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B&B Recap: Ridge questions whether Thomas is on the rebound, Hope confronts Steffy about her wanting Thomas with anyone except her, and Tom provides entertainment at Il Giardino.

Thursday, June 27, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy informs Hope that she’s simply upset, Hollis inquires about groupies with Tom, and Luna encourages her mom to attend Tom’s performance. […]

Thursday, June 27, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy informs Hope that she’s simply upset, Hollis inquires about groupies with Tom, and Luna encourages her mom to attend Tom’s performance.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: Poppy is unsettled when Tom appears at her doorstep, and Steffy cautions Hope to keep her distance from Thomas.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy flaunts Thomas’s engagement to Paris in front of Hope, demanding that she back off and honor his wishes.


Hope points out that the situation with Thomas involves more than just the two of them.

She suggests that his quick shift from proposing to her to proposing to Paris is alarming. Steffy reacts with a dismissive scoff.


She’s only concerned about Hope getting into her brother’s head.

They rehash her turning down Thomas’ proposals.

This all seems rushed and reactive to Hope. Steffy shrugs.


Hope tells her to be real. Why isn’t she worried?

Steffy says love can happen automatically.

She accuses Hope of just wanting Thomas to love her and declares that’s sad.


She brings up the kiss on the cheek and Hope thinks she’s blowing it out.

Hope tells her that she should be more concerned about how all this is impacting Douglas.

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She’s appalled that Steffy knew about Thomas and Paris all along and assumes she’s been encouraging them.

Steffy says the engagement is news.

She’s thrilled he’s with someone who is committed.


Hope accuses her of being delusional and suggests she wants her brother with anyone but her.

That’s what this is all about.


In the design office, Ridge is still having trouble adjusting to the news that Paris and his son are engaged.

Paris assures him they make each other happy.


Thomas walks in and hugs his dad.

He would have told him the news sooner but the timing seemed wrong.

Ridge doesn’t understand.


His son explains that he wanted to be sure before he told him. He is sure.

Paris takes off.

Ridge says that they seem good together and she has good things to say about him.

He thinks it’s perfect that he found love… but engagement…


Why does he need to get married after all that happened with Hope?

Thomas says that Paris is beautiful and talented and gets along with Douglas.

They’ve always had a spark and she pulled him back together.


Rubbing his ear, Ridge isn’t sure he loves her. It feels like he’s using her to shut down his feelings for Hope.

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He’s not suggesting he’s doing it deliberately. It would be a terrible reason to marry someone.


His son insists he’s let go of Hope and that let him see Paris for who she is.

Hope couldn’t commit so he had to let her go.

He thinks things may just have worked out the way were supposed to. He’s going to marry her.


At Bill’s, Luna eats pizza and wonders why her mom is so distracted. Is she worried about the pizza guy?


Bill joins them and asks what this is about.

They fill him in about the unexpected pizza.

Bill is concerned that security let some random guy walk in. He’s very protective of his family.


Luna smiles. Poppy looks worried.

They eat the pizza. Bill is amazed that Deacon actually gets pizza right.


After he leaves to take a call from Liam, Luna notices the flyer for Tom’s show and suggests her mom should go.


Bill returns and Luna asks if he sings. He makes fun of his own singing.

Poppy thinks they should stay home and listen to it.

Luna is amazed that they are all so comfortable as a family.

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She suddenly asks her mom if she only kept the truth about Bill from her because she was protecting her heart. Was there another reason?

Poppy feels guilty for not telling her sooner.

Luna still wonders if there’s another reason she didn’t tell her the truth.


At Il Giardino, Tom is tuning up to perform.

Deacon and Hollis watch.

Tom tells them that this is better than playing in an alley.


His playing blows Deacon away.

Tom appreciates the opportunity. Music in his blood and he used to play at bars and festivals.

He had a following back in the day and even made recordings that got radio play.

They might recognize a song when he plays it later.


Hollis asks about groupies.

Tom says the girls were crazy about him but that was a lifetime ago.


Deacon says he can rekindle the magic later and get a taste of the past.

Tom sips his energy drink and thinks.


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