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Y&R Recap: Mariah senses something’s off with Sharon, who then urgently contacts her doctor to express her worries about her medication.

Fri June 28, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Diane defends her actions to Jack, while Audra and Kyle talk about their trust issues, and Faith explains to Lucy her reasons for […]

Fri June 28, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Diane defends her actions to Jack, while Audra and Kyle talk about their trust issues, and Faith explains to Lucy her reasons for abstaining from alcohol.

Thursday’s recap: Jack supports his wife when Diane dismisses Kyle, who swiftly goes to accept a job offer from Victor.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 28. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Mariah enters Sharon’s home when she doesn’t respond to her knocks.

She discovers Sharon gazing vacantly and inquires if she’s alright.


Sharon admits she’s been a bit distracted lately.


Mariah notices her tea is cold and worries that she’s coming down with something.

Her mom tells her how great it is to have Faith back so she can do her laundry.

They talk about Faith moving on from Moses and how resilient she is.

Mariah wonders if they freaked her out by telling her everything about her relationship with Nick.


Sharon thinks it just showed her what love can do and is sure Faith is holding onto the good like her.


Mariah makes them tea and babbles about Aria while Sharon stares into space.

She guesses her mom is zoned out again.

Sharon says that work is swirling around in her head and prompts her to keep talking.


Mariah shows her the painting of a dog that Aria made.

Sharon stares at it and talks about how much Cassie liked to paint.

As Sharon stares, Mariah eventually tells her she’s juggling too much and needs some sunshine and grandma time.

Sharon would love that but is swamped.

Mariah reminds her she’s just doing laundry.


She insists that she come to the park for a picnic.

Mariah and Sharon join Tessa and Aria in the park.

Sharon wheels off with the baby and Mariah tells her wife how off Sharon was today.


When Sharon and the baby return, they sit down to the picnic and she tells them about how Aria reminds her of Cassie.

Sharon zones out again. Mariah snaps her out of it.


Sharon insists she’s just distracted by work and needs to get back. She trudges off.

Mariah tells Tessa something is definitely off with her mom.


Sharon goes home. She wonders what’s going on with her so she calls her doctor to say her new meds have her feeling odd.

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Faith and Lucy go to Crimson Lights patio for iced drinks.

Lucy talks about what it was like in Savannah and how all the students seemed to have fun.


Faith never joined a sorority and mainly just hung out with her boyfriend. They broke up because he was a jerk.

She doesn’t drink or party.

Lucy thought drinking was part of the college experience. Faith says almost died the last time she drank.


Lucy says that’s terrible and Faith explains how she got drunk, crashed a truck, got an infection, and Adam had to give her a kidney.

Lucy can see why she doesn’t drink but wonders if she feels like she’s missing out.


Faith gets a text and has to go. They can meet and talk about the kidnapping another time.

Sally and Chloe go over her latest plans and they talk about their passion for what they do.


Sally hopes that Summer will agree to hire her on.

Summer texts, wanting to meet with both of them. Chloe assumes it’s just to make her jump through hoops so she can watch her squirm.


Audra meets with Kyle in the park. She called Victor to make sure that this was all legit.


Kyle says he can’t afford to pass up this opportunity and is willing to overlook their past.

She wonders if hell has frozen over given how adamantly he refused to work with her.


When she taunts him about being demoted at Jabot, he starts venting about his power struggle with his mom.

Jack supports her totally and that’s why he needs to make a change.

He and Audra talk about rebuilding trust. She’s skeptical but willing to try.


Kyle says that they know each other and screw people over. Mutual distrust will keep them on their toes.

They recall double-crossing each other and he asks how she out-did Tucker.


She says he was weakened by his feelings and that made him desperate and pathetic. She can’t believe she ever thought he was a mastermind.

Audra insists she’s only talking to Kyle because Victor insisted. She tells him to stay in his lane.

Kyle is sure Victor likes playing God with their lives, but he wonders if this is all tied into his decades old battle with his father.

Audra suggests Kyle may want to retaliate against his family.

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He gets back to complaining about his mom and her hunger for power and then asks her what Victor is up to.


She doesn’t know and he’s keeping his role a secret.

Audra tells him she hasn’t told Tucker anything. She doesn’t care about Victor’s motives as long as they are running things.


Kyle doubts it will be that cut and dried.

When she asks if he’s worried about the threat Glissade will pose to Jabot, he says he couldn’t be more excited.

Kyle and Audra go to the GCAC and he continues venting about Jabot. She complains about Diane not liking her.


He’s determined to make Glissade into a powerhouse rival.

Summer, Chloe and Sally arrive. Summer spots Kyle and tells Sally that her ex is acting like an idiot again.


After she walks by laughing and shaking her head, Audra asks Kyle about his ex.

He says they are divorced and asks about her ex. She assumes Tucker has crawled back to an ashram.


They talk about fast tracking his exit from Jabot so he can sign a contract.

At their table, Summer is distracted as Sally shows her a design. Summer doesn’t think its appropriate.


Chloe nearly snarls at her but Sally shakes her head.

Chloe sucks up. Summer has considered Sally’s request to rehire her.


Chloe starts to babble, admitting that she’s been a pain in the past and has been working on herself.

Summer stops her and offers her a second chance.


They think that’s great and they talk about what’s next for the line.

Spotting Audra walking out alone, Summer chases her down and demands to know what’s going on with Kyle.


Smug Audra accuses her of being nosy and won’t say anything.


Diane goes to see Jack in his office.

She can’t stop thinking about how badly things have fallen apart with their son.


It was their dream to pass their legacy onto him.

Jack says that their son has left and returned. It could happen again.


She can’t help wondering if she could have acted differently. Business-wise, she made the only call she could in firing him.

Diane tells him how excited and determined she was to make things work. It could have been a dream come true.

But Kyle is so resentful and condescending.

Jack can’t believe it’s come to this. His wife insists it wasn’t easy to fire their son.

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He agrees that Kyle’s behavior can’t be tolerated. She looked for other solutions and even offered to step down.


She have their son more chances than she would have for anyone else. She still wishes things had gone differently.

Jack says this just confirms their son has maturing to do.

She tells him that she wishes she could have waited to fire him. Maybe they can work together now to think of his replacement.


When she adds they should look for someone to fill in for Ashley, she says that’s only temporary.

He doesn’t think she’s easily replaced and will be back stronger than ever. Diane thinks it is only an interim solution.

Jack gets it but he hates that the family company has so few Abbotts. It’s depressing.

She reminds him that Allie is still working for the company and the future is wide open.

As they hug, Kyle shows up. He declares he’s just there to clean out his office.


Jack thinks they can work this out but Kyle refuses to budge.

He’s been freed up to explore other opportunities. It sounds to his mom like he’s found another job.


He won’t explain and goes to his office to pack.

Jack urges his wife to find a way to work it out.


She reminds him that the only thing she can do is step down.

Her husband says that’s not an option.

He assures her that she is not a mercy hire.

That means a lot to her. She feels like she is getting started.

Maybe Kyle needs to find a place where he feels he belongs. Jack just wishes that was with them.


Next week on Y&R!

“Well, I guess congratulations are in order,” Lily tells Billy.


“We won,” he says.


“It is tearing me apart,” Jack admits.


“Talk to me, Jack. Let me be there for you, the way you have been here for me,” Nikki urges.


Chelsea and Adam start kissing in her hotel room.


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