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B&B Recap: Paris warns Hope to keep her distance from Thomas, while Katie tells Bill she doesn’t trust Poppy.

Weds July 3, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Paris and Katie discuss commitment, Hope questions Thomas’ dedication to Paris, and Poppy reminisces about her past with Tom. Tuesday’s Early B&B […]

Weds July 3, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Paris and Katie discuss commitment, Hope questions Thomas’ dedication to Paris, and Poppy reminisces about her past with Tom.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Finn tells Deacon that Tom died from a drug overdose, but Deacon is skeptical and doesn’t believe it.

At Bill’s, Poppy keeps reflecting on him telling her that Tom is dead.

Bill comes out, and they savor how much their lives have changed now that they are together.


He announces that he is going to see Katie.

They need to talk about Will having a new sister.

She tells him not to be gone long and kisses him.


He leaves to get something from the den. “Katie,” she groans.

Once he’s gone, she sits and reads the article about Tom’s demise.


She flashes back to when they were young.

Back stage, she tells him how amazing he is on stage and off.

He tells her she’s his inspiration and he could never forget a face as beautiful as hers. “Wow,” he adds.


She tells him she will carry a piece of him inside her forever.

“I’m so sorry, Tom,” she sniffles, snapping out of the memory.


She flashes back to telling Tom that he is not Luna’s father and sniffles again.

In the design office, Paris is showing off her ring to Katie.

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They talk about how she committed to someone who wasn’t committed to her before.

Katie is sure that no one is more shocked by all this than Hope.


Paris says that Thomas has been very honest about his feelings for Hope.


Once Paris leaves, Bill shows up and teases Katie for working all the time.

He jokes that he is now stopping to smell the roses since he has a new daughter.


Katie asks if his new family is all he thought it would be.

How does it feel to spend his nights with someone who kept such a huge secret from him?

Shuffling papers, she wonders if she’s overstepping.

He assures her she’s the one person who could never do that.

She tells him he was her first true love and the man of her dreams. They had a wonderful life.

They are both proud of their son. He is the best of both of them.


She asks if the same can be said of Luna.

Katie admires how smart and driven Luna is. She can see a lot of him in her.

They talk about getting Will and Luna to meet.

Katie still has concerns about Poppy and how fast this is all happening.

Bill explains he’s realized how fleeting things are.

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He’s been along for quite awhile and that’s not what he wanted. What he wanted was his Katie.


Katie doesn’t think he should be talking like that. She admits she feels like an interloper when she visits the home that was theirs.

She has so many memories of that place.

It’s hard for her to admit how difficult this is for her.

She also doesn’t trust Poppy.

There’s something about her she can’t put her finger on. She urges him to be careful.


At Forrester Creations, Hope is on the phone to her father assuring him that he was a good friend to Tom and should hold onto that.


Thomas walks in and notices she’s upset.

She explains that the man who married Deacon to Sheila died from an overdose.

He knows this might not be the best time, but he doesn’t appreciate how his sister has spoken to her and thinks she deserves an apology.


Hope thanks him for his concern but she’s more worried about him rushing into this marriage.

They admit they still love each other. It doesn’t make sense to her that he is running to the altar.

Is he running to Paris or away from her?


She feels like he’s trying to copy and paste Paris into the future that he imagined for them.

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He reminds her that she turned down that future.


Hope still loves him and doesn’t want them to end. Deep down, she believes he loves her too.

He’s not sure why he’s bringing up their feelings from back then.

She points out it wasn’t long ago and he’s pushed it into the past as fast as possible.

Paris eavesdrops at the door as Hope questions Thomas’ reasons for running into marriage.

She reminds him of the passion they had.


Thomas tells her she has to stop this.

She made it clear it’s over.

He walks out.

Hope sits to weep and Paris enters.

She reminds Hope that Thomas is her fiancé and tells her she’s out of line.


Paris accuses her of stabbing her in the back. Hope says that she and Thomas were in love.

She still loves him and believes he loves her too.

Paris says he’s moved on.

She had her chance and he’s with her now and they will be married.

“Don’t you ever make a play for Thomas again!” she warns.


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