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B&B Recap: Tom asserts that he is Luna’s father, while Bill has intentions to adopt Luna.

Friday, June 28, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge questions Thomas about his future plans, and Poppy faces a startling reality check. Thursday’s Early B&B recap: Ridge questions whether Thomas […]

Friday, June 28, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge questions Thomas about his future plans, and Poppy faces a startling reality check.

Thursday’s Early B&B recap: Ridge questions whether Thomas is on the rebound, Hope confronts Steffy about her wanting Thomas with anyone except her, and Tom provides entertainment at Il Giardino.

In the CEO office at Forrester, Hope questions whether Steffy truly supports Thomas and Paris’s relationship or if she just prefers Thomas with anyone other than her.

Steffy retorts that Hope is pulling the same Logan tactics as her mother, but warns it won’t succeed.


Steffy is adamant about not letting Hope influence her brother’s decisions. Hope is puzzled as to why Steffy thinks she’s meddling with Thomas.

She points out that everyone should be wary of the rushed engagement, emphasizing its unusually swift nature. Steffy dismisses the concern, asserting that the speed of the engagement doesn’t mean it isn’t sincere.

She pleads with Hope to just allow her brother to be happy. In response, Hope accuses Steffy of feigning concern.


In the design office, Ridge says to Thomas, “If this relationship is a rebound, if he still has feelings for Hope…”

Thomas interrupts. He claims he still has feelings for Hope.

He’ll always love her but she won’t marry him.

Ridge realizes his son is moving on with a woman who will commit.


Thomas clarifies that Paris was thrilled when he pulled out the ring.

Going to France gave him time to reflect and spend time with Paris who he calls a welcomed surprise.

Ridge asks how Hope took the news.

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Thomas says she was upset, which is to be expected.


He didn’t want to tell her over the phone but when they showed up, Hope thought he was back to reunite.

Ridge assumes that’s not happening.

Thomas reminds his dad Hope won’t commit and he wants a family.

He wants kids and so does Paris.

He’d like to catch up later but for now needs to find his kid.


At Bill’s manse, Luna doesn’t get why Poppy wouldn’t tell her about Biill being her dad for so long.

He’s a great man who could have taught her a lot.

She knows her mom was trying to protect her but asks if there’s something more to it.


Luna immediately apologizes and Poppy says she’s just so happy to see them reunited.

They share a laugh.

Poppy now can’t believe she thought he’d shun her. He’s welcomed them into his life and home and changed their lives.

He wants to change them more.

Talk is cheap, Dollar Bill says.


He knows they’ve got the Nozawa power but he’d like them to take on the Spencer name.

He wants to adopt Luna.

The women are blown away.

Poppy’s never felt so connected or in love with a man.


They kiss and they like the sound of Luna Spencer.

Poppy thinks they should have time alone.

She looks at the advertisement for Tom entertaining at Il Giardino and takes her purse and goes.

Luna can’t believe this is happening. Bill offers her a job at Spencer Publications if she ever gets tired of fashion.

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Luna never imagined someone as loving as him being her dad. Bill hugs her.


At Il Giardino, Tom practices the guitar and Sheila asks if he’s excited about tonight.

Maybe one of his old fans will turn up.

He’d love that.


Deacon appears and jokes about hiring more security.

Tom admits he was a Casanova back in the day. “Maybe you’ll get lucky tonight,” Deacon says.

Sheila agrees and Deacon says, “Maybe I’ll get lucky tonight.”

Tom thanks Deacon and hopes he doesn’t disappoint him. Deacon says it’s impossible.

This means the world to Tom. He goes off to get ready while Sheila kisses Deacon.


Hollis asks Tom if he can do anything for him before the show.

Tom thanks him for his friendship but he’s good.

Deacon offers his apartment to relax in before the big moment.


Tom’s happy that he’s clean now and working at Il Giardino. It’s a big love fest.

Poppy arrives and eavesdrops on Tom who talks about his great future.

He’ll take him up on the apartment. “I won’t trash it,” he says.

Deacon knows. Tom runs upstairs and Poppy follows.


Thomas finds Steffy and Hope still arguing in the CEO office.

He wonders if everything is okay and Steffy invites him in.

He needs to hear this. Steffy won’t put up with “Brooke 2.0.” Hooe’s stunned. Steffy says she is the one Logan Steffy thought knew right from wrong.

She goes on to say Brooke ran through their family and tore it apart. Thomas says, “Steffy, come on.” Steffy won’t listen.

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She won’t let Hope do to Thomas what Brooke did to Ridge all those years ago.

She knows she’s being overprotective but Thomas has come a long way from his obsession. If Hope cared about her brother, she’d leave him alone.

Hope is just questioning if this engagement is the right move. She doesn’t get Steffy’s strong reaction.

Steffy says her brother deserves a stable future with Paris.


In Deacon’s apartment, Tom practices guitar until Poppy arrives.

She slams the door behind her and sneers.

She’s putting him on notice. “Huh?” Tom asks.

She tells him never to come to the Spencer estate again.


“Whaaaa suddenly you don’t like free pizza?”

She says to stay away from her daughter.


“Our daughter,” he says.

They both know Luna’s his.


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Poppy tells Tom, “Leave Luna and me alone.”


Tom says, “I’m Luna’s dad.”


As Paris eavesdrops, Hope sighs and cries to Thomas, “Oh God, I still love you, and deep down, I believe you still love me too.”


It’s the Fourth of July party at the Forrester manse and Eric says, “I guess we’re about to have another wedding!”


Thomas and Paris kiss and everyone hoots and hollers except for Hope who looks ill.


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