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Y&R Recap: Kyle declares he’s moving out following an argument with his parents, and Billy accuses Lily of manipulating him.

Weds July 3, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, A furious Kyle lashes out at Diane, Chance shares his suspicions about Billy with Summer, and Billy grows worried as Lily begins to […]

Weds July 3, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, A furious Kyle lashes out at Diane, Chance shares his suspicions about Billy with Summer, and Billy grows worried as Lily begins to have second thoughts.

Tuesday’s recap: Michael violates Victor’s trust by colluding with Diane, and Jack challenges Kyle regarding the rumor that he’s working for Victor.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on July 3. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Dressed brightly in pink, Audra spots Nate sitting at the bar in the GCAC.


Nate inquires about Audra’s plans to advance in her new job as she joins him at the bar.

She confidently states that the days of “unbridled intrigue” are behind her, proclaiming that only success lies ahead.


Audra says the big news will drop in the morning and she’s already contacted her favorite reporter.

He’s happy she’s getting what she wanted and away from Tucker.

She say that he was a master of manipulation and he assures her that she’s tough and “a decent person.”


That touches her. She almost tears up as she talks about how she admired Tucker’s ruthlessness.

It was intoxicating and boosted her ego.

They toast to putting that behind her and she declares everything has changed. Her future is open.


He admires her aura like never before. She wants some details about that.

He’s always known she was destined for great things thanks to his flair for reading people.


She’s intuitive and driven. His favorite things. Tucker is just a conman and the world has moved on.

He’s sure that she can now embrace the truth that she can accomplish anything on her own.

She appreciates him seeing her true nature and how wonderful she is. He wants to celebrate her.


After a toast, she asks about things at Chancellor-Winters and he says that there are seismic shifts coming.

Before he’ll tell her anything, he asks who her mystery investor is. She won’t say.


They toast to the sky being the limit for both of them.


He walks her to the steps and she tells him she’s focused on the next big thing.

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He hopes he will be joining her. She’s tempted to invite him up, but resists.

She kisses him, laughs, and walks up alone.


Summer joins Chance at Society and immediately begins ranting about Kyle’s choices. He does nothin but make colossal mistakes.


Eventually, she realizes she’s not letting him get a word in and senses something is up with him.

He has some news she won’t believe.

He explains that Bill de-merged the company. She’s not sure what the upside of that is.

Chance tells her how things will be split up and renamed.


Billy wants him to be his COO. He has mixed feelings since Jill is opposed to the split.

He can’t completely trust why Billy made the offer. He can’t explain everything but thinks Billy is taking advantage of an unfortunate situation.

They drink and she asks what he thinks Billy’s endgame is.


He thinks he wants to be “king of the hill” and his ambition could blind him.

He’s not sure he’s come out on the right side of this. He hopes it ends all the fighting but it feels messy without Jill’s support.

Chance wonders if Billy is trying to buy his loyalty. They wonder about how committed Lily is to this change.


Summer suggests that Billy really respects him. He hopes so.

She thinks they should just celebrate. He wishes he could but he doesn’t think the tension at work will ever end.

Billy follows Lily into Crimson Lights and reminds her they should be celebrating.


“We won,” he reminds her.

They sit and he assures her she’s not letting his mom down. She thinks the companies were strong as they were.


He suggests his mom is just risk-averse right now. But he’s sure that will go away when she sees the new name on the building.

Billy wonders if she has changed her mind. She admits Jill’s change of mind has changed things for her.


He reminds her of how excited they were about all the things they were planning.

She doesn’t want a sales pitch. She just wants time to think.

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He worries that whatever she’s thinking could affect him. “If I leave the company? Yes, it will,” she says.


He insists that his mom just has the jitters and that’s why he’s protecting her interests.

Lily says he doesn’t need her but he wants to do this with her.


Pacing, Billy asks if she’s been playing him this entire time.

He guesses that she and Devon wanted him out. Now they have divided the companies and can kick him to the curb.


He remembers when Devon asked her if this is really what she wanted to do.

She thinks he’s talking crazy and refuses to go down this road.

Lily insists she just needs time to think and storms out.


Summer and Chance walk in. Billy declares everything is fine.


Summer and Chance grab a table and get back to discussing Kyle. She admits she got lawyers involved.


At the Abbott estate, Jack and Diane quiz their son about whether Victor has offered him a job or not. Kyle smirks.


He doesn’t deny it and suggests it could be a good fit and Victor would appreciate him.

His parents aren’t happy. He brags about all his job offers and says what he does is none of their business.


They remind him they are his parents and love him. Kyle missed that in his termination letter.

He complains about them yanking away his birth right and declares that proclamations of love mean nothing after what they did.

Jack warns that getting pulled back into Victor’s web is not worth it. Kyle is insulted.

His father is more worried about Victor’s lust for revenge and penchant for taking advantage of people.

Diane adds that everything he does has a hidden agenda.


Kyle accuses them of suggesting no one would hire him on his merits.

They aren’t saying that at all and sure that he can get a great job.

His mom reminds him that he was not let go due to his lack of expertise.

Kyle continues to defend the choice to work with Victor. Diane says that Victor has already been smug with her about it.

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Losing it, Kyle reminds them he’s not a teen and doesn’t need their guidance. Diane ran out when she would have been useful but those days are gone.

Tearing up, Diane thought they were past all that but he’s not. He vents about her dropping him when it’s convenient to her.


She may not want to be his boss but she still wants to boss him around and he’s had enough.


He storms off to check on his son.

Diane says that was ugly. Jack thinks he’s raw and not seeing reason but she’s sure he resents her to the core.

She’s more convinced than ever that their son is working with Victor.

Jack asks her about her conversation with Michael.


She explains that Victor asked Michael to befriend her and Cole to befriend Kyle. They suspect this is a plot against Jack.

This wouldn’t be much of a stretch, Jack admits. She says that Victor goaded her about him and Nikki.


Shaking his head, Jack wonders if their son is really mad enough to work for Victor.

He wants to think his son is too smart for this. She points out their son could be doing this willingly.


They thought this was over but they have to consider it.

They change the subject when Kyle returns.

Announcing he doesn’t want things to be more strained, he’s planning to move out with Harrison.


His parents think he’s going too far and he accuses them of not caring about what he wants.

Jack urges him to think it over but Kyle doesn’t think things can be fixed. Things are about to get worse.


He refuses to explain how and walks off.

Jack has had enough and sends a text to the Mustache, demanding some answers.


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