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Days of Our Lives Recap: Bonnie’s Double Wedding Pitch – Brady Suspects Theresa Snooped in Greece

Theresa Donovan tried to convince Sarah Horton not to send a wedding invitation to Xander Cook’s mom, citing her history as a “raging alcoholic” who could be unpredictable. Despite this, Sarah remained […]

Theresa Donovan tried to convince Sarah Horton not to send a wedding invitation to Xander Cook’s mom, citing her history as a “raging alcoholic” who could be unpredictable.

Xander pulls a wry face

Despite this, Sarah remained firm, so Theresa offered to help with the invitations and secretly took Fiona Cook’s invitation.

Bonnie Kiriakis proposed a double wedding for Sarah and Theresa, but neither bride was keen on the idea, especially since Xander and Alex Kiriakis didn’t get along.

Later, Bonnie discovered Fiona’s invitation in the trash and assumed Sarah had been influenced by Theresa.

Sitting on the Kiriakis couch, Sarah gives Theresa a skeptical look. Between them, Bonnie looks downward.

Consequently, Bonnie decided to mail Fiona’s invitation herself, believing Sarah would appreciate it later.

At Basic Black, Brady Black warned Alex that Theresa might be after his money, but Alex argued that she was interested in him before his financial windfall.

Brady remembered Theresa being alone with Victor Kiriakis’ briefcase in Greece and suggested she could have looked at the will.

Theresa's eyes bulge

Alex dismissed Brady’s theory and cautioned him not to mention it again, especially to Theresa.

When Theresa arrived, Brady congratulated her on the engagement and respected Alex’s wishes by not sharing his suspicions.

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At the pub, Eric Brady called Nicole DiMera to check on her since he wasn’t planning to go to the office.

He wanted to see how Nicole was coping with the Holly Jonas and Tate Black drama.

Nicole appreciated Eric’s concern, and he assured her he would always be there for her and Holly.

Later, Eric told Roman Brady that he was considering job opportunities outside of Salem because it was too difficult to be around “Jude DiMera” aka Jude Brady.

He hinted that things were complicated with Nicole as well and was contemplating a major move, although nothing was definite.

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At The Spectator, Xander told Nicole he was glad she got Jude back, but implied it must be Eric’s worst nightmare.

Nicole noted that this was the second child Eric had lost, and Xander acknowledged the first loss was due to his baby swap.

Xander accused Nicole of hypocrisy since she had her own history of baby-stealing, leading to an argument where they dredged up past offenses against each other.

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The tension eased when Xander talked about his parents. He shared that his mom disowned him after he got into legal trouble, but Victor rescued him and became his mentor, which Fiona resented.

After his dad’s death, his mom turned to heavy drinking to cope with her grief. Xander said it felt like losing both parents, and Nicole thanked him for sharing, saying it made him seem almost human.

While Xander met Sarah in the town square, Eric visited Nicole at The Spectator and revealed he had something to tell her.

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At the DiMera mansion, EJ DiMera updated Stefan DiMera on Gabi Hernandez DiMera’s case.

The judge was receptive to EJ’s argument that Gil Carter was likely responsible for Li Shin’s death, but refused to release Gabi based on photocopies of Clyde Weston’s black book.

The judge wanted the original, which was problematic since Melinda Trask was holding it hostage and had disappeared.

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EJ mentioned that Melinda wasn’t taking his calls, which was expected since he took her job.

Stefan urged EJ to grant Melinda the immunity she requested regarding the Jude situation.

EJ hesitated, unsure how to explain it to Nicole, but Stefan insisted it wasn’t his problem.

Stefan warned EJ that if he didn’t get Gabi out of prison that day, the truth about paternity would be revealed, causing EJ to lose his family.

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Alone, EJ called Rafe Hernandez for help with Melinda while Stefan went to Statesville. When Gabi appeared in the visiting area, Stefan greeted her warmly.

Our DOOL predictions suggest Stefan and Gabi will face more challenges due to his betrayal of Ava Vitali, so stay tuned for the unfolding issues.

Fortunately, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Gabi and Stefan will soon have a reason to celebrate with her impending release. is your go-to source for the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers, predictions, updates, and news, so visit often for more DOOL details.