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B&B Recap: Tom is poisoned following his threat to Poppy that he’ll reveal to Luna that he is her father.

Monday, July 1, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy once again warns Hope to stay away from Thomas, Luna confides in RJ about the adoption, and Tom confronts Poppy, vowing […]

Monday, July 1, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy once again warns Hope to stay away from Thomas, Luna confides in RJ about the adoption, and Tom confronts Poppy, vowing to tell Luna the truth.

Friday’s Early B&B recap: Tom asserts that he is Luna’s father, while Bill has intentions to adopt Luna.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Hope clash over Thomas’ recent engagement. Steffy is ecstatic that her brother has found a woman she believes truly deserves him. She encourages him to embrace the future and leave his past with Hope behind.


Hope is frustrated with Steffy’s dismissive attitude.

Steffy retorts that if Hope truly wanted Thomas, she would be the one engaged to him.

Thomas intervenes, asking Steffy to ease up on Hope. He acknowledges that the engagement likely surprised her, but he believes she will come to see that it’s beneficial for everyone involved.


He hates it when they fight and leaves them alone.

Hope wishes they could get along but she won’t accept Steffy’s disrespect any longer.


They keep bickering about what’s best for Thomas. Steffy thinks it’s getting far away from Hope.

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Steffy tells her to let him go.


“What if I don’t want to? What if I still love him?” Hope asks.

Steffy says he’s off the market and she should find someone else. Her brother has an exciting future without her.


In the design office, Luna and RJ kiss and she tells him that her dad wants to adopt her.


He thinks that’s awesome. This is everything to her and she thinks it means a lot to her mom too.

She’s never seen her mom smile so much.


He wonders why she delayed telling ehr about Bill for so long. She says he mom is mysterious some times and rushes off to an appointment.


Deacon, Hollis, and Sheila are at a buzzing Il Giardino, eager to see Tom perform.


Jack (played by Ted King) is having a drink at the bar when Li shows up to pick up some pizza.

He orders a drink for her.


They toast to Finn and he suggests she is looking for someone. She grioans.

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Li turns and bumps into Sheila.

As Sheila giggles, Li runs off.


Justin (played by Aaron D. Spears) shows up, eager to see some live music.


In the apartment, Poppy doesn’t appreciate him showing up at Bill’s.

He wanted to invite ehr to the show and hopes she’d bring their daughter along.


She insists that Luna is not his daughter.

He thinks she only wishes that Bill was the father.

“It’s me. I’m Luna’s dad,” he insists.


She tells him he is being delusional and he repeats that Luna is their daughter.

He thinks she’s trapped Bill like a sucker because she’s been searching for a rich man.

It’s time for Luna to know the truth.

He reminds her of the nights they spent together.

She says a paternity test proved Bill is the father.


He wonders why she has been shutting him out.

She says that he was caught up in the music lifestyle and she needed to protect her daughter from that.

Tom urges her to come clean with Luna or he will do it.

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He has to perform and she has to go.

In Il Giardino, Tom arrives to start his set.

He needs his energy drink. Hollis offers to get the one he left backstage.


Someone drugs Tom’s drink.


Deacon, Sheila, and Hollis try to keep Tom calm.

As he goes backstage, he runs into Jack, Li, and Justin before getting backstage and taking a drink.

Deacon tells him no one knows what they are about to get.


Tom says he’s reclaiming him life and what is his.

Deacon is sure he will kill it.

Deacon goes up on stage and makes Tom’s intro.


Tom sits on stage and starts singing as the crowd sways and yells.

He keeps performing and sipping his drink.


As the show ends, he collapses.

Sheila tries to revive him.


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