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Days of Our Lives Update: Chanel’s Miscarriage, Has Huge Repercussions

Johnny and Chanel were devastated to find out she had miscarried their baby, while Theresa was anxious about the possibility of Xander discovering his mother. Following intense pain and a medical check-up, […]

Johnny and Chanel were devastated to find out she had miscarried their baby, while Theresa was anxious about the possibility of Xander discovering his mother.

Johnny holds a scowling Chanel in her hospital bed. Paulina gapes at their bedside

Following intense pain and a medical check-up, Chanel and Johnny were informed by Dr. Greene that she had miscarried during the June 26 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

Meanwhile, Theresa is increasingly concerned that Xander is close to locating his mother.

The Sad News Came as a Shock

While she and Johnny were visiting with Paulina, Chanel had some abdominal pains that seemed to subside.

Sitting next to Johnny in a hospital bed, a stressed looking Chanel leans toward Paulina at her bedside.

However, mere moments later, they came back with a fury, and she was screaming so much they had to bring her to the hospital.

There, they met Dr. Greene, who had just given her the all-clear on the June 25 episode.

After performing another ultrasound, the look on the doctor’s face spoke volumes.

He had the unenviable task of informing the couple that Chanel miscarried their child, and they were suitably shocked and brought to tears.

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Sitting on a hospital bed, Johnny holds Chanel close to his chest.

Poor Paulina will beat herself up over this, and it may take quite some time for everyone to recover.

Chanel and her mom had just started patching up their rift after Paulina’s radioactive adventure, but this seems poised to tear them apart even further.

Hopefully, Johnny and Abe can remain strong for their wives and hold everyone together.

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It’s Brown Trousers Time for Theresa

After Theresa caught Bonnie bad-mouthing her to Alex — which she said wasn’t anything she wouldn’t say to her face — they got talking about weddings.

Bonnie was over the moon that they might be meeting Xander’s mother soon, as Sarah has been working on finding her in order to invite her to their impending nuptials.

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Later, Xander contacted his aunt, which was a longshot because she and his mother weren’t speaking.

However, she did have his mother’s address, so we’ll most likely see Xander and Sarah traveling to Scotland to meet with her.

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Theresa nearly did a spit take when she heard the news, and every time Xander’s mother was mentioned, she looked like she might lose some bodily functions.

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You see, she knows that Xander is Victor’s true heir, not Alex, because she altered things by swapping their names.

She also knows that it would only take his mother to confirm that she had a liaison with the Kiriakis patriarch many years ago to make everyone question whether or not Xander is Victor’s son.

This fact might also explain why Xander’s mother became a raging alcoholic: because Victor obviously left her after getting her pregnant, and she had to angrily raise Xander on her own.

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So now we have yet another bad mother, much like Leo’s awful mum, who’s probably headed to Salem.

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