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Y&R Recap: Adam and Chelsea, under the influence, get intimate, and Victor blames Kyle for betraying him to Jack.

Thurs July 4, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Kyle asks Jack to terminate Diane, Victor ignores Jack’s caution about Kyle, and Nick discusses Adam’s situation with his father. Wednesday’s recap: Kyle […]

Thurs July 4, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Kyle asks Jack to terminate Diane, Victor ignores Jack’s caution about Kyle, and Nick discusses Adam’s situation with his father.

Wednesday’s recap: Kyle declares he’s moving out following an argument with his parents, and Billy accuses Lily of manipulating him.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on July 4. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Sally runs into Billy at Crimson Lights. Both are concerned about their partners and are trying to stay occupied with work.


Neither of them has heard much from Baltimore.

They sit down and discuss how OCD seems to be affecting Connor negatively. They wish there was something they could do to help him.


They both feels helpless.

She suggests they talk about something else. The only thing they can talk about is work.

Billy says it’s exciting and that’s all he can share. She tells him how great it is to be back at Marchetti where she belongs.


Sally worries that she’s being a jerk enjoying the job that Chelsea can’t do. He assures her that’s not being a jerk.

It’s allowing Chelsea to focus on being with her son.

She just wants everyone home happy and healthy.


Since they both feel a need to physically be with their partners, she suggests they use his jet to fly off to see them. He thinks they would just cause more stress.


He says they are all connected now because of their love for Connor and repeat that their partners are both lucky to have them in their corners.

Adam shows up at Chelsea’s suite in Baltimore. Neither of them have been able to sleep so he brought them some booze for a nightcap.


As he pours them drinks, she worries that there have been no calls about their son and they have no idea when they will see him again.

She’s been doing all her calming techniques but can’t get over how this is happening.


He says they will do whatever it takes to get their son to the other side.

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She thanks him for the reassurances. It makes her think things will get better.

Adam points out they have both screwed up plenty but managed to create a miracle kid.


She thinks he’s the best of both of them.

He urges her not to blame herself.

“But that’s my super power,” she says. He tells her that she’s an amazing mom.

They toast to loving their kid. As they drink, they remember how special they have made things for their son.


She recalls the turkey finger-painting they made and then starts weeping, afraid their son might not be home for Thanksgiving.


Sobbing, she says she was determined to give their son the childhood she never had.

As she gets more upset, she has to gets some kleenex.

Adam holds her and assures her that he’s in awe of her and she’s never failed their son.

They start kissing.


They keep kissing and peeling off their clothes until they climb into bed.


After sex, they stare into space looking confused.


Jack barges into Victor’s office and orders him to stay away from his son.


Victor plays innocent and Jack accuses him of weaponizing his son.

The Newman threatens to throw him out. Jack orders him to come against him alone rather than bringing his wife and son into this vendetta.


The Mustache gets angrier and says he would have let him “foam at the mouth and rot” in that hotel room with Nikki.

Jack accuses him of being upset that he was not the one to save Nikki. “Are you on pills right now” Victor asks.

Jack warns that if he wants to come after him, it better be him alone or there will be hell to pay.


Victor warns that when he decides to retaliate, he will not see him coming.

Exiting, Jack tells him to stay away from Kyle. Victor smiles to himself.


On his way to the elevator, Jack warns Nick that his father is playing games with Kyle.

Nick goes into see his dad and says that Jack seemed pretty ticked off.

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“Y’know, he’s an idiot,” Victor chuckles. Nick hasn’t seen his riled up like that in a long time.

Victor says he’s delusional. He thinks he can pick a fight with him and win.


At the Abbott estate, Diane begs Kyle not to take Harrison away from the family that loves him.


He accuses her of using his son as ammunition against him.

He doesn’t want his son raised in a house full of betrayal. Kyle tells her that she brought this down on all of them and has to live with the consequences.


She wants to heal their rift but he’s not in the mood for the warm and fuzzies. He vaguely brags about his new job.


He accuses her of wanting him to “go dark” to justify her turning on him.

His mom doesn’t know why he’s doing this. He’s no more of a victim than she is and no CEO would put up with what he did.


Kyle declares nothing will change his mind about getting away from her.

Jack walks in and his son asks if he’s set Victor straight.


His father confirms that he confronted him and warns his son that he’s not someone to plan a future with.

Kyle thinks it looks like the better option now given how his parents treat him.

If they want to keep him around, Jack has to fire Diane and give him her job right now.


Diane accuse shim of being selfish but Kyle suggests it’s what’s best for the family. The company could be respected again and Harrison could live with his grandparents,

Diane wonders if Jack will consider this. He’s considering what will keep the peace.


When Kyle continues taunting his mother, Jack refuses to be manipulated by his son into another reshuffle to reward him for his lack or respect.

Kyle says that was the only option and walks out.

Diane can’t believe how badly this is spinning out of control.

They guess their son has joined forces with Victor.

Diane asks her husband if he really considered Kyle’s request. She wonders if part of him is blaming her.

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He’s not. He’s trying to do what’s best for the company.

Although he wishes she’d discussed the firing with him, he thinks she was right.

Their son is lashing out but he hopes that he will calm down and realize he needs to learn from his mistakes.

Diane thinks he just wants to cut them out and Harrison is caught in the middle.

She’ll resign but warns it would only pacify their son. He doesn’t want her to do that.

She agrees that it is up to her to fix this. She can’t let it end this way after she worked so hard to get back into her son’s life.


After he gets her a drink, he fills her in on his confrontation with Victor.

She appreciates him wanting to help her but she can handle Victor.


Diane imagines that turning their son against them has been his revenge.


Victor and Nick go to Society for a drink. He continues dismissing Jack.


He asks about Sally’s failed business.

They chat about Victoria possibly returning to the company. Victor hasn’t given up the plan to replace his wife with Adam.


They talk about how Connor isn’t getting better and how rough it is on everyone.

Victor says it puts things in perspective and its crisis that makes them strong.

Nick knows his brother needs them right now.


They argue about his desire to push Nikki out and Victor insists it is only temporary.

Nick suspects more is going on.

Kyle wanders in and says hello before walking off.


Nick thanks his dad for the drink. he’s sure he was trying to get him on side but will do whatever he wants anyway.

Once Nick exits, Victor calls Kyle over and asks why he told his father they were colluding against him.


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