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Days of Our Lives Recap: Xander Rejects Inheritance – Theresa’s Prenup Offer – Holly Bribes Rachel

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Thursday, July 4, reveals that Tate Black reassured Holly Jonas about his plan for them to be together this summer, but he needed to […]

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Thursday, July 4, reveals that Tate Black reassured Holly Jonas about his plan for them to be together this summer, but he needed to sort out a few details first.

After hanging up, Tate convinced Aaron Greene to go to lacrosse camp in his place.

This way, Tate could stay hidden locally, allowing Holly to visit him without anyone knowing.

Meanwhile, Brady Black called Theresa Donovan to the townhouse, where she misunderstood the reason for his call.

Theresa thought it was about their night together and reminded Brady she was confused and upset.

Theresa was now sure she wanted to be with Alex Kiriakis, and Brady acknowledged this but just wanted to discuss sending Tate to lacrosse camp.

It turned out to be easier than Brady anticipated, as Theresa agreed that Tate and Holly should have some distance between them.

At the DiMera mansion on Thursday’s episode, Rachel Black overheard Holly on the phone with Tate and threatened to tell Nicole DiMera about their sneaking around.

Rachel tried to call Nicole, but Holly grabbed the phone and persuaded her not to snitch.

After Holly offered Rachel the perfume she liked, Rachel realized it was a bribe.

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Holly framed it as a promise between friends and hoped Rachel would keep it, but Brady became suspicious when he walked in on their conversation.

Rachel and Holly convinced Brady they were just talking about perfumes before Rachel ran upstairs to get glow sticks for the fireworks show.

This gave Brady a chance to inform Holly about Tate going to lacrosse camp, so Holly feigned surprise and pretended to understand.

Brady hinted that if Tate and Holly proved trustworthy, they might reevaluate things during their senior year.

Later, Tate called Holly to confirm their plan was set since Aaron agreed to pose as him at lacrosse camp.

However, Tate had to hang up quickly when Brady arrived at the pub with Rachel.

Brady informed Tate that Theresa approved of lacrosse camp, so he insisted it was a good idea. Tate had to pretend to be bummed about going.

Afterward, Tate met Holly for the fireworks, and they kissed in the park as someone watched them nearby.

At home on Thursday’s episode, Xander Cook and Sarah Horton received a visit from Maggie Kiriakis, who wanted to give Xander a check.

Maggie said it was Xander’s part of the inheritance since she had divided the money more fairly among the heirs.

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Xander appreciated the gesture but didn’t want to be driven by money anymore and believed Victor didn’t want him to have it.

A furrowed Xander hands Maggie an envelope

Maggie tried to convince Xander to accept the check, but he returned it, insisting he wanted to be his own man.

Sarah was proud and turned on after Maggie left, so she made love to Xander and watched the fireworks with him through the window.

At the Kiriakis mansion on Thursday’s DOOL show, Justin Kiriakis learned about Alex Kiriakis’ engagement to Theresa and was clearly not thrilled.

When Justin pushed for a solid prenup to protect Alex’s fortune, Alex remembered Brady’s warning about Theresa and looked thoughtful.

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Alex insisted Theresa wasn’t with him for his money, and Theresa echoed that sentiment when she realized they were discussing a prenup.

Theresa explained she was drawn to Alex in Greece before knowing he was Victor’s wealthy heir.

Alex recalled Brady’s theory that Theresa peeked inside the briefcase.

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This made Alex nervous about the possibility that Theresa slept with him knowing he was going to be very rich.

Theresa expressed her love for Alex but seemed to sense his hesitation.

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As a result, Theresa suggested she should sign a prenup, gloating to Justin and Bonnie about it.

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Alex gloated as well when he was with Theresa and they ran into Brady and Rachel in the town square.

When Alex mentioned that Theresa offered to sign a prenup, Theresa scolded Alex and wondered what was wrong.

Theresa assumed Brady had been speaking badly about her, but Alex insisted it didn’t matter because he trusted her completely.

Back with Brady on Thursday’s episode, he agreed to Rachel’s request for double scoops of ice cream and asked if she would miss Tate while he was at camp.

Rachel and Brady high five in the DiMera mansion

Rachel confirmed she would, but not as much as Holly! This intrigued Brady.

Finally, Maggie found Justin and Bonnie Kiriakis celebrating the Fourth of July with party horns before revealing that Xander turned down his inheritance check, which impressed Justin.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Xander will discover he is Victor’s biological son down the road, so we’ll provide updates on the upcoming shocks and predictions on how he’ll learn the truth.

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