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Days of Our Lives Recap: Bobby’s Fatal Mystery Rocks Jada – Chad Requests to Exhume Abby’s Body

The recap for “Days of Our Lives” on Wednesday, July 3, indicates that Chad DiMera was agitated, intently watching footage and anticipating updates from a technician. Julie Williams persuaded Chad to seek […]

The recap for “Days of Our Lives” on Wednesday, July 3, indicates that Chad DiMera was agitated, intently watching footage and anticipating updates from a technician.

Julie Williams persuaded Chad to seek insights from Kayla Johnson regarding Abigail DiMera, as Kayla was the last person to see her alive.

In Kayla’s office, Chad, asking for confidentiality, presented the footage and shared details with her.

Kayla grasped why Chad found it hard to ignore Clyde Weston’s assertions and concurred that miracles could indeed occur in Salem.

Open to possibilities, Kayla noted that certain drugs could simulate death.

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Furthermore, Kayla was aware that Abigail’s body had been sent to the morgue without a complete autopsy.

Kayla mentioned that the only way to be certain of anything would involve examining the procedures performed at the funeral home.

At his residence, Paulina Price and Abe Carver attempted to watch Body and Soul, puzzled when it wasn’t broadcast at its usual time, leading Abe to think it was displaced by Fourth of July news.

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Later, Kate Roberts Brady disclosed that the show was actually canceled.

She suggested acquiring the rights to Body and Soul as it would be simpler than launching a new soap opera.

After Stephanie Johnson encouraged Jada Hunter to meet with Robert “Bobby” Stein at Bayview, Stephanie joined Paulina to discuss public relations strategies.

In the town square, Stephanie acknowledged the criticism faced by Paulina for dismissing Melinda Trask and rehiring EJ DiMera.

Despite the discontent about replacing a woman of color with a wealthy white man, Paulina defended her decision by citing accusations against Melinda related to a baby theft.

With EJ’s previous conflicts resolved, Stephanie proposed that Paulina promote EJ as the ideal district attorney.

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They planned to emphasize EJ’s successful management of Gabi Hernandez DiMera’s case and contemplated a press conference to enhance his heroic image.

When Paulina was alone, Chad arrived seeking a favor, hinting at his desperation.

He sought Paulina’s approval to exhume Abigail’s body, revealing his critical need.

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At Bayview, Bobby cleverly avoided his medication and was unexpectedly pleased when Jada visited.

Though Bobby wished for a reunion, he quickly understood that Jada’s intent was different.

An intense conversation ensued, with Bobby eventually suggesting he could assist Jada in solving a crime, hinting it might be one he was involved in.

Bobby remained vague but confirmed it was related to a murder, asking Jada to return the next day for more discussions.

At Marlena Evans’ home, Steve Johnson updated her on his legal issues.

While Jada was skeptical of Steve’s explanations, he reassured Marlena of their baselessness.

Steve emphasized the need for Marlena not to fall for any of Jada’s potential deceptions as he aimed to protect John Black and Ava Vitali.

Marlena expressed concerns about John’s extended stay in Greece and his brief communication, fearing he might be avoiding a return due to potential conflicts with Steve.

Steve, learning about a recurrence of John’s troubles, considered traveling to Greece to help, despite being on bail.

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After a conversation with Justin Kiriakis confirmed his plea agreement, Steve shared with Marlena his relief over the suspended sentence and community service, which allowed him to plan a trip to Greece.

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