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Y&R Recap: An inebriated and irate Kyle informs Jack that he’s managing Glissade for the adversary, while Victor warns Claire about Kyle.

Mon July 8, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Traci and Alan enjoy a double date with Christine and Danny, Kyle lashes out at Daniel, and Nick and Phyllis discuss their romantic […]

Mon July 8, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Traci and Alan enjoy a double date with Christine and Danny, Kyle lashes out at Daniel, and Nick and Phyllis discuss their romantic life.

Friday’s recap: Adam and Chelsea defend their infidelity while Summer discovers that Kyle and Harrison are moving out.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on July 8. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Jack video calls Traci in Paris and playfully suggests swapping places with her.


He remarks on her glowing appearance.

She shares that she’s enjoying her time immensely and wishes she could spend more time with her sister.

Both are proud of Ashley, and Traci feels significantly better than she has in a long while.


They are hopeful.

He tells her how good Paris seems to be for her.

She says she wants to stay there longer.


He guesses she’s getting close to someone and is happy to learn it’s Alan.

She has a knock at the door and gets off the call.

When she opens up, she’s shocked to see it’s Danny and Christine.


They all sit down and Traci is thrilled to see them.

They have been having fun and the tour is fantastique.


As they ask Traci out for breakfast, Alan shows up.

He gets introduced and is starstruck to meet Danny, who invites him to breakfast.


Danny promises to tell him about Traci’s less innocent days when she was in the band.

At the bistro, Alan asks Danny and Christine about how long they have been together.


It’s vague and they joke around about how she’s making people jealous on social media.

The couple asks Traci and Alan how they met.

Traci admits it wasn’t under the best of circumstances…but she’s now looking forward to the future.


When Alan leaves to take a call, Danny and Cricket tell Traci how great he is.

Traci admits they are moving fast but it feels right.


Danny and Christine walk Traci and Alan back to her place and invite them to the performance tonight.


They’d be thrilled to go but Danny threatens to pull her onstage to sing.

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Alan warns her will be crowd surfing.

Danny and Christine exit.

Alan tells Traci it was wonderful to meet her friends.

They clearly adore her and he can understand why.

They kiss.


At Crimson Lights, Phyllis is wound up and trying to think methodically about what’s going on with Summer.


She tells Nick that their daughter is going after Harrison as a knee-jerk distraction.

They talk about her great mother’s intuition.

Nick thinks they need to let Summer handle this on her own.

Phyllis thinks they need to go somewhere to chill out.


Claire comes in to buy something for Harrison.

Victor joins her and talks about eclairs before asking her to sit and discuss something.


As they snack, she tells him she used to think eclairs were named after her and then cleans the chocolate off her face.

He’s glad to hear she wasn’t on a date with Kyle earlier.

He assures her she’s done nothing wrong but she should know some things about him.


She says their main connection is Harrison but he confides in her about some things.

Victor thinks that’s odd since she’s just the nanny.

She says she has no reason to think Kyle is a threat.

He points out he recently divorced his other granddaughter and urges her to proceed with caution.


Claire thinks he just needs someone to talk to.

Her grandfather tells her that he doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of her again after that “terrible woman.”

She appreciates that and assures him that her relationship with Kyle is not dangerous.


He warns her that people’s lives can suddenly turn upside-down and he doesn’t want that for her.

They rehash what Jordan did to her and she wonders how she ever believed her.

Victor urges her to come to him if she ever has any doubts. He’s very concerned to keep his family safe.

They mean everything to him since he grew up in an orphanage.

She is grateful.


He offers her a ride home. She drove herself.

Victor adds that the fact that Kyle is Jack’s son is enough reason to proceed with caution.

Nick and Phyllis go to the GCAC for wine and fries. He tells her that they need to back off on their daughter.

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Phyllis thinks they should force her to listen to their sage advice.

Nick says their daughter will do what she wants and they should leave her to work things out on her own.

In a perfect world, Phyllis thinks that would be a great idea.


He wonders why they think they have all the answers now… because they have gray hairs? He’s talking about himself.

Phyllis admits that giving advice from the outside is easy. She just wants everything good for their daughter.

He jokes about how she never listened to people who tried to stop her from going off the edge.


Nick fills her in on how he has been reflecting on his rocky history. He and Sharon told Faith all about it.

Phyllis wonders if she should duck for cover. Nick says Sharon was charitable about Phyllis role in their break-ups.

The redhead asks if he got sucked into the romance again or is done with love.


She says he’s a hot dad with a pulse so he’ll find someone. He points out she has a pulse too.

Phyllis isn’t going back for more romance since that “loser loser singer who shall remain nameless.”

She’s moved on but reveling in the thought of Christine being stuck in a van with sweaty men and mystery meat.

Nick is sure it’s a lot more luxuriant than that.


As the place closes, they head for the door and she continues to prod him about dating.

He doesn’t understand the whole app thing and doesn’t plan to date school moms or anyone else.


He thanks her for the fries and tells “hot mom” to have a good night.

She goes up the stairs and looks down as he exits.


Daniel walks into Society and joins Kyle at the bar.


He heard he’s out at Jabot and knows that feeling.

Kyle was fired by his mom and Daniel by his ex.

Toasting, Kyle says a better door has already opened. He won’t give any details.


Daniel assumes that’s why his sister is worried. Kyle says she has nothing to worry about and they aren’t married.

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She’s been talking about getting lawyers involved in custody but she better tread lightly or this will blow up in her face.

He explains that Summer is angry about Claire being Harrison’s nanny and is lashing out.

Daniel urges him to look at this from Summer’s point of view and consider her love of his son.


Kyle thinks she’s just out to cause him pain. He urges Daniel to tell her to back off before she regrets it and storms out.

Tessa asks Daniel if he’s been taking her advice on putting his life back together.


He has but his sister could use some.

Tessa urges him to let Summer fix her own life. Meddling usually doesn’t lead to good outcomes.

He appreciates the advice but his family is not very hands-off.


They compete over who has a more dysfunctional family. She tells him about her sister and how things are better now.

When Kyle gets home, he tells his dad he’s not in the mood for another round.


His father asks if everything is okay.

He wants them to talk, father and son.

They talk about Claire and Jack tells him that hiring her was a great idea.


Kyle starts lashing out about being fired again. His father points out he pushed him to hire Diane.

Kyle thinks he should have handed him the reigns when Billy left.

He’s determined to prove how wrong they were in letting him go.


His father says he doesn’t have to prove himself. What is he even talking about?

“You are looking at the new head of Glissade,” Kyle announces. Tucker is out and he is in.

Glissade will be a powerhouse and put Jabot out of business.

He would have done anything for him, but not anymore.

Now he works for the enemy and there is nothing he can do to stop it.


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