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Y&R Recap: Michael violates Victor’s trust by colluding with Diane, and Jack challenges Kyle regarding the rumor that he’s working for Victor.

Tues July 2, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Michael and Diane discuss Victor’s strategies, Kyle updates Claire on Audra, and Jack and Nikki delve into the turmoil within his family. Monday’s […]

Tues July 2, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Michael and Diane discuss Victor’s strategies, Kyle updates Claire on Audra, and Jack and Nikki delve into the turmoil within his family.

Monday’s recap: Alan kisses Traci, Jill votes against the demerger, and Summer seeks to revisit Harrison’s custody arrangements.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on July 2. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nikki is delighted when Jack walks into the GCAC.

It’s been a while since they last saw each other.


They discuss Nikki’s progress with her treatment, and Jack expresses hope that she’s found a new sponsor.

Nikki hasn’t yet, but she feels healthy enough to return to Newman Media. Jack offers encouragement, confident that it will be beneficial for her.

However, she reveals that Victor is opposing her decision to go back to work.


It’s exhausting that he insists he knows what’s best for her.

She hopes that things have calmed down between Jack and Diane.


He assures her that she’s not responsible.

Diane was furious about him going so far but that’s on him.

She can’t hold it against her.

Jack swears they are on the other side of that conflict. The same can’t be said about Kyle.

Nikki urges him to open up.


He fills her in on the conflict between his son and Diane.

Eventually, she felt forced to fire him.

He stayed out of it but now wishes he’d intervened. Nikki says it’s not his fault.


She’s startled when he announces Kyle has found another job.

She’s sure that they’ll get beyond this.

He’s not so sure and worries his son will cut him out.

Nikki tries to stay positive.


At the tack house, Claire and Victoria are impressed by how well Cole can brew tea.


He tells them how he learned it in England and they tease each other.

Cole asks the ladies out to dinner.

Claire announces she has other plans.


Her mother isn’t so impressed that they are with Kyle. Claire insists it is not a date and just about Harrison.

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Victoria worries about her getting stuck in the middle of a conflict between his parents.

Her daughter doesn’t think she needs to worry and goes off to run errands.


Cole assumes that Victoria is still worried. She is.

He urges her to relax but she worries about Kyle’s agenda.

Custody battles can get ugly.


She can’t see this ending well. He doesn’t think this is their business.

She’s determined to look out for her daughter.

He assures her she’s doing a great job.


But they need to let Claire make her own choices.

Victoria still thinks they need to show their daughter there is a way to live unlike Jordan’s.

He says they can teach her to enjoy the here and now.

She paces and watches out the window. Cole thinks she’s worrying too much.

She says it’s her prerogative to be overprotective.

He thinks that’s sweet and says their daughter is safe and will say that way. They hug.


“Well, my goodness. Look at the two of you. I thought you would have strangled each other,” Victor says as Kyle and Audra join him in the park.


They announce they have smoothed things out and are excited to work together.

Victor is happy to hear he is out at Jabot and shakes his hand.


They tell him about their plans to make their roles public. He tells them his role has to remain a mystery.

Kyle wonders why.

Victor claims there is nothing nefarious about it. He just wants Glissade to succeed on its own merits.

Kyle finds that hard to believe.


Audra wants him to drop it but Victor respects his skepticism. Not that he’ll tell them anything.

After he wanders off, Audra lectures Kyle. He says that he and Victor go way back.


She doesn’t care about motives but he’s sure that something is going on. This must be about Victor vs his father.

Audra asks if that’s a deal-breaker.

Kyle just wants Glissade to be a success.

If that’s a blow against Jabot, all the better.


Kyle joins Claire at Society and starts filling her in on Summer wanting to revisit their custody agreement.

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Claire assumes this is her fault.

He admits that’s part of it but there’s more.

He’s going into business with Audra and Summer doesn’t like her.

Claire knows her from Newman Media.

He explains that he and Audra have a “tumultuous history” and he was just fired by his mother.


Claire tells him revenge is never worth it.

He says this job is not about payback.

It is just a lucky opportunity.

She’s sure it hurt that his dad sided with his mom but he thinks he’s now free to show what he can achieve.

Claire is glad he’s happy about. He wants to toast.


When the drinks arrive, she admits she barely drinks.

Her aunt forbade it so she never developed a taste for it.

But she is curious… they toast to new chapters in their lives and she drinks.


“Mmmm…bubbly,” she says.

He doesn’t believe she’s enjoying it.

He walks her out and says they should do this again.

She’d like that.


Michael and Diane are having drinks at Crimson Lights.

She’s glad he called because she needs to vent.


She informs him that she fired her son today.

The lawyer wasn’t expecting a Greek tragedy and reminds her of the Abbott legacy.

She knows about all that but her son wasn’t giving her much choice.


Her son refused to think he’d done anything wrong and seems to have landed a new job.

Michael has the sneaking suspicion that his new job can be traced back to Victor.


He explains that the Newman ordered him to get friendly with her again.

She asks if he’s pumping her for information and only pretending to be her friend.

He assures her that he thinks of her as a friend but she speculates on him plotting some attack with his boss.


The lawyer doesn’t think she’s the target of whatever is happening.

He adds that Victor asked Cole to cozy up to Kyle.

They speculate on what that could mean.

Michael suspects that his boss is targeting Jack.

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Diane tells him how furious Victor was with her husband after he OD’d. Victor even told her that Jack betrayed her.

He was right but she didn’t let him goad her into a fight.

They’ve put that behind them and things are solid with Jack.

Diane wonders why she’s betraying Victor.


He gets the sense that he may have to step in and protect Victor from himself.

Besides, he doesn’t think she needs Victor imploding her life after she’s turned it around.

Victor walks in and invites himself to join them.


He immediately asks about Kyle and says he always complains about being restrained by his parents.

Victor blames Jack for that. Be demoted his own son and promoted her when she was hardly qualified.


Diane says her son was part of her promotion. Her son has left the company and may have found another job.

Victor asks when she will run out of excuses for Jack.

She asks why he’s been trying to protect her lately when he hates her as much as Jack.


He claims he is just amusing himself. He doesn’t like her, but he loathes her husband more and hopes they both end up desperate, alone, and miserable. He’s sure they can do that on their own.


He asks Michael to see him at the ranch and exits.

Michael admires Diane for sitting through that and not giving him up.


She thinks he likes the challenge of figuring his boss out. They both assume he’s out for Jack.

When Diane gets home, she tells Jack that Victor showed up and already know about their son leaving Jabot.


She says Michael thinks Kyle’s job has something to do with Newman.

When Kyle walks in, Jack shouts, “Hey! What are you doing with Victor Newman?”


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