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B&B Recap: Finn tells Deacon that Tom died from a drug overdose, but Deacon is skeptical and doesn’t believe it.

Tues July 2, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Poppy expresses her gratitude to Bill, Luna shares news of her new family with Zende, and Hollis and Deacon struggle to accept […]

Tues July 2, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Poppy expresses her gratitude to Bill, Luna shares news of her new family with Zende, and Hollis and Deacon struggle to accept that Tom is really gone.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: Tom is poisoned following his threat to Poppy that he’ll reveal to Luna that he is her father.

Poppy enjoys a cup of tea at Bill’s place, taking a moment to look at the photographs displayed on his mantle.


As Poppy sips her tea at Bill’s house, she’s haunted by a flashback of her confrontation with Tom, during which he threatened to reveal to Luna that he is her father.

Bill startles her, noticing her distressed state and asks if something is wrong. Observing her tear-streaked face, he can tell she’s been crying.

Struggling to maintain composure, Poppy admits she’s feeling emotional. Bill reassures her, telling her that she can share anything with him.


She says it’s all been a lot. This new life with him and know he’s Luna’s father has her overwhelmed.

It’s all so far from what she imagined.

It’s like the life she’s known has died.

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She can’t thank him enough and asks not to rush off to the office.

She drops her robe. “Hmmmm-mmmmm,” says Bill before he kisses her.


After s.ex, they lounge on the couch and he offers to cancel his meetings.

He gets a news alert about Tom’s demise.


Bill recognizes him as the bus boy who spilled water on them. It happened last night during a performance at Il Giardino.

“That’s so horrible,” says Poppy, pushing her hair around nervously. Bill is glad his family hasn’t been touched by anything like this.


Poppy tells him that she did her best to raise her daughter in a safe environment where she could dream. Now it has all come true.

Bill promises they will always be safe with him.

She rests on his chest while looking down at the article about Tom.


At Il Giardino, Hollis and Deacon are still in shock about what happened to Tom.


Finn arrives after hearing the news.

Deacon needs to know what happened.

They tell the doctor that he was fine when he went on.

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Finn explains it was a drug overdose.

That makes no sense to Hollis and Deacon.

Finn says it was clear.

They wish they could have helped him. He was a great guy.


Finn says it’s awful and asks if he had a history of drug abuse.

Deacon explains that he was in recovery and he doesn’t know why he would go back to that life.

This just doesn’t seem like Tom.

Finn says that’s what makes it awful.

Deacon remains skeptical.

Tom was reclaiming his life and this doesn’t make sense.


Finn warns that the press has already picked this up and will be asking questions.

Deacon says people don’t throw away chances like Tom had. Just look at Sheila.

Finn can’t talk about that and repeats he has to stay away from his mom.

He asks if Tom had family, kids. “Not that I’m aware of,” says Deacon.


Zende bumps into Luna in the design office.

He offers to go but she says it’s okay.


He thinks she seems pretty chill.

They talk about her finding out who her dad is.

He imagines this is what it feels like to find out you are a princess.

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She doesn’t quite think about it like that but it’s great to have a big family.


Zende thinks big families are awesome.

She’ll never forget the moment of the paternity test.

Her life’s biggest mystery has been solved.

Now she can form a bond with her father, something she never thought she’d have.

She’d almost given up because her mom would never tell her anything.

Zende isn’t surprised her father wants to get to know her because she’s amazing.


She says he could have rejected her, but they had a connection even before she learned the truth.

He offered to be a father figure to her and they felt totally bonded when they got the truth.

Now he wants to adopt her.


Zende is glad she’s getting all she deserves. She smiles.

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