back about how Connor is isolated in OCD prison.

Sally remembers how they used to joke. Billy says they will again.

This is all excruciating.

They tell each other how lucky their partners are.


At Crimson Lights, Audra gets a text from Kyle saying that he’s taken Victor’s offer.

She sends him a text saying it’s time to stir things up.


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